Monday, June 30, 2008

One of those days...

Have you ever experienced a day when nothing seems to work at all? Little things that go wrong and make you wonder... Yes, I'm having one of those days.

Early in the morning, already at my working place, when I left the office to throw the garbage away, I forgot the keys into the office! And outside I waited for my boss to arrive - no big deal, she arrived in fifteen minutes or so.

Then before lunch time, Lucas bumped his head on the corner of his bedroom's door, when running into the house from the veranda. A huge bump appeared and he showed the power of his lungs. And as he's got a big ulcer in his tongue since yesterday, eating is really hard and painful, so the lunch was very... educational.

When I returned to the office after my lunch time, I realized I forgot my mobile phone at home... luckly I work five minutes from it, and my poor husband had to bring me the phone.

It's not over! When I went buying some stuff to the office, what happened? I forgot the office's keys in the shop I had left minutes before, so I had to waste precious minutes to go back there and get them back.
It's still 4 pm here, so I'm trying to focus more properly so I don't forget anything else...

I keep wondering... what the gods above are trying to tell me besides "pay more attention, you stupid witch!"?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Framed Friday 6

One more week and today the letter is R. And this is for Runes. The ancient Viking alphabet and divinatory tool is my favorite one. I have already used tarot, still have a tarot set at home, but the runes attracts me like magnet to metal. For those not familiarized with it: according to the cool site Sunnyway, "Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet, used for writing, divination and magick. They were used throughout northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Iceland from about 100 B.C.E. to 1600 C.E. Runic inscriptions of great age have even been found in North America, supporting stories that the Vikings arrived in the Americas long before Columbus. Runic alphabets first appeared among German tribes in central and eastern Europe. Some runes symbols are likely to have been acquired from other alphabets, such as the Greek, Etruscan, and the Early Roman. The runes were made of straight lines to make the characters suitable for cutting into wood or stone. The earliest runic inscriptions on stone are dated to the late 3rd century AD, although it is probable that runic alphabets had been in use for some centuries before.

The Old Germanic Runic alphabet, or "Elder Futhark", contains 24 runes. The first six runes of the alphabet spell out the word "FUTHARK". As the runes spread northwards into Scandinavia, some rune symbols were dropped and the alphabet was reduced to only 16 runes. Between 400 and 600 AD, three Germanic tribes, the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes, invaded Britain. They brought the runes with them. The forms of several of the runes changed, notably the runes for A/O, C/K, H, J, S, and Ng. Also, changes in the language led to nine runes being added to the alphabet to compensate for the extra sounds, and several runes were given different corresponding letters. This alphabet, expanded to 33 symbols, has become known as the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. The rune names themselves have been passed down relatively intact. Although no manuscript exists listing the names of the older, Germanic runes, the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian rune poems agree to such an extent that their common origin can be deduced."

While I think that homemade runes are more powerful for obvious reasons, it's also obvious to me that in the end of the day what really counts is the power you charge on the pieces, being them homemade or purchased at a local esoteric shop. With this in mind, I stumbled upon a great UK online shop called Spirit of Old. They offer several Rune sets made of different kinds of wood - actually they have a large range of really beautiful products. I specially liked the Oak rune sets (my first surname is "Carvalho", that means Oak, so...):

The Spirit of Old claims that they only use woods from large areas to prevent damage to habitats, and that they have cultivated tree seedlings and planted them at suitable locations for the future generations. Being this true, I feel comfortable posting about their products!

For more cool product reviews, visit Marcia at Learning Mama. She posted today about such surprising roses you can't miss it! ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ramblings on raising a child on the Old Path

First of all, thank you all for the sweet comments on my Yule celebration. I really love sharing these moments with you guys , this way it's like you're visiting my home. :0)

It was a little messy sabbath, but in the end everything was fine again. I guess there's no way, sometimes even the best marriages have a stressing time and mine is not different. I was just upset that it happened exactly in the middle of a important time for me and it obviously made things harder. But nothing than a conversation to put things on the right dimension and make us realize that no matter how bad things get, it would be worse if we were apart. Rodrigo is such a prick sometimes... but so am I!

