Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silly time...

Saturdays are family time. Meaning a time having fun with my handsome but very silly brothers...

And here I am in very good hands, posing specially for the blog! LOL

They're my bodyguards, my friends, my shield when I need one.

The house is filled with laughter and good vibes specially when these guys are together. I love them so much, I was blessed with awesome, supportive brothers... And I always say that they have a time spell on them: Evaldo (with darker jeans) is 47, Arnaldo (in pink tee) is 52, and Delcio is 51. No one would guess, I think.

Hope you're all having a good weekend as well!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Just called my ex, and Lucas is completely recovered! *phew* Something so simple got me all umbalanced, just because he's away, and I don't have total control of the situation... Now it's really a matter of time until Sunday evening, when he'll be here. I can never thank you guys enough for bearing with me in my "growing up" process (you all know what I mean)! :o)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Books ...

Among the books Rodrigo brought, I found my old "Wicca" series collection. These are small mnonthly books sold in newsstands. Written by a nice Brazilian witch called Eddie Van Feu (her real name, believe me or not), I used to buy it every month, andended up with 20 books. It talks about magick in a very light way, with lots of spells and articles on the Craft, correspondences, etc. I read them several times from time to time, when I needed soomething more specific, and only stopped buying because in the last years the author changed too much her speech, mixing paganism with other faiths (her "salad", as she says), including some candomble stuff, which I respect but dislike. Maybe I'm too traditional, I don't know, but I like to stick to my way of walking my path, and get out of focus if things turns too mixed (.. am I being clear?!). Anyway, these ones are cool and I want to keep for Lucas to enjoy, since it's focused on young witches and teens, basically.

Reading the Celtic Dragonfly post (great!), I wanted to share this too!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ABC Wednesday - B is for Blues Traveler

Here we are for a new ABC post.

Blues Traveler is one of my favorite bands (of course I love Beatles too... but they're hors concours, right? LOL). Originally formed in New Jersey in '87, these guys know how to catch your attention and get you addicted forever. John Popper, the composer, singer and harmonica player is the soul behind this band. He's amazingly gifted with three skills: a beautiful, powerful voice, a creativity to elaborate both touching and sharp lyrics, and a furious, sensitive way of playing the harmonica. Add great musicians, and you have BT. This is my choice for today's post.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breath in, Breath out....

Crap. Pardon the language. But Rodrigo just called to say that Lucas's got a fever and a sore throat and they won't travel until he gets better. SO he will change their bus tickets to Sunday, 31st. Exactly on the week Lucas is going to come back home it's when they should have taken a better care of him, so he wouldn't get sick - am I right or being pissy? I'm so upset only the gods know.

Gonna listen to my Ribbon Breath Meditation cd, maybe it will help my blood to run slower.


Cernunnos Day

Today is Cernunnos Day. I started my day by lighting a green candle on my altar, and placing some fresh maidenhair twigs (my favorite plant, so delicate and strong at the same time) in water to celebrate the date. I love both his aspects: the Horned God, and the Green Man. I have two beautiful pieces representing him on the Green aspect - still need to find something that really gets my attention for his Horned aspect, though:
This sweet broom made by Megan Welti from EarthStar Studios, hanging on my altar's wall:

And this gorgeous Green Man custom-made pendant from Rhiannon, the artist behind Giggle Goddess Creations:

I wanted this one to pair with this Green Woman pendant she made for me some weeks earlier:

They both are incredible, gifted artists from whom I have some other beautiful pieces, and I always keep an eye to new stuff.

It's really always good to keep the balance between the gods, it took me some time to understand it - seems like I'm always behind about some basic facts, some things takes ages to click on my mind...

Saturday party with a cool band

Last Saturday was my niece's boyfriend's sister's birthday (... got it?). She's a sweet girl who turned 28, and we were invited to her dancing party."Not" being such a dancing-party lover, I had to go, against my will *sigh*... What we do for a friend... LOL The party was A+, everything was great, the hostess was great and the mix of guest among old and new friends was perfect. I daaaaaaaaaanced all night long, literally. We left at 4am, and there was still a lot of people there.

It was so fun to be there at the dry-iced smoky dance floor with my sister, my niece and everybody else shaking my skeleton to the sound of good rock-n-roll and some dance music, it1s been ages since I last danced this much!
Catarina (the niece)'s boyfriend has a rock band, and they played as a b-day gift, they're really good! All the young guys play well (specially the drummer, he's super - - though being a guitar lover, I always admire drummers - so hard to keep that synchro, I would be a terrible player...), and the songs have good lyrics and rhythm. Catarina was drooling at her love, really sweet...

