Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ABC Wednesday - K is for Kitty

My sister Claudia gave me this wise kitty last Christmas, and I love it! I thought it would be an excelent guardian on my altar, along with my witches and the little multicolored star-flower made by Lucas.

I love felines in general. In fact, the only thing I miss from my late marriage is Baruck, my crazy cat, that I couldn't bring with me...

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About Eva

>>I wrote this last night, and didn't have time to post because my computer crashed minutes after I saved it.<< I had just put Lucas to sleep, and sit here to write about how my days were since my last post. But the first friend's blog I opened tonight, 2Witches, had a post that made everything else so shallow, so small... And I could do nothing but to read about this beautiful young woman who had just died after a long fight against cystic fibrosis. I've never heard about her, but her story touched me so deeply, maybe because I've watched my older sister in her own fight against cancer, another beast that haunt so many people, and next month it'll be 2 years without her. Or maybe it's because it's so late at night and the silence speaks so loud.

All I know is that I do hope this girl is now surrounded by pure light, walking to her next step, next level, filled and energized by the love her family and friends gave her when she needed.
All I know is that I do hope her family learns to smile and to laugh again sometime soon, knowing she's free now, and they had this amazing honour of being part of herpath - that's what I truly believe about every life we touch.

I'll light a candle for Eva tonight.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Monochrome Weekly

Lucas took this photo when we visited again the Imperial Museum of Petropolis. I'm in front of the first Brazilian train, from 1883. It's a little beauty called "Leopoldina". I wish it was still working, I love trains, and alas, I've never had the chance of traveling in one of them!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Earth Hour

Are you guys joining tomorrow's Earth Hour? We'll be turning off lights at 8:30pm, Lucas is really excited about it, and wants candles everywhere in the house. Hmm... Maybe a bunch of buckets of water around would be good as well... LOL
Seriously, I do think this is a beautiful act around the globe. It may not affect the politicians' "hearts", but it'll surely be a symbol that we are aware of our planet's situation.

Of course there are people who can't join it, for health issues or whatever, but it's cool to see so many souls involved.

Fun time

When he's laughing and having a blast like this, it's when my heart seems to dance in my chest...

Moonstone Jewelry Giveaway

For those who love mystic, high quality jewels, this is a great chance! Mrs. B.'s hosting an awesome giveaway: The winner giveaway will get either their choice of any item that is $50 or less OR a coupon code for $50 off any item! I loved this and this. Check it out, we have till March 1st!


I've been rereading my "All the Goddesses in the World", from Claudiney Pietro, a Brazilian wiccan author. This is a gathering of several Goddesses from different paths, but actually there are about 50 Goddesses described in the book. I've always read it at random, as a research tool, but this time I wanted to read it from A to Z, as a book indeed. It covers each Goddess' stories, legends, along with their respective correspondences.

Specially now that I want to go deeper on my handembroidered dolls, this is a good way to check details about each deity, their colors, symbols, etc. It's so good to dive into the Goddesses stories before sleeping, though I've been having the strangest dreams lately!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ups and downs

Oh well... Life is always full of ups and downs, right? Remember that parttime job I got? Forget it. My almost boss /my mom's friend's son) decided cancelling it by now, because things are really umpredictable, they might close or not the restaurant and can't guarantee my salary, so I'm back to zero... To tell the truth I wasn't that excited about this job anyway, something was telling me it would lead me to nowhere, and seems like I was right. It's okay, at least he was honest from the start.
My CV as a secretary and my leaflets as a English private teacher are spread around the city, though I know hre how hard is to get parttime jobs with such a tight free time like mine, but alea jacta est... Something will come my way, as long as I keep in motion and don't exoect anything to fall in my lap.

Another down point is that Lucas gave up attending Capoeira classes... sigh... He gets embarrassed of being alone with a partner in the middle of the fighting/dancing circle that is the main thing in classes... Can you believe that in the first class, when the first circle was made, it even crossed my mind that this could be a problem? I kept the thought to myself, but that's exactly what happened. He said he was ashamed, and there was no argument to make him change his Leo mind, so goodbye Capoeira... I was so excited for him, because this is such a cool sport and martial art, but of course I can't force him, this was supposed to be fun, nothing else. Maybe when he's older he feels more comfortable and join it again. At least he didn't give up his soccer classes! He's doing well at school, and this is what really matters. He interacts with his little friends, gets A grades a tests, is reading and writting better and better everyday - actually as an incentive I subscribed for his favorite weekly magazine that is a great one with interesting issues about Nature, environment and kids's stuff, and brings little toys related to a specific subject every three months, this time being the Galaxy. He jumped like a cangaroo when heard the news and promised to read the whole magazine every week! LOL

Well, one good up point that made everything else worthy is that I've got a great order of customized Goddesses from a really nice lady, and it's great the challenge of creating specific hand-embroideries for her. This fulfill my creative need, and keeps the energy flowing for more orders at the shop.