Everybody talks about how sweet it is that I raise my son as a Wiccan little boy. Lucas simply loves to be a Wiccan. He says he will always be one, although I have already told him that he may change his mind later, and that would be ok. We raise him on the Old Path - Rodrigo is half Wiccan, half Buddhist and very open-minded - because is natural for us, I used to celebrate the sacred days long before being pregnant, so he got used to see candles and wands and smell incense scents around the house since he was in my belly! LOL

I just try to make things really natural about it, not forcing him to participate or turning our daily life a mystical experience. I mean, I raise him on a very "rational" way. Meaning that although we talk about fairies, dragons, gnomes and such, I let the mytical creatures on the mytical level, on the legendary part of the path, in some specific child's rituals. When we pray at night or during sabbaths, it's directly to the Goddess and the God. I think it's easier to him than to go praying for different deities on each different issue. There are some intermediary Goddesses or, in othe words, other representations of the Goddess that I feel connected to, like Gaia, Hestia (a new born connection), Rhiannon and Brigith, and I love to have them in my house and Lucas know about them, but we always go first to the "top of the list" when we thank and ask for protection, and then go for the other deities, if it's the case.

I was raised Catholic on a very light way. My parents only went to the church when they felt like it, and I haven't have my first communion.But I was always considered the funny girl, the little witch, as my dad used to call me, because I had a little gnome village on my bedroom shelf, with an apple that wouldn't get rotten - unless my old lovely grandma slept there, then it would quickly get all shrinked and wrinkled - go figure it... So I'm still seen as the weird sweet girl of the family, and probably my faith it's still seen as something of my "capricious" nature.

As Lucas wasn't baptized on the old-fashioned way, this is the only something that haunts my mom's nights... But I don't have any intention to have him baptized as a catholic, because it doesn't make any sense to me. I don't want to hurt my mother's feelings, she's always been such a wonderful mother, but this is so intimate, so personal that I can't yield to it. It would be a contradition to everything I teach/show him. Now being almost five, he would question me about it, and get a messy mind. So she sighs and resigns herself about her little pagan grandson.

Every night I pray to the Gods with Lucas before putting him to sleep, thanking for the protection received that day. I think this is an important moment of our routine - it's the sign our day is really finished and he's going to relax and sleep well. I have a personal prayer that he ended up memorizing and he feels good and asks me to pray after saying goodnight. I usually add something that happened during his day that was important, and he quickly add a specific detail I forgot, and at the end he blow goodnights, kisses and asks for blessings to mama Goddess and papa God. Later I'll translate how this prayer goes.

I celebrate every sabbath, usually doing something special or, when I'm all busy, at least our ritual in front of our altar is performed. We often celebrate esbats, but not every month.

When I take my son to his school, he always asks me to draw with my finger a little pentagram on his forehead, because he says he feels safe this way. It's like the cross some catholic moms draw for the same reason. He has a small sword he drawed and we charged with power to help him to be strong and brave during the schooling year (the first weeks of the year are still hard for him). We did it last year (his first time at kindergarten), the in this February we burned the old one and made a new one to reinforce the purpose.

And that's how it goes. A day at a time. We celebrate Yule, but also Christmas - it's such a fun nd sweet traditional holiday for my family, when we gather at my mom's house, that I want Lucas to have it. The same thing for Ostara & Easter. Now that he's getting older and understands things a little better, I started to explain the differences and origins, but what matter for him are the toys, the food, his funny uncles and aunts and grandma to kiss, his little cousins to play with at Christmas, and the chocolats, the outings and the special lunch with us at Easter, so it's ok. The spiritual aspect lies on Yule and Ostara, let's say, and he loves just the same.

Oh well... there are so many things about being pagan that has to do with the world we live in, like respect for environment, Nature and everything it encompasses. I just can't see us living differently. As long as he respects the different paths people choose, not only spiritual but referred to all other things, that's how we live.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ABC Wednesday - W

Here we go again with the ABC and the letter is W. Today I bring three photos. Below is my magnetic Wheel of the Year that I made to help my son following up and memorizing the changing of the sabbaths - actually I have already posted here about it in February, before joining the ABC Wednesday. He was always confused about what would come next, so I thought it would be fun to have something he could touch and even play with and at the same time decorate our kitchen. So I took an image at Internet, had it plastified, put a large piece of magnet sheet behind to place it at the fridge's door and used a little white butterfly magnet to mark the sacred days. He loves it and it became very helpful:

Then there's our wooden drum, made by my husband and "decorated" by Lucas - an enthusiastic drum player! - and a beautiful wooden flute, made by one of our artesan friends who works at the local hippie fair:

We have some musical instruments at home besides these, like harmonicas, another flute and a little keyboard, because Rodrigo is an amateur acoustic guitar player who learned by himself, and our friends often come to accompain him. So music is a constant in our life, and I can't imagine it any other way...
For more cool ABC photos, pease visit Mrs. Nesbitt's place.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yule night

This was not the ideal weekend I was planning. Things were so weird at home between Rodrigo and I... *sigh* Life sucks sometimes. But now everything is ok, we can't have roses and violins all the time...

