Friday, May 30, 2008

Framed Friday - O

Today at random is letter O. That stands for... Owl. The ancient symbol for wisdom and associated to the Moon and the Crone aspect of the Goddess is a curious little creature that I always loved. This sweet and fun "Halloween Blythe Owl Witch" painting by Blonde Blythe is one of my favorites of her art. This incredible artist has an unique style that reminds me Tim Burton's movies - does it make sense? Besides this one, she's got so many other astonishing paintings, you have to check them out!
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ABC Wednesday - S

Here we go again, now with the letter S. Easier to find... As I'm still with the weekend on my mind, here's the Sun going down last Saturday. On the left you can see part of Copacabana Palace Hotel (where there's a tiny Brazilian flag on top), considered THE 5 stars in Brazil:
When I was a kid, I used to play with my own Shadow. I guess almost everybody did it. Here's Lucas' shadow on the sand:

And to finish, nothing like the deep blue Sea... I love watching it while walking by its edge when I need to relax:

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Ways to Piss off a Pagan

1. Ask them if they are Satan worshippers.

2. Rearrange their altar so it will look neat.

3. Blow out their altar candle if it is still day light.

4. Pick up their gems for a closer look.

5. Sharpen their dull blackhandled knife.

6. Witness to them about the "true religion".

7. Untie the knots in their cord.

8. Take hold of their jewelry for a closer look.

9. Play card games with their Tarot cards.

10. Ask them if they are Satan worshippers.

I found this at the Cafepress, and it's hilarious. I can relate to some of these... And you?

Introducing to Nature

...Talking about Copacabana beach... Lucas was introduced to the Nature and the elements at this very beach, on a quiet and desert early morning when he was four months old.

As I'm not part of any coven where I could take him, I wanted to "baptize" him on my own way.

So, when the weather was better (Lucas was born in August, a very windy month), and he was a stronger little baby, we took him to the beach on a Sunday morning - his week's day, as he's a Leo boy - in December. I lifted him up in my arms, presenting him to the four quarters and respective elements, whispering their elemental names in his ear, asking for guidance and protection, while Rodrigo annointed his chest with pure mineral oil, salt and smoke from a white candle - that obviously would get blown out every five seconds by the ocean breeze. Afterwards, we wet his little feet on the waves, he was all round, big, curious eyes, and it was over. We enjoyed some minutes while people were arriving, and then went back home for breastfeeding time.

I only regret that at that time we didn't have our camera with us, because we didn't want to stop wat we were doing to take pics, once we were alone the three of us, and I hate myself for that today, but alas, the memories are on our minds... I even want to reinforce this little ritual when he turns 5, so I can register this special time.

It was a simple ritual that fit our path, and was a good way to introduce him to the pagan world he was about to live with at home. Looking at the photos from yesterday, I was thinking about how time does fly... He's now a healthy, happy little boy, with a good heart and good sense of humour. Of course, he has his moments of throwing tantrums and testing his limits (or better, my limits...), but in a light way. I look forward for living the next years and seeing how this little buddy will be in the future!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun at the beach

Aaahhh... The simple pleasures in life... We spent the weekend at the beach. After some weeks of cold weather, the sun decided showing up. And we rushed to the sand! We live only one block from the ocean, so it is a crime if we don't enjoy this free entertainment. On Saturday we arrived when the sun was almost going down, and Rodrigo played the guitar with his musician friend Vicente, and Lucas followed them up, as usual. I would love if he kept interested in music when he grows up...

Afterwards, he wanted to "practice" some asanas. He does have fun with these two poses:
The Tree

The Mountain

On Sunday the morning was perfect, but the waves were too big for my taste... I didn't dare getting ito the sea, because I get all scared just at the look of it. I love watching the big sea showing off his power and beauty, but that's it... Unless it's like a mirror of serenity, I keep my feet on the sand, thank you. But Lucas went jumping over some waves holding dad's hand. Look at this huge water explosion!