I had to rest the day after, my body was complaining!LOL But isn't it cool to have a non-sense party night sometimes? :o)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monochrome Weekly

I have so many photos so well-taken by Lucas (proud mom talking...) that you will frequently see them here at Aileni's meme! LOL

This one is from one of our visits to the Crystal Palace, near home. Lucas was taking photos of every detail in the place and when he looked up, got impressed by the beautiful crystal chandelier, and recorded it.

For more Mono photos, visit its main page, hosted by Aileni.

I watched Avatar

Last Friday I finally watched Avatar. Everybody was talking about it, my siblings have already watched it, and I was feeling like an alien!

I went to the movies on my own - I love cinemas, the ritual of being there in the dark with a popcorn bag in my hands, crossed-legged... I love it! And of course I was seduced by Cameron's story... I'm not going to talk about the anti-imperalism, the shock-and-awe stuff. This is for other blogs, in better expressed posts.

What I loved was the pagan concept of the story, the respect the Nav'i people show for Nature and how they deal with it in their everyday lives. I loved the way the characters show how our relationship with this planet should be, and I wish it was really like that in real life, not simply on the screen. It was a surprise, never thought it would be so explicit and so well-made. Cameron portraited a wonderful connection between people and all creatures alive, and I was all the time thinking, "oh, that's so beautiful!". So many basic, important things I teach my son are there! It's so true the idea of this connection via our bodies as something so sacred to the point of serving as a bridge among all beings in the deepest way. I left the cinema with that longing feeling, and got a bit of that "Avatar blues" I read about in the papers. If you haven't watched this movie yet (I doubt anyone is so late like me, though... LOL), run! You can't miss it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

One of the Gods of Blues is playing on my mind today

I'm in a blues mood today... Back in Minas I used to listen to this song at a non-stop mode, weeks before leaving. Life by the Drop, by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble. I love blues, and I simply love this guy and his powerful guitar & voice.

Stevie had a tragic death, age 36, one day after playing with some of the masters of blues who played with him that last time, like Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan (his brother) and Buddy Guy, at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre, in Wiscosin. The helipcopter in which he left the place (there was only one place available in the helicopter ,and he decided taking it instead of leaving by car his his brother), with some of Clapton's travel team, was flying under a hard fog and crashed into a hill. According to the official report, the pilot was inexperienced with the area and weather conditions. What a loss.

A wonderful, touching concert was performed in '96 in Texas, by his blues superstars friends Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Dr. John, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan and Art Neville - A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Every time I watch this DVD I end up with watery eyes. It's a must for all the blues lovers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ABC Wednesday - A is for "Amor"

This is the 3rd round of this fun, great meme hosted by Denise.

Bear with me... I miss my little witch... (who will be back on the 27th, have I told you already? Does anyone know a good spell to speed up time, yes, please?)
A is for Amor, Love in Portuguese. This feeling we all know so well in some degree.

I was scrolling down my photos looking for something that would fit the theme, when I found this one Evaldo took some time ago. Lucas looks adorable wearing a cap with "Amor" embroidered in white.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monochrome Weekly

My first 2010 post on my favorite meme, along with the ABC Wednesday! :o)

Lucas simply loves taking photos or making little movies, all the time. Here's my little witch on a self-portrait, after getting the mirror dirty by running his fingers on it.

For more Mono photos, visit its main page, hosted by Aileni.

PS: He'll be back home on the 27th! Yes! :o))

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Etsy help for Haiti

Everybody is posting about the horrible situation in Haiti. Everything is so heart-breaking that sincerely I couldn't find the words to express my feeling of sadness and frustration for not being able to help somehow.

Then I stumbled across this wonderful action at Etsy, Hearts for Haiti.
There are, up to now, 178 items for sale, with all proceeds donated to the Doctors Without Borders. It's a humble step, but we all know that it's a step at a time that makes the difference, and every cent is important to help this country. I just had one of my dragons sold and I feel good to have helped somehow.

Do take a look, there are many gorgeous handcrafts with such good prices, shipping-free. I'm sure you'll find something to make your home more beautiful, and to help rebuilding someone else's home as well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Goddess

It's amazing how differently the Goddess is represented by artists. Take Gaia, for instance, one of my favorite aspects of the Goddess:

Peter and Ann Hill's sculpture at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, in Cornwall:

Speechless, isn't it?