As I said, life is full of ups and downs, and we do need to take the best from it, and not despair when the boat seems like foundering, as long as you know how to swim LOL!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ABC Wednesday - J is for John Lennon

I could only think of John Lennon to my J post today. He was this incredible genius Beatlesman (oh.. Beatles is for another long post!), musician, activist, songwriter who has shaken my ground a great lot. When John was murdered, I was in my grandparents' house, and I remember seeing my grandpa crying while watching the news on TV. I was only 11, and with all the feverish passion a eleven-year-old girl can be face a tragic death like this, I devoured everything I could put my hands on about him and his art. Mind Games and Imagine's lyrics were another impact in my life, because they translated myself in many ways.
His hatred-by-some-many relationship with Yoko Ono also influenced me my thoughts and feelings - there was a man who wasn't ashamed (and who didn't give a damn to others' opinions) of diving deeply into a love story that truly made him whole, with all the ups and downs it can bring. He was human, with all imperfections it encompasses, learning and trying to be a better man, when a coward took his life away, depriving us of an awesome talent.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

... And Mabon!

The morning after aunt Sandra's b-day, we woke up early, adn Lucas immediately wanted to make his ritual. So we burned his Greenman mask to close the season's cicle, spreading the ashes on the garden. We made the cornucopy on Friday night, and Lucas filled it with coins from his robot safe, leaves, beans, rice and wheat grains, pines and an apple, and we lit a white candle thanking for the good things we harvested in the past months, and asking for abundance and strength for the growing cold months to come. He had also made a cute Mabon board for my altar, but dumb me forgot taking a photo! It will be taken later... Oh, in the image above, you see his brand-new tooth gap! He looks fun with this rabbit-like smile LOL!

Here's the cornucopy in all its glory, Lucas' pride and joy...

The Autumn started with a bright sunny day with no cold, but windy and warm. Let's see if it will be like that for a long time.

I hope you all had a beautiful Ostara/Spring on your side of the world!

A happy day

As I told you in earlier posts, last weekend we had my favorite aunt Sandra's 68th birthday party here (above is aunt with Lucas), my mother's sister. It was a very happy time with my family and friends. I wanted to share some moments with you guys, because I just love when we get together in such fun, crazy time. My brothers and my sister and their families came, my dad's 92-year-old brother (the only one still alive of dad's siblings) whom I adore and that due to his fragile health we are seldom able to enjoy his company - but he didn't want to miss this oppotunity to celebrate with us.
Here he's talking about old times with my brother Evaldo, and drinking old good beer...

Also one of my oldest aunts (92 too) came, she's so lovely! Here you can see her with my mom:

Evaldo was with his youngest fan, our sweet aby Beatriz, my brother Delcio's little daughter. She's crazy for him, and always wants to be in his lap! We try to get her attention, but no way... She loves his green eyes! LOL

I could have my gorgeous sister Claudia' for fun chats and sisters' "gossips" - we're always in touch via msn, since she lives in Sao Paulo, 7 hours from here, and when she comes, we get glued!

We had our barbecue, as always simple and antecipated by everyone - simply read & white meat and rice:

What I love about the friends who were here last Saturday is that they don't care if mom's house needs repairs, or better, an extreme makeover! The very old walls need painting, the ceiling needs fixing, etc. But they don't care, what they see is the love and the great energy of everybody who lives here. These are the people I care about, who know us for life, and see through.

Aunt Sandra couldn't be happier. She teased uncle Helio making him remember their old time in dad's farm when she was a little girl, he couldn't stop laughing with her!

We all spoiled her well, such a hard-worker - imagine being a taxi driver in Rio for more than 30 years! Gotta be this crazy, strong, funny woman we all love so much and who was all the time there for us.

