Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sweet 2013

It's been a BIG while since I last blogged. So much going on in my life that time was too short, but we can stretch time if we really want to, so I plan to blog much more often in 2014, because it has always been fun to share my moments with you guys. :) But before the year is over, I would like to thank this year...

I thank 2013 for my health being strong except for my tigers attacks...

For my wonderful son to be growing up by my side so healthy, with his beautiful heart and mind. He is such a strong, fun and smart boy, always being the source of pride and joy for me. It's a privilege to be his full-time mom.

For the dear relatives who supported me when I needed, especially two very important ones: my amazing mother, unbelievable in her unconditional love mixed with good mood and wise words.

And my sister who has always been there for me, showing how a sibling should be. She's this gorgeous golden angel looking after me all the time.

For my virtual friends also so supportive, fun and sweet, being more real than many people in my non-virtual life. I have old friends who are literally a big part of my life (you all know who you are!) And I made some good new friends who are becoming sweet stars in my sky too.

For my Carioca Witch page that became my sole income when everything else jobwise failed - thanks to so many cool old and new friends who loved my witcheries and kept me a happy busy craft witch along the year.

For my spiritual path that got stronger inside of me, with my patroness Goddess being more present than ever for me.

But mainly, I thank 2013 for bringing me the best, sweetest and most beautiful love I could ever want. Not even in my wildest dreams I would imagine it could be possible to love this much and to be loved back the same way.

No matter how many bad, difficult moments I had this year (and there were quite a few), there wasn't a single day that I wasn't deeply, deliciously loved. I had and have true love every single day of 2013, from good morning wishes to good night kisses.

I am hugely blessed and lucky to have this wonderful, brilliant, talented (he's the kickass indie writer who created Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom fantastic adventures I already talked about here), supportive, fun, hot (he is hothothothot. Have I said he's hot already?) man in my life. My love, my best friend, my soulmate. He made the whole year worth living, and gave my life a completely new meaning.

And January is simply going to be perfect just because Tim will be with me.

I wish you all a blessed and great New Year, I hope we're all connected again in 2014! :)