Now one I love the concept and it's on my wish list, by Oberon Zell:

A heart-breaking view by Jeff chapman-Crane, the Agony of Gaia, where she suffers with the strip-mining:

Josephine Wall's exuberant art:

The lovely doll by my friend Kelli Lincoln - I have a pocket version at my altar:

The list could go on and on... I'd love to know if you have a specific image, sculpture that best represents the Goddess/God for you.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Brother time

Oh, things here are so silent, but I'm doing my best to distract myself while little witch is not back!

Been reading tons of books and magazines - I'm so p... off with the home computer which simply refuses itself to open any .pdf file! I have two amazing books I was reading from fantastic writers friends (Sorry Aileni and Jeremy!!) and I just can't read them! Arght!

Since Rodrigo brought some of my witchy books, I've been re-reading my favorite ones, and also my favorite author, Stephen King (along with Gabriel Garcia Marques, Asimov, etc, etc, etc...).

One good thing is that I have night out time for myself this month! It's been ages since I last been out with friends to simply sit at a bar, drink, eat and talk/laugh. Summer evnings here are awesome, starry, and so far, no sign of raining. Lucas will do find me revigorated. LOL

But I'm wandering. I wanted to talk about my brother Evaldo. Last evening we had a cool time together,eating chocolate and watching TV. We started watching this German channel show, in German, no subtitles, about his fetish camera, Leica. As we couldn't understand a single word, we laughed a lot making up imaginary dialogues, dubbing them. At the same time, Evaldo (who's a photographer, if you remember) gave me so many curious trivia info about it, that by the end of the evening I felt like a pHd in that famous camera. It's amazing how many things he knows about it and how interesting he makes things sound - he knows how I love to know these little details (we call them useless cultural facts), like why Leica is called Leica, how it was first built, etc. He owned three of these cameras many years ago, bought from antique fairs, and after fixing them, had them sold to collectors. Someday I hope I'll be able to make him a surprise and give him another one, in the far far far far far future LOL He said his dream job wouldn't be living in that Australian island, but working at Leica's factory LOL!
I just love when we get this close sharing time. I went to sleep light like a feather.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm back!

Hello, everybody!!!!

After one week relaxing under the Araruama's gorgeous sun, I'm back to Petropolis. I almost stayed home, but it wouldn't help me, so there I went with mom. No regrets! We had awesome sunny days, our cousin was a perfect hostess and we had a wonderful time together.

New Year's night was great at a friend's house (above you see our little group of friends & family, pity the photo got kinda blurry), where we had a yummy super, while laughing and enjoing each other's company. At midnight (have you guys seen the gorgeous Blue Moon?? I silently said a prayer to the Goddess, thanking for the closing year, and asking strenght for the new one), we went to the main lagoon to watch the fireworks. It rained minutes later, and, as it was so hot, no umbrellas were needed. The first rain was good to wash away all the 2009 bad energy from my body and soul.

I basically spent time sunbathing, getting a cool tan, reading, and talking with friends - it's been ages since I could do this! I love lazily feeling the sun on my skin, so you can imagine how good these days were.

In the afternoons, I used to take long walks along the lagoon, until the Kite Surf Bar where people gather to ... kite surf, of course, LOL I'd sit there with a book and watched them surfing in between pages ( I took Lois Bourne's Dancing with Witches for a re-read and Rosemund Pilcher's Voices in Summer my mother gave me).

While there, OF COURSE, I called Rodrigo a couple times to know how Lucas was going, and to hear my little witch's voice. He wasn't eating well these first days, and my heart was heavy with aprehension, but thank the gods, now everything is okay, and he's enjoying his vacations, only asking his dad once to call, because was missing me. I never thought this would be so hard to get used to, and I don't think I'd cope with it well if I was at home. In Araruama I had people to talk to about anyhting, had the beautiful place to distract me, so days were easy.

Summoning up, a Summer week to remember! I returned yesterday, because even feeling so at home at Celia's (our cousin), I really don't like outstaying one's welcome. Here in Petropolis I met the weather cloudy but warm. Now I'll work on my Etsy stuff, errands, and whatever I have to do, so I can wait Lucas to come back home. We should get a handbook to teach us how to deal with this hole in the heart. But I'm recharged, feeling well, lighting my candles and having loooong talks to the gods. What an anxious mother I became...

I hope you all had a perfect New Year's night as well, may 2010 be wonderful for all of us! Thank you (again!!!) for all the positive words and good vibes sent, it's a true blessing to have such sweet friends.