Of course, I took a photo with my little witch too - you can see, the beach was crowdy! It's always like that on Sundays, but I like it. The sound of the waves crashing, sand sellers announcing their products, the smell of solar protector... It's all part of some of my best memories when younger:

Proud mom :)

At the end of the afternoon, when the sun was already gone, we played some racquetball (we call it frescobol, only played at the beach). I'm a left-handed who plays with my right hand, go figure it...

I was really in need of that time, doing absolutely nothing all day, just enjoying the Sun warming my skin, my son having fun with his dad, chatting with our friends... A break time. Now I'm reloaded... until next weekend, if the weather allows me to! Bright blessings!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Framed Friday - B

Today is my Framed Friday's first post, and B is the letter. I'll try to always find something cool related to paganism. Today I couldn't resist to post about one of my favorite items as a wannabe-green pagan girl: the tote Bag. I have an old one - purchased at a local supermarket - that I carry into my regular bag, to avoid those awful plastic bags, because every evening, when going back home after work, there's always something to buy... At the very least, fresh ciabatta for a late evenig snack. But then I stumbled upon these cute bags from Elsie & Pooka webstore that made me want to replace mine with them:

They're lovely & simple, made of 100% natural canvas, machine washable, and has the perfect size to carry whatever it's needed, and the price is ok, around $15 each. There are other bag models and items - I love specially the kitchen's - and I highly recommend taking a look!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

New meme!

My friend Marcia is launching this new weekly meme, that I think it's going to rock! Following the ABC Wednesday basic idea, every Friday she'll be posting about a favorite product or webstore, starting with a letter - the first one, tomorrow, will be with the letter B. Then, everybody else who wants to join the fun, will just post about any another product with the same first letter that you like and became a favorite, i. e. a book, a kid's clothes store, food, car stuff, etc. There'll be a Mr. Linky set up for it. I think it'll be great to discover new things to try at home, and I can imagine the variety of items that will come out every week, since every kind of product or store is allowed - as long as good sense is watched, of course. On the image above there's the link to her blog with the meme's detailed instructions. So let's play? I'll for sure! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ABC Wednesday - R

The weeks are passing by and we are already on letter R. I have a bunch of photos starting with it. Obviously I have to start with my little witch "Reading" his favorite Wiccan magazine, with his dad by his side:

When he noticed I was taking his photo, he hid his face with it... :P
My boss is Russian, and she always bring these little dolls when she visits her family in Moscow - I have a collection of them. Here's my cutest, a Red Russian doll - it's the kind that opens itself and pop up smaller ones from inside, do you know?

Here at the office there's this sweet Rock sculpture with a little rock humming-bird:

I took a photo of myself, also at the office, showing the only Red shirt I have, that I am wearing today by chance (or not?):

And to finish, before everybody fall asleep over the keyboard, here's a gift my boss gave me on my last birthday. It's a pendant in the shape of a Rose. I wear it most of the time:

Inside there are the photos of the men of my life - see why I always wear it? :)

So everybody is awaken?? LOL It's the first time I post more than one or two photos! For other cool R posts, please visit the ABC main site.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chris Decato

I talked about the song Lucas likes listening to when relaxing after our yoga session. So actually the artist is not Wiccan, but his Little Bell song (there are also Magic Bell and A New Light) is on a cd that came with a magazine about Wicca I bought last year. His name is Chris Decato, I've just learned more about him, and he's got a range of instrumental songs that really worths the time enjoying his talent here.

His page on Myspace encompass his career as a multi-faceted artist. As you can see, I'm excited about it! The guy IS good, and I can't wait to know Lucas' feelings about his other pieces of work! :)

Those who visit the sites, please give me your opinions!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Still about Yoga

So we're still "practicing" yoga at home. Lucas is really enjoying it! I focus on only five asanas (yoga poses), so that it is fun and not boring or long to him. It's a fun time with his mom, he enjoys being able to repeat the poses and with time his balance will increase. He loves the Tree asana most, go figure it... We make the Mountain, the Cow/Dog, the Butterfly, the Bridge and the Tree. At the end of the "session", we keep the Corpse pose, listening to a Wiccan song called Little bell, which Lucas says it sound like rain. It's vey relaxing and he loves stay on the mant with eyes closed holding my hand.

