Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Fairy name

Boho Mom posted about it and I couldn't resist!

Your fairy is called Berry Yewfly
She is a weird enchantress.
She lives in fruit orchards and vineyards.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears red, cerise and purple berry colours. She has russet-coloured wings like a brightly coloured butterfly.

PS: I bet you'll like this image, Miss Dragon!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you and more updatings

I just love when I have an extra chance to come downtown and be online again! As my set of felt runes was sold (*breathing proudly*), I had to deliver it and, of course, to come here!
Thank you for the feedback on the "music playing" post! As seems like it's not bothering anyone, I'll let it be. I tried once to turn the song off, but it simply doesn't work! And also a big THANK YOU for all the lovely words about Lucas' improvements at school! I can feel your positive vibes reaching me! Your words are always like a warm blanket around my heart. :o))
Autumn is around and the weather has drastically changed. The sun now appears only occasionally, and the rain falls with fury most of time. While it isnot good for laundry (I need to hang the clothes outside, no drying machine!), I love the sound of Nature speaking.
Changing subjects, I learned this weekend that it will not be so easy as I first thought to teach English here. As many of you may know, this was my first idea before moving, to replace the old teacher as she'd retire. Oh well, the lady decided keep teaching, and as this is a real tiny little town, it wouldn't be ethic to try to steal her students. So I'll have to think something else to do here. I really wouldn't like to go back to the old secretary stuff (if in Rio it was becoming umbearable, imagine here, where time passes slower!), so let's see... Rodrigo and his brother will grow an organic vegetable plantation to sell - I do believe this will work, believe me or not, people here do NOT plant their own food! This would help us financially, along with his coffee beans sales, but I have to think in something to do. For now, I'll spread my Translation curriculum around the coffee export little companies, and I'll also try to sell my crafts at the local fairies. I'll keep you posted as the wheel turns...

Ringo gives us a fright

Our new puppy Ringo had a hard time! He spent the wekend really ill, with fever, a hard breathing and looking tired as if he had run a marathon. The doctor startled us when said he had a pneumonia, because we treat him so carefully with all the vaccines updated and a comfortable and warm bed! Poor little thing! We treated him with double care, medicating him hourly and keeping him warm. Lucas was mumbling all the time around the house, and when I asked him what he was doing, he said he was praying in thought for the goddess to help him get better. I was doing the same!
Against all odds, today he is incredibly well, as if nothing ever happened. I believe that, as he's a mix of a good breed and stray dog, maybe he's a bit stronger then expected. Thing is that he's running up and down as usual, and we're only avoiding letting get outside, where the wind is blowing colder these first Autumn days.
I was really afraid that he wouldn't make it, young as he is, but Nature suprises all the time... specially if you give it a hand...

Friday, March 27, 2009

A question

Do you guys still listen to an anwful song (sorry for the singer's fans, but I didn't want it to keep playing!) when getting to my blog? Please let me know, because seems like I'll have to remove the flowers and Christmas slideshow posts so the damned music will cease to exist!!

Hot dogs, anyone?

Since we moved to my in-laws, I haven't cooked a single meal, except Suzie's cookies and some cakes, but preparing complete meals are in the competent hands of my mother-in-law's assistant, Gê. When I wake up (around 7am), she's already in the kitchen making delicious food for everyone, so I dont have a chance of being infront of an oven. And I do miss it! I love the scent of onions and garlic being prepared, spices, everything.

So last afternoon, while Lucas was at school and my in-laws were out, Rodrigo and I decided making some hot-dogs while chatting, with the kitchen all for ourselves. We have already had lunch, so something for a snack would be great. Oh... It was super to simply chop chicken sausages, tomatoes, bell peppers, and smelling that yummy smell. Rodrigo made some lemonade with lemons from the garden, and we devoured the hot-dogs as the best meal ever!