Oh well, back to Yule: when I got home on Friday evening, Lucas wanted to start preparations, so we chose an apple and a lemon and decorated them by piercing cloves in it. It took him a long time to pierce almost all the cloves by himself, but he was happy with the result. The apple can be seen below, on the right corner of our altar, and Lucas afterwards hang it on his bedroom's toy shelf. The lemon went to our front door - blue ribbons because it's Lucas' favorite color. They smells great with the mix of cloves and the fruits juice.

He colored the Yule log with the "right colors", acording to him, and draw spirals for protection. It looked cute after I put the candles and the ornaments:
Below are the little images of pentacles, spirals, suns and triple moons I took from Internet to use as ornaments in our tree. I had them plastified (hope it's the right word in English) at the local papershop, but the guy cut everything in squares, although I have asked circles. I had no time to have them remade, so I took the way they were, and the final result was ok.

In a chilli evening - it's been raining all the time since Friday, arght! - we had our little Yule feast, after finally deciding what to do for dinner: I made a chicken and cheese pie with spices and integral rice, and for dessert, Lucas' number one, carrot cake with chocolat cream. Rodrigo made a straberry juice with fresh fruits to go with it, and everything came out very tasty - if Lucas repeats, it's always a good sign! Below it's the photo of our little table - you can see the star on top of the tree slowly, slowly falling to the right. I couldn't make the thing keep quiet, so I let it stay crooked like that:

Then we made our ritual, simply thanking for what we have and asking for strenght and protection on the cold days and nights that were begining that evening. As it was raining - I planned to burn the log outside, on our veranda - I took some chips from the log and symbolically burned it in our cauldron and we watched it, lights turned off, while thinking what about we want to keep in our lives. As usual, Lucas was on my lap so he could better see the fire, and he said he loves me ("te amo, mãe") - I think the dark kitchen, the fire in the cauldron and shadows it projects on the wall, everything makes him get a little afraid and also emotional, because every sabbath he says the same thing at this point, and of course, I love it...

Circle closed, to bed we went to know what Harry Potter was doing. I hope all of you had a wonderful and sweet Litha evening, may the Sun be shining over your roads all the time!
PS: All the photos were taken by Lucas, except the one where he appears, of course. I guess he's going to be a good photographer, just like his uncle Evaldo, my brother, who works with it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Here's Yule!

Tonight we're celebrating Yule here in the Southern Hemisphere. The longest night of the year. Winter is officially in Rio... *sigh*. It definitely doesn't fit this city. We should always have sunny, warm days and starry nights. Oh well... I should't complain, sometimes our Summer is so incredibly hot that we can hardly bear it, so it's a good thing we have some cold weather.

We'll have our traditional little feast for the three of us, but I still don't know what I'm going to do for the sabbath dinner... I hope to feel inspired in time! This morning Lucas woke up already asking about the Yule tree. He was, as usual, anxious to decorate it. So, after breakfast, I let him take a little wooden Christmas and hang some tiny ornaments we have. I'm taking after work some pagan images for him to hang on it too. I got a nice little block of wood to be our Yule log, and he'll draw some symbols and whatever else he wants to decorate it. Then, we'll lit the three candles on top of it, and after out ritual is done, we'll burn it for good luck, and keep a piece for next year.

I wish you all who follow the Old Path a beautiful Summer Solstice, as we're opposite in the Wheel of the Year, and a great Friday for the ones who don't! :0)

Framed Friday 5

Today at Framed Friday the letter is M. And M is for Mugs. I love them, although I only have a few at home. But I found some cool mugs at Internet, and I'm displaying them here.

From Michele, my awesome photographer friend from The Rocky Mountain Retreat blog, there are these two mugs with very-pagan Nature themes that are lovely and make the act of drinking coffe and chocolat a sweet thing:
And I found this beautiful set with sacred symbols from My Witch Shop, also available in black:

All of them with reasonable prices and good quality materials. Hmmm... suddenly I had this urge of taking a mug of chocolat...

For more products reviews, visit Learning Mama.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ABC Wednesday - V

This ABC is almost in the end, and today the letter is V.

