Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick note

Hi there!
Just took the time after bringing Lucas to the school's van to thank you guys so much for the great tips on my dry soil problem. Holly, you're probably right, they did levelled the ground to prepare it to the house and there was a lot of heavy coming and going while it was being built. I'll start this mulch and compost adding this week. Cross fingers for me! :o)
Gotta run now, laundry waits for me while there is still sun!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lucas' B-day on the way!

I just can't believe that in a few weeks, Lucas will be 6! Six years old, that little thing so talkative and with so many fun/curious thoughts turned into well-expressed words, with so much love for us inside his little heart translated in millions hugs and kisses and drawings (now with the actual written "Eu te amo, mamãe" - meaning 'I love you, mom' - extra-bonus in them) a day . The one who decided that trash metal is great, as well as Hanna Montana and Zé Ramalho. The one that beats me in videogames, and still loves sleeping hand-in-hand with me. That little witch who loves and respects nature and all live beings, but hates mosquitos around, and pumpkins to eat. I just can't believe how fast time passed.

He will be in vacation from July 17th to August 3rd, and as his B-day is on August 2nd, I'll make his little party at school (he asked if he could make one there, instead of at home, which was great, because this year we couldn't afford to make anything at home!) on the 4th. It will be a simple cake with some candies and juices, just to celebrate his new age with his classroom friends, as money is too tight... He wants something to do with Ben 10, still one of his favorite cartoons, so, like every year, I'll search Internet for cool Ben 10 images that I can use to make his personalized invitation to give his friends, and the magnets I always hand-make as little goodies for the party bag.

As my mom will be here, it will be double good!

Help on Dry Soil

We're facing a new problem here: the soil around our house, (not where Rodrigo's coffee plantation is, or where our vegatable garden will be) is incredibly dry and looks like being really sterile. Rodrigo planted some seedlings and they all died. We'll need to work hard on the ground to make it accept the plants we plan to grow there, including my elemental garden! I don't know if it is like that because the place was so affected when the house was being built, or what... I just know that I need it to be a fertile ground!
Do you guys have any tips about it?


Hello, friends!

Seems like I've been away for ages, simply because last week I couldn't get online... Lucas' old tonsilitis was back, and this time I didn't give him any antibiotics. I chose not to, since his fever were pretty low (only once it reached 39ºC), and he wasn't feeling so down. He already took enough antibiotics in his little life to keep a mamute alive, so this time we treated him with homeopathy, honey and specific herb teas. It took longer for him to recover, but at least itwas not something aggressive to his organism.
We watched a lot of Harry Potter DVDs, I read a lot of Monica & Friends comics (a Brazilian one thatLucas adores and I also loved when a kid), and he slept a lot too. At least he ate well, not avoiding anything I offerred, and drank tons of water and lemon juice. I just hate when he gets sick, wish I could be in his place.
Now he's back to his electric self again - actually we spent the cold, windy Sunday playing Playstation's Crash Racing Team game that his uncle lended, eating chocolate brigadeiros - and he went to school today (not after a couple of tears, poor little thing...) for his last week before his July 2-week vacations. As my mother will be here, he's counting the days to spend time with his grandma and show her everything around. I can hardly wait too!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little things to turn a house into a home...

I love these little things, little details. They're important to make me feel all comfortable and in peace at home:

The matchbox holder I made while living at my inlaws...

My framed Hestia, and my cute calendar sent by Miss Dragon...

The TV & DVD controls I also made while at inlaws...
My candle holders plus my very old recipe notebook (Miss B, I didn't forget about the bread recipes!!!!!!!! I'm such a relapse.)
Cant wait to have my family room complete so I can add more cuties around!

Before the stupid migraine came, we went to Lucas' Junine party at school on Saturday. It was pretty cold, of course, but we all took yummy hot chocolate to keep ourselves warm, and my little witch had such fun "fishing" little toys! I ended up the night with my bag full of them. Next Sat there'll be another party like this, and I'll take my empty bag again to be filled with balls, candies, little soldiers, etc...


Here is Baruck, sharing his bed with Zu. As you can see, he's not very comfortable with it, but Zu simply ignores his evil look and stays... But at night I have to take her to sleep with me otherwise he'll beat her" Bad, bad kitten...

A new reviewer on the Net

My old blogger friend Marcia is now reviewing about electronics and other tech-related stuff at The Voice of Mom. Go and check out, this girl IS an expert about it!

Meditating while sick

How weird does it sound?! But that's what I did this week... With my monthly period last Sunday came one of the worst, tremendous migraine crisis I've got, and it lasted till yesterday. That one that won't leave even after taking strong medicine. I felt like the bug that bit the bandit's horse. You can see the picture... Self-pity and all! I got so nervous and worried this time... So I decided, trying to relax, to start listening to a CD my friend Chris Decato sent me last year and never opened, the 15-minute RainbowMeditation, that takes you through your seven chackras. It's short, well focused, with a relaxing voice leading you through the way and Decato's awesome soundtrack. So I started it on Monday, after Lucas went to school and Rodrigo was on the harvest. As my migraine gets worse late afternoon, it was a good time. Well, I can't say in such a little time that it works or what, but it clearly gave me some relax to face my pain, so I will keep listening to it everyday.

I came to a point I don't know what else I can do to prevent these crisis. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I eat healthly... Ormigren, the medicine I take, it's not working anymore. I will now try Bach essences. Specially, I also read that Ginkgo Biloba is good for this as well, and whatI read gave me some hope. I'll call my doctor in Rio about it... *sigh*

At least today I found a cool blog from a mom who also suffers from the same shit: The Migraine Mom blog! Gonna read more and add her to my list. She's not boring like me when in pain!