Miss Yves! I totally agree with you, a teacher is essential, and as a friend here in Copa teaches for adults at a Zen School, he gave me the instructions about the correct breathing, posture, and which poses should be avoided, like inverted ones, so I'm pretty sure we're on the right path. Thanks for your concern!

All I say is that I'm very excited with it. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm completely sedentary since my pregnancy - it was a risk-pregnancy, because I have a very small double womb, I'm a living X File, so I had to stay in bed all the time (I never read so many books and watched so many DVDs like then, besides sleeping! LOL), and after Lucas was born, time shrank to a scary level. It was more than time for me to start something or I'd get a lower-quality health, and I believe that yoga is a good way to wake up my now lazy body. Let's see how we'll be in a couple of months! And yes, I still want more feedback about your yoga experiences, please!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Q

Today is Q, and what a hard task to find something starting with this letter... so here is our Quadruped Baruck doing what he likes most: resting on our sofa, and hiding under our Quilt when he wants some Quiet time:
And also my little Queen of Harvest, that I keep over my computer screen at work, for protection:

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yoga Boy

Tomorrow I'll start something new for Lucas and for myself. We'll start our day with yoga, at home. I always wanted to do it but always found lame excuses... But I feel it will be something really good for both of us. Lucas is an electric little boy, full of energy, and starting his day with three or four yoga positions he'll feel more than ready to play, study and have a good day.
But I have to be responsible, so I've been studying several sites and reading a lot about it, and a friend who's a teacher talked to me and gave me these basic positions (roaring lion, tree, cow/cat, snake, "corpse") that can be done at home without harm for him. So I'm excited to start it! As Lucas is always ready for having fun, I believe this will be great. I wish I could enroll him in classes but there is no place here in Copacabana, only downtown, which makes things very hard for us, but with the lines my friend gave, I don't think itI'll be incorrect. If any of you out there practise yoga, please let me know about it. The more info, the better. Namaste! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A great pre-Mother's Day

And yesterday was Mother's Day party at Lucas' school... and guess what?? He sang! YES! When I arrived, there was he on line with his little friends waiting for us, moms, with a little paper flower in hand. This was when they would sing the first song, and he got blushed and mouth shut. Okay, I was already ready for that:

But all proud to be there, he led me to where his painting was, and here it is his master piece (he said this is me with a leaveless tree on my side and a red sun above me, and grass under my feet - he didn't need to say that, it's so obvious! hehehe. It's already on my bedroom's wall).:

Then we went to the cocktail area, where he stood in line again and this time, he sang the Mom's song, looking into my eyes. I was so surprised and happy that I forgot to take a photo of the moment!! I only took one in the beggining, when they were still getting ready (I hope you can see him in the middle of the others - easy, he's the only one without uniform, we thought he could go with his own clothes...):
I was so proud, my heart was beating so fast... He won his little inner battle! The rest fo the party was so cool, perfect to my eyes. He was happy, playing with his friends, and we felt he took a new step forward in his life.

I wish all moms a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow, surrounded by light and warm feelings with your dear ones! :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Performing block

So it's a fact. Lucas has a block when it comes to "public performing"... Last year, at the Christmas party in his school, he didn't want to take part of the little circus performing, and was nervous at the idea of having to do it. We (the teacher and I) calmed him down ad he watched everything from my lap.

