Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A little cat ate my tongue

Last week I made a little kitty from felt, based on the cute cat pattern given by the Skull Blossom - a site to visit if you want some cool graphics to your page!

The photo turned out so bad... there's no white line crossing its neck! I'm not good at sewing, but I'm stubborn and am always making something at home for fun. I liked this kitty, though, and I plan to make some more in different sizes, colors and embellishments.
Mrs. B., I want to include one to give along my wooden box, what about it?
By the way, I'm still stuck with my kitchen witch... It's ready, but I can't make a decent nose to the poor thing.

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Janet said...

Your kitty is so cute. Thanks for the link to Skull Blossom....I'm going there right now to see some graphics.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Oh, it's adorable! Definitely add one in with your box!

The more things I see that I get to give away in October, the more I'm jealous that I can't win anything, lol!

Suzie Ridler said...

The kitty is AWESOME! I love it, has a bit of a goth feel but also adorable. Oh I hope you finish your kitchen witch soon, I LOVE those. I regret donating mine years ago during one of my purges.

Kyanite said...

Hi there!
Sorry, I've not been over before, since my return - it's not that I haven't thought about you & Lucas or not appreciated all your lovely comments.

That's a cute kitty - I particularly like her blue stars.
My needlework skills are bad.
Am off to check out Skull Blossom now.


~SkullBlossom~ said...

Oooo, I love how your kitty came out! That is really a creative use of the little pattern I made. I like how you put the stars and such on its stomach -- and how you did it in felt, with the blanket stitching around the edges. Truly, you have made that pattern your own! I think you ought to put your pattern up for your friends along with instructions on how to do the stitching. It is adorable! The eyes are so darling!

Many thanks for the link to my blog. It's a labor of love, as I know yours is, too.

gma said...

Hi Nydia
The little felt kitty is cute. I love making things too... so I'm going to check out Skull Blossom.
Have a beautiful day!

Turtleheart said...

Your kitty is adorable! You did a wonderful job! I thought the pattern was so cute, I had to print it off... don't know when or what I will use it for, but your kitty turned out so cute, I had to make sure I had the pattern just in case!

Can't wait to see your kitchen witch.