I hope nobody will be scared of my little Vampire walking at daylight... I always loved reading about these gloomy creatures, and at home I have several books with them as characters, like Dracula, by Bram Stoker - the first and best for me; Lestat and Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice (who drastically changed her storytelling subjects now, btw); The Last Vampire, by Whitley Strieber; Salem's Lot, by Stephen King (bow down...). Not to mention the many movies available, like The Hunger, also inspired by a Whitley Streber's novel, with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie; the ultimate Bram Stoker's Dracula, directed by Coppola, which I simply adore...; Nosferatu, directed by Herzog, with Klaus Kinski, who hauted my nights for a long time with his long teeth, bold head and crazy eyes...; Dracula, with Frank Langella, that many people hate but I love the sexy vampire Langella portraited... and the Tv serie Moonlight, that seems like is over (but I loved it watching *sigh*)

There' something about this lonely, cruel, seducing man who has always enchanted me.

Also with V are these Russian Vodka bottles my boss brought from her last trip to Russia. I quitted drinking a long time ago, due to my migraines that increased even with the very few doses I used to take - not worthy at all! - and actually I hate the taste of vodka (unless if mixed with smashed lemon slices and sugar, our Brazilian caipivodca, then it's delicious), but the bottles are so cool I wanted to post them here:
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Full Moon Dreamboard

I finally got my dreamboard ready for Sacred Suzie's challenge. I say challenge because for me it was a real one. Isn't it a controversy that being pagan and Gemini and usually eloquent, I couldn't find a way to express what my dreams are this month? Probably because it's my first dreamboard, I was all franticly trying to find special images to make it, and none of my magazines had what I wanted. Guess next time I'll get a bunch of old ones (always the best ones for me) on a second-hand bookstore and keep them just for that.

So when I was feeling deeply frustrated for not being able to start it, a lamp flashed over my head: why not search at Internet? Maybe not the best thing, but I could finally separate some things, cut them out and start mounting my dreamboard, that came up like this:

Very simple, very obvious... and I think, very self-explanatory... Wish I had made something fancy, drawn a colored border, but only after it was sent to Suzie I thought about these little details. But what matters is the intention, and it is very clear to me, at least.

I was talking about it with Rodrigo last Friday, and Lucas, listening to me, wanted to make his own dreamboard - of course! He's a little guy who loves participating in everything we do, and I think it's wonderful, I always stimulate him to join me in whatever he finds interesting. Being a child, he's very objective and immediately found what he wanted in the magazines I had at hand, asked me to cut them out for him, and made some drawings. Here's what his little mind expressed:

The meaning: the triple moon to honor, the sun - because this month (is almost Winter here and the Sun is very capricious for his taste) he wants a lot of sun and beautiful nights. Then he draw a flower because he think it's good to have them around; images representing a starry night, because he loves it too, an OM symbol for more peace at home (he said I was calling his attention too much, his own's true, he's being such a little smarty these days, not obeying, etc. It's a phase, it will pass, but I'm firm with him, so the complaint LOL), and fruits because he loves them and need them to live. Oh, and his own signature (learning to write, every chance is for writting). I thought it was cute!

So tomorrow night we'll make our little Esbat ritual now with a new meaning, calling the energy to make our dreams come true. I really recommend it as a tool to help focusing, and strenghtening purposes. Can't wait to see the awesome dreamboards the other bloggers had came up with!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A loose tooth at home

Last night, flossing Lucas, I felt something different in his mouth. I looked at him and said, "sweetie, you have a loose tooth!". He opened such a big smile and hugged me, all proud! It's his lower front tooth, and it's starting to get loosen. I felt proud and "sad" at the same time. I was like, "what?! already?!". That was official, he is really growing up, this is a real milestone.
How could it be that that little baby that I used to carry ion my arms is now this little boy full of attitude, knowing exactly what he wants, and now changing teeth? Stop the bus, world, I want to stay here...
Oh well, since the world is not stopping and actually I'm happy for this new step, I found these cute "tooth catchers": if you take a close look, you'll see their mouth is a slot where you can save the tooth for the tooth fairy. I'll make one for Lucas, so he can exchange his little tooth for a coin - of course he's anxious for it to fall out.
Do you have any memories of your own first loose tooth or your children's?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Framed Friday 4 with a giveaway!

One more round of Framed Friday, the letter is H and this time Marcia prepared a little surprise: a giveaway! Hurry up and jump to Learning Mama to learn how to win a great gift!