Thing is that we were missing this cooking time together, and all by ourselves. We always loved cooking at four hands, while talking about life, kissing, you know? And we had the chance after three months! The simplest things are the best...

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hello, everybody! Last week was a little bit messy, since Lucas got his old tonsilitis back (thankfully in a mild case this time) and a weird case of knee wound inflammation that spread to his lower thigh, and he had to take antibiotics, ugh! Every caution is needed when living in the rural, because, as any child, he's always falling on the dirty ground when running, and if we don't clean it correctly, it may become something bad! But now he's alright, ready for another one! LOL

Last Saturday we made a little bonfire next to our house-to-be, enjoying the beautiful night:

Lucas, although being a little Leo, decided keeping himself a bit away from it...

And the house is in the final construction stage! Rodrigo and I have choosen the tiles for the house floor and restroom walls & floor. I just loved choosing them, but I hate too many option, I get lost like a dog in a butcher's shop! But we finally decided for a beautiful brown set that soon will be applied. The place is now like this, with every wall covered with cement to receive the final painting:

The family room leading to the front door:

The same room, leading to the kitchen (later we want to instal a kind of "saloon door" in this entrance, know what I mean?):
Our bedroom, (don't know why, couldn't dowload Lucas'):

The kitchen...
The restroom:
You can easily imagine that I can hardly wait to move now!! I have everything in my mind, where the furniture will be, the decoration, everything. I feel I'm reaching my limit point, but I'm filling my time with positive, constructive things, like learning to drive Lacraia (I'm getting there, soon I'll control that beast! LOL), making my crafts, etc.
Two exciting things are that Lucas is finally going all by himself to school, after almost one month of me going with him! He still gets a bit crying, but with daily talks his confidence is slowing growing.
But the really best part is that he's learning to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last Friday, his homework was to write some words they are working in class, and he read "vaca" (cow), "cavalo" (horse), "vovô" (grandpa), "vovó" (grandma) and other words. I got so moved I almost cried! It's SO exciting to watch first-hand that little brain fighting to decode the symbols into something that makes sense! He's in the very first stages of learning, but now the road is open to him and there's no way back! :o)

Well, that's all for now, folks! Hope to see you all very soon again. Take good care you guys.

New items at Carioca Witch at least

Today I'm finally posting a few felt items I created for my Carioca Witch shop. Just a slow restart!

A small smiling witch girl...
A witchy pincushion...
A set of felt runes with a cotton bag machinesewn by me :o) My new favorite item to make!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Starry, starry night...

Slowly, I start to rebuild my connection with the gods here. Nature being so exuberant (and of course, abundant), I feel even guilty not being in touch the way I wanted to. So last night, I went outside with Lucas, to my in-law's huge coffee terrain, and there we stood, looking up to the mig dark sea of the skies. The explosive amount of stars, and the feeling of unit made me thank the Goddess for being alive and to have this incredible experience of having a child of my own to share that beauty.

I showed him the few constelations I knew (right now I'm printing a celestial map to identify more! I'm a dummy on this, mind me...), and we talked about ETs and so on. Lucas developed an interest on everything related to the Universe and extra-terrestrial life. I try as best as I can to explain what he wants to know, and also tell him a few legends about the subject. Everyday, literally, he asks me something new! After he watched E.T., a couple of months ago, his questions became deeper... I'm in Heaven, because this is somehting I always love talking about! As I do believe we're not alone in this vaste Universe, you can imagine how our conversations go...

Monday, March 9, 2009

A cat in bad mood

As you can see, Baruck is back! And his mood is a bit... bitter, should I say? Being surrounded by cats and dogs makes him feel a little bit grumpy, I guess, besides jealous of Zen. When I could finally get near enough to take a decent photo while he was resting at the kitchen's floor - after several running-away times the previous days, he immediately gave me this look, as if saying, "could you please turn this stupid camera to the other side?". I had to respect his desire.

Beware roads!!