Now it's the Mothers' Day party, again at school. He was all excited, because there will be a "vernissage" (can't wait!), with special paintings from the little artists, followed by a cocktail, and was trying hard to hide his surprise, the painting he's made for me. But... they will sing two songs in the opening. And last night, he realized in his little mind that he would have to sing along with his friends. A storm fell over our heads. He kept saying that he 'didn't want to sing, please, mom ask Auntie Monique (that's how they acll the teacher, as Auntie) to allow him not to sing'. Ad nauseum until sleep time, and this morning, the same thing. I explained that it would be cool if he joined the group, that he would have fun after losing his fear, but also showed him that I would respect him and love him even if he didn't want to.
No matter how many times I calmly, patiently assured him that he would't be forced to sing, he couldn't keep himself from repeating over and over. For those who know him, it's a contradition. He loves his school, his friends, everything, UT performing. *sigh* What can I do? I respect him, seems like he's just like that, it's his nature, and I can't make things worse forcing him to do it. Of course, I'd love to see him singing, but it would be a nightmare, and the whole party would be ruined for him.

So this afternoon, we'll meet him there and will see all the paintings, have fun, eat some goodies, and listen to his little friends sing. I'll take some photos, of course, and post here!

Have any of you had the same problem with your kids or yourself? I'd love to know about it and learn more...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ABC Wednesday - P

Today is letter P, and here are my Parents at their honeymoon, 54 years ago, on one of my favorites photos. I was very lucky and blessed with loving, caring parents who were also very fun, as a bonus. They first met when my then 20-year-old mother spent school vacations at a farm that was neighbour to my 38-year-old dad's father's farm. And it was love at first sight, as mom says. She was engaged to another person then, but broke up after the vacations (surprisingly with her family support - at that time it was a scandal to break up an engagement!!), and the rest is History... They were happily married for almost 50 years, until my father's death in 2001, victim of cancer - I took the second photo months before it happened . I have beautiful and funny memories of them together and it probably reflects on my own relationship with my husband and my son:

...And of course, Paganism is also the word. From the Latin word Paganus meaning rural, people from the country, it's used to designate Nature-based religions, and for me is also a phylosophy and a way of living. I was born Catholic, being baptized, but since an early age I have always felt this connection with Nature as something spiritual that was beyond my parents' religion. So, when growing up, walking a pagan path was naturally my fate. That's how I teach my son about respect for diversity, respect for people and Nature, everything as part of the Goddess essence, in the materialist society we live in. Here we are at 2007 Beltane, at our pagan ritual of weaving ribbons around Maypole with Lucas' little friend, and also with his Pai (father in Portuguese), after finishing it:

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As everyone knows, this year Samhain was sad for me. But at the same time I was ok, knowing that my sister was on her way to heal her spirit with the precious help of my dad. So I just put her photo along with my dad's and my grandparents' on the altar and got ready for the evening ritual.

I baked an apple pie in the afternoon, and while is was on the oven, we wrote two lists on separate pieces of paper: on one of them, we wrote everything we wanted to get rid in our lives, and on the other, everything we wanted to have on the new year that was starting. Lucas wanted to "write" his own lists, and it was funny because he said that there was nothing bad in his life, but ended up saying he didn't want to have tonsilitis anymore (poor boy!), and that was all for that list. On the 'good' list he put he wanted to keep playing with his friends, to visit lots of new places and to keep the love in his life and ours, have more toys and chocolats (LOL).

In the evening I lit two candles, for the Goddess and the God. Lucas opened the circle as usual and we prayed for them. Lucas was oh so sweet, saying a special prayer for her holding the wand that I had to hold myself not to cry. Then I burned the papers on the cauldron, charging them with the proper vibes, and while we watched the flames we talked about our dear ones that were gone. We ended up having a good time, eating apple pie and cookies, as I told Lucas funny stories about my grandfather (and he had many!), and obviously, Dedê. I felt my heart so calm with my son on my lap, and could really feel their warm energy surrouding us. Lucas closed the circle saying goodbye to them and that was it. He had his dinner, I gave him a shower and put him to sleep. Then Rodrigo arrived and we prayed a little bit together.

All I can say is that after that I'm feeling better about my sister. Of course, I still have times when I cry, remembering little things about her, our conversations, and her suffering, but on the average, I'm ok, as well as my family. I want to thank everybody who sent me sweet words of support. And the Wheel turns once more...