My choice today is the Goddess Hestia. She is the Greek goddess of the hearth fire, hence presiding over domestic life. She is the eldest sister of Zeus and the oldest daughter of Rhea and Cronus. The Romans called her Vesta and even built her a temple at their Forum. I'm making a little Witch Kitchen to protect/decorate my kitchen, and I find this Goddess very similar in intention.

This sweet Hestia, from the Dancing Goddess Dolls is really charming, and has singular symbols to increase her protective powers, such as a little broom and a miniature clothespin, plus a tiny goddess in her necklace. She's available in two more sizes, including a pocket doll, and you can order different cloth patterns according to your wishes. It's a very appropriate "tool" to have near the stove to help keeping your meals always delicious! :)

I always recommend visiting this site, because the artist is constantly renewing her catalog of cloth goddesses and other articles, and is simply refreshing to admire her beautiful talent.

Don't forget, if you want to see more cool products reviews and want to win a special giveaway, go to Learning Mama this week!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Late ABC Wednesday - U

SO yesterday wass ABC and the letter was U. I was so busy at work I had no time to post! But today things are easier, so I have to post here about one of my favorite bands, U2:

This great band from Dublin formed in '76 won my heart many years ago, when I was a early teenager, with "Gloria" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Their growing maturity always pleased me at each album they launched. "All that you can't leave behind" is special to me because it was my second year living with Rodrigo and he bought it for me. It was considered the return to the band's traditional sound. I love "Elevator", used to dance around the house every night. "In a little while" was the song Joe Ramones was listening to when he died, with very sweet lyrics, simply adorable. "Rattle and Hum" is a rock-documentary with live presentation that some say is controversial but I consider it a rockbomb. This trio is a must for me!

In 2007 January, before knowing I was pregnant, I had a heavy bleeding that my ex-doctor thought it was a myoma. When I had the Womb Ultrasound made to confirm it, imagine my surprise to hear my "myoma's heart" beating out loud! It was my Unborn Lucas on his way! Obviously I changed doctors after this and other mistakes the doctor made with me. I had no confidence in him anymore... Below is the Ultrasound taken in 2003, end of February (I was two months then):

Here my little baby's tiny body was already completed, with the Umbilical cord around his neck (later, after a few loops, it was ok), and I was the proudest mom-to-be!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A dragonfly in my corridor and a long post

This morning I was going upstairs from my office to open our jewelry workshop when I saw this beautiful dragonfly resting on the corridor's wall. It's a pity I'm not a good photographer and can't deal with the camera at its best, but I think you can well see its delicate friezed wings and the green little head. I seldom see one of those here in Copa, and I immediately thought about its symbology, and about my mother.

What the heck does is have to do with your mother, some would say?

Thing is that minutes before I called mom to know how it was her visit last afternoon to a shaman with her best friend.

Ok, let's go from the begining:

Sonia, mom's best friend, has a daughter who lived for some years in Mexico, and last month she visited the place again with her husband and little daughter. When coming back, she brought with them an old Mexican shaman, her husband's old friend, for spending some time here in Brazil (seems like he always wanted to know our country). Once here, he started "doing exams", for the lack of a better word. He started analysing Sonia's daughter, and made a ritual for helping her in some problem she was goin through. Then it was her husband's turn, then a friend, then Sonia herself. I wouldn't expect anything different from him, he has been a shaman in Mexico for more than fifty years, so naturally it doesn't matter where he is, he's still a shaman, right? And it's just natural to feel the energy around him and analyse it.

This brings to my mother. Since my sister died, she's suffering so much it breaks our hearts to see. She is a very brave, wonderful woman who is trying to deal with her pain the best she can, but after following up her oldest daugther's fight & suffering so closely, she is wrecked. And we, her five "kids", were all devastated for not being able to help her, though she insisted saying she was really ok, as if... Sonia, being the sweet friend she is, decided a drastic step, and last afternoon she took mom to visit this shaman. Note: mom is a very catholic lady on her own way, who loves going to the church when she feels like it - meaning not every Sunday, but when she feels the need. She prays at home to her saints, observes the holy days... summoning up, she has never been to a shaman or anything of he sort.

But there she went, because, in her own words, she felt it wouldn't hurt - but I could feel she wasn't believing in any results. So this morning I called her, anxious to kow how things were. And to start, her voice was so changed... She had the voice I used to hear all my life and that in the past year it was lost. A strong, firm, positive voice. She said it was amazing. An experience that she never expected to live. The old man was really serious - ah... this was her fear - and after walking around her passing his hands over her laid body without touching her, he started talking and talking, and everything that he was talking about her was right - at the same time, literally spitting black little stones that accrding to im, symbolized what was making her feel bad inside. He talked about Dedê's death, dad's death, grandma's death, loneliness, back aches, headaches, - mom hasn't mention anything - but he went straight to the point.

