Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Moon with a little witch

Last night I performed a cleansing ritual at home, inspired in Sacred Suzie's, with bits of change here and there. Her ritual is simple and powerful and that's how I like it to be.

My problem was that Lucas wanted to join me in this with all his heart. I always make cleansings after he's asleep, because I think it's too strong and heavy of a ritual for his little soul. Kids are like sponges tha absorb everything, and I have always been afraid that, simple as it is, it could affect him somehow, so I avoided it while I could.

Well, this time I couldn't escape. He was well awaken when I got home with a bag of sea salt I have bought on my way - it was over since the other weekend. When he saw that, he understood what it was for, and begged me to join me in the ritual, saying again he was seeing ghosts everywhere... *sigh* I put it in the Goddess' hands, and said yes.

So I swept every room's floor to get the house ready, leaving all the lights turned on, and we prepared our tools in the altar. I placed and lit a purple candle on a layer of sea salt over my candle-holder, lit a cinnamon incense, and put fresh water on my little bowl with three pinchs of sea salt - Lucas' choice - and we consecrated everything.

Then I went widdershins around every room with the candle in hand, Lucas behind me with the incense, blessing every corner, saying we were children of light and only good energy was allowed in this place.

Then I placed the candle back on the altar, and took the bowl of consencrated water, going deosil each room, asperging the water around and marking a pentagram on every door and window with my finger. Lucas loved this part and spread water all around like a crazy priest, choosing some special spots he decided needing an extra blessing like the couch, the fridge, and Baruck's food bowls. I sealed the front and back doors with it, all the time saying the house was a house of light and no darkness should stay. I took my magic broom and swept the bad energy out of the house through the opened door.

To finish the ritual, Lucas wanted to burn in the cauldron a piece of paper with everything he wants to get rid of in his life. So there we went, writting all the negative stuff that didn't have room in our lives in blank papers. Even my niece Catarina wanted to join this part. We folded the papers in tiny bits, and I threw them in the cauldron, wetting them with a bit of alcohol. The fire was amazing, going up in a straight flame. We watched it until it was extinguished, Lucas on my lap, lights turned off to enhance the flames' beauty.

And that was all. Lucas was happy to have performed it with me, and I felt ok for letting him be part of it - maybe we can do it together from now on. It wasn't bad after all, and I believe no bad vibe will be attached to him. Just in case, before sleeping he took a warm shower - that's his usual night routine anyway - with aniseed soap.

*Candle image: Noriko Kato

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Suzie Ridler said...

Oh this is just the cutest and most awesome post! I love hearing him trailing after you with the incense. You know, I think kids feel very empowered doing this kind of thing. Most of the time they feel helpless but he could be a part of it and banishing the negativity from his home, how powerful is that for a child? I love this Nydia, thank you for sharing it. I hope your home and lives are completely cleansed of all negative energy and you are left feeling free and alive.

Thanks for the green orbs of healing too! I'm feeling so much better today, it's incredible.

Enchanted Dawn said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful cleansing ritual. I can understand your caution about having Lucas participate, but it sounds like it all went well and its interesting how determined he was to be a part of it. With all his powerful intentions of helping banish, I don't see how anything negative could have come of it. And, I agree with Suzie, I think letting him be a part of it was probably very empowering to him!


Dragonstar said...

When we cleansed our new home, way back in the early '80s, we involved our young children. The wanted and needed to be involved, and it did nothing but good. Children often have their own protection.

turningwheelfarm said...

I think your ritual turned out very powerful and the way it should have since Lucas was just meant to participate. I love how kids do some "extra" things too during ritual like Lucas' additional salt. Plus he can help get rid of anything he isn't fond of too (not so nice ghosts if there are any) while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this! I think it's awesome how you include and guide Lucas with rituals such as this and the dreamboards.
He sounds like such an enlightened little guy and you are such a great mama!
I am sure he is protected and very empowered learning from you.
LOVE your blog!

Tori said...

It's wonderful that you could include Lucas in your ritual. It seems like he brought a whole new prosepctive to it.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

What a beautiful thing to teach and share! And what a great way for Lucas to feel empowered!