This weekend I teased Rodrigo until he agreed to start teaching me how to drive my in-law's rural "car", the "Lacraia". He'll start taking real lessons (although already knowing how to drive)to take his driving license, and I'll only be able to do the same by the end of the year, when our money situation is better, but nothing can't stop me from learning now here in the meantime! My in-law converted an old Brasilia model's skeleton into something like a truck to carry heavy stuff around the little farm area (never downtown, thoug!), like grass for the cattle, wood for the oven and our construction, etc. It's a heavy truck to drive!
I scared Rodrigo to death and almost killed Lucas so much he laughed watching me trying to follow my poor hubby's instructions. I tend to accelerate too much! LOL I learned how to go sdtraight ahead, turn bends and backwards, always on a speedy way! Rodrig's hair will have some new white...
Ok, now I feel like have the power! LOL Can't wait for my lessons to come. Soon I'll be climbing the hills with it.

Messing sabbaths

I'm a bit detached from my pagan path, contraditory it may sound, living in a rural area now. I just can't properly focus to celebrate the sabbaths, esbats, etc. And it makes me a bit frustrated. But living at my in-laws', I don't feel comfortable to have my altar in the room we're sleeping in. Too much of people coming in and out of it, besides the cats and dogs that try to lay down on our borrowed bed, and the space is always a little messy. Summoning it up, my only connection time now is at night, when I say my prayer with Lucas, and when I walk alone along our favorite path.
I'm longing to, as soon as we move to our own home, to create my sacred space and feel connected with the gods once again. I just love to be surrounded by special things that remind me of the Goddess, so I guess I'll have to simply wait. That's what I call an exercise to my notorious impatience and anxiety, I'm learning to control them a great lot!! Have you ever felt the same way?
I even messed up the sabbaths. I was with my mind on Samhain, when of course, we're going to have Mabon here in Brazil! No comments...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wordless love

At home

So we're back! The house's roof is completed, and they've started to work inside now, I'm thrilled seeing how fast things are going! :o) Now they're covering the floor and the walls with cement so we can paint it in the next weeks, and electrical and hidraulic work is in progress as well, as you can see below:
The greatest surprise was waiting for Lucas: Rodrigo got a cute puppy for him, mix of Waimarainer and stray dog! He's only 45 days old, and his name is Ringo (after Ringo Starr...). Lucas got crazy!! He's very smart and funny. running up and down, and following Lucas everywhere. I firmly believe that a little boy needs a little dog, and now my little witch has his own one.
The problem is that he wants to carry Ringo in his arms all the time, like below, and it's not always that the poor puppy wants to be taken like that!
He's soo cute!
Zen isa growing fast, and Baruck now avoids being photographed! I think he's jealous, silly cat... He shouild know he's our big boy...
The weather here is absurdly hot! It doesn't rain for two weeks already, and we're feeling as if we're into a huge oven. Lucas is back to his school, and it's readapting to the routine, after one week and two days of leisure... But he's better than before! Nothing like time...
I wish you all a great Thursday and weekend, we send you all a big kiss!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Going back home

** First of all, forgive me for this music that keeps playing when you enter my page!!! I just can't figure out how to definitely turn it off without losing the slide photos I posted weeks ago. So, please turn your volume down while here! **
Today, 1pm, we're coming back to Minas, after one week with my family, under mom's wings. :o) It was wonderful to spend this time with her and my siblings, laughing, chatting, "gossiping" and even arguing sometimes with my brothers. I feel revigorated to go back and wait for our house to be ready. I'm taking with me my late sister's sewing machine, so I can make basic things, like cushions for the new house, little bags for my rune sets I'm preparing for Carioca Witch, and gods know what else, with my poor sewing skills! Mom gave me some quick, basic lessons to work with the machine, which is an old one, 36 years old! But it is perfect for me, nothing full of details, just like my camera, so my brain will not burn! LOL
Wish you all a wonderful week, and as soon as I can, I'll post more photos!
Kisses and bright blessings!