She left the place feeling completely renewed, and this coming from my mother is astonishing. She's feeling just like before, the deep sadness she was carrying inside is different now, she feels herself lighter. We all know that psychologically she could feel better after this, but I truly believe something happened between yesterday and today. Mom is not the kind of person who is easily convinced of anything - actually she was the one who taught us to always seek the truth, the logic before believing in something odd. Something happened, no matter what it was, and seems like she refound her balance. And I'm happy for her.

As for the dragonfly's symbology, it has to do with transformation and life's ever-constant process of change. It makes sense to me.
Above is mom with her three "kids", my older brothers Evaldo, Delcio and Arnaldo, on a photo taken in the begining of 2007. This is the smile I was missing.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Today is my B-day!

hehehe I just can't help myself telling everybody that today is my birthday. I just love them, specially mine. I'm the kind of person who would tell the dog on the street about my B-day only to hear a happy Bark back! LOL

Oh well, Now I'm a 39 year-old lady. What about it? Though my face starts to show some wrinkles (wh? why? why?), I still feel the same, my body still works like before, my mind is still sharp - hmm this is controversial... I'm a completely distracted person in the streets and my 10 pairs of built-in arms and legs eventually get loosen, which means I'm not good in crowded shops with delicate stuff, but I have always been like that... So while time knocks at my door... I have fun with my family!

Rodrigo and Lucas (he was anxious to give me my gifts since last night!) gave me two great books: Our GG in Havana, by one of my favorite authors, Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, a Cuban writer whose sharp, dry and dirt style I love; and The Solitaire Mystery, by Joisten Gaarden, another favorite of mine, with opposite style. I'm gonna devour them! Rodrigo knows how much I love getting books as gifts, although I love anything from him ...

When I got home for lunch time, they had prepared a special capeletti for me with natural tomato sauce, champignon and Toscana basil (from our herb garden!)... It was so delicious (I was blessed with a husband wo really knows how to cook and loves it) that I repeat it three times!! Oh gods... my waist... bah, today everything is allowed... or should be.

Now I'm here counting the minutes to leave from work, so I can go home to meet my little pack. An old friend of mine, an old lady I just love, will go there for a b-day hug. Later, we'll go have dinner out, me and my men, just the three of us. It's the perfect celebration for me... See you all tomorrow!

Framed Friday 3

Today is Framed Friday 3 and the letter is Y. One thing come to my mid starting with this letter about paganism: Yule, of course! :) For me here in Brazil, the Winter Solstice is knocking at my door, and I found these beautiful wooden Yule tree ornaments from The Immortal Light site:

The site is owned by two artists located in Mississipi Gulf Coast. Their talent can be enjoyed in several perfectly hand-pyrographed wooden crafts including beautiful boxes, altar kits, tiles and more, that can be personalized according to the client's desire. It's definitely on my wish list!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ABC Wednesday - T

Today we're at letter T on the ABC fun. There are two photos I'd like to share.

This is my wiccan Tattoo, that I have for almost three years now. Oh gods... I don't like to remember how painful this little thing was to be made! It was worth the pain, I just love it. This was a silver pendant with a aquamarine in the center of the pentagram taken from a celtic online shop whose name I forgot. I thought it would become a beautiful tattoo representing my belief:
Also here's a powerful and beautiful Tree at Ipanema's park where I take Lucas almost every weekend to play. I don't know what kind it is, but it is majestic and one of the oldest trees in the area:
Hope you all have fun today visiting other cool T photos at the ABC Wednesday's main page.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So time has shrunk to that scary level again... Working time has engulfed me, and I've been reading my favorite blogs in a hurry, which I absolutely hate, and with no time to post. To crown it, lately I've been with two projects in mind: the Sacred Suzie's Dreamboard, that has been pulsing inside my head for the challenge of it, since I'm not a very mind-organized person - meaning my thoughts come as a racing horse, but it thrills me to see what can happen when I finally, for the first time, put on paper what my dreams and/or goals are lately.
And also, something lighter, a Kitchen Witch for my... kitchen (duh). I love symbols, and this one is so cute. I already have a brand new wooden spoon, and now I have to create something sweet and fun to decorate and protect my cooking place - needless to say, with Lucas' help.
Bright blessings for everyone!