You know, one of those days you don't want to end? That's right...

In the end of the day, we were all so tired we decided, me and lucas (more me than he LOL) to postpone Mabon's ritual. The cornucopy was already set, but to crown everything,Lucas remembered that Arnaldo (my other brother), had brought an Avatar copy for him! Of course Lucas wanted to watch it before sleeping, so Mabon had to wait... He absolutely adored it- watched it holding his MacDonald's movie toys, and said that "it was so pagan, there's even a tree of life in the story!" I almost lost my breath laughing! We slept right after the credits were rolling. A deep, happy sleep.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Monochrome Weekly

As tomorrow is Mabon and my Aunt's birthday, I decided posting my Mono today so I won't miss it anymore! :o)

(click to enlarge!)
This is my late dad, Delcio (on the left), around 1950, with his brothers and friends, enjoying a sunny day at their farm's falls. His family used to swim in this waterfalls for ages. literally. My dad used moustache for years, and only left it in the 70s. He looks so healthy and strong here! :o) A lovely photo my mom loves.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just two more days, and Autumn is here again, while for most of you, it will be Spring! Usually I would envy your season, but this time, with the incredible hot Summer we had, I can't wait for the weather to get a bit colder, but PLEASE gods, no rain! I hate to fetch Lucas at school under heavy or light rain... But I'm ready for the darker days tht will come, the inward spiral my heart will make, the long nights filed with thoughts and reflections where I'll find new strenght to carry on, and the challenge of being so by myself like this time I am. It's a great time for letting go old habits and thoughts that prevent us from growing and going ahead in our lives. Boy, I'm so ready for that! There's so much I need to let go so my path is clear and I can see my feet while walking...

This Mabon we'll make again our cornucopia out of Autumn decorated gift paper and fill it with coins, pines, dried leaves, apples and grains, everything for the abundance I want in our lives. Also this year, for the first time, we'll burn the Greenman mask Lucas made on Litha, to close the Summer. And let's see what else can be done as ritual, because the house will be full - it's my favorite Aunt Sandra (the taxi driver)'s b-day as well, and we'll have a barbecue in her honour, therefore we'll probably make part of our ritual and activities early in the morning, and part late in the afternoon, when everybody is already gone.

I always try to make basically the same things on each sabbaths so Lucas can relate things more easily and so that they become a tradition - actually they have already become. I have the same altar ornaments for years that we love, and sometimes I add something new, like his drawings and boards.

I wish you all a beautiful Ostara/Spring!

Lucas' altar board

Above Lucas' altar there's always a drawing he changes from time to time. Last week, while still with stomatitis (fully recovered, btw, thanks for the good vibes!) and with little to do that would not bother his little self, he decided making a new board. I was busy embroidering a Goddess, and when I realized, time had passed and he called me to show how it got:

I was surprised and all proud of his imagination! He decided drawing this big pentagram and a little altar with the gods, candles and incense burning, plus his favorite magickal symbols - spirals and the rune Algiz.

We put it right below his Samhain print, that he likes keeping all year long there:

Now let's see how long this new board will be hup until he decides creating a new one!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ABC Wednesday - I is for Iris

Still about my witchery... I have some gorgeous Goddesses prints from my friend Meg, EarthStudio Star's artist, and I want to share them here little by little. This is one of them, Iris:

Isn't it a lovely creation?

According to A Goddess a Day, Iris is the Greek Goddess of the rainbow. She is the daughter of the Titan Thaumas, a sea God, and a cloud nymph named Electra, and sister of the Harpies. Just as a rainbow links heaven to earth, Iris links the Gods to humans—she is their messenger. She is usually shown with wings and a staff, and she carries a pitcher which contains water from the River Styx. With a sea God for a father and a cloud nymph for a mother, Iris connects the sea to the sky, and it was said that the waters in her pitcher replenished the clouds. She is married to Zephyros, God of the west wind, and with him is mother of Pothos, the God of sexual longing and desire. She figures in many myths in her role as messenger of the Gods, mostly carrying messages for Hera and Zeus. Epithets associated with Iris include Chrysopteron (golden-winged), Aellopus (swift-footed), and Thaumantias (daughter of Thaumas).

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Triple Tag!

I was tagged by the College Witch , by Wizardess Epi and by Celtic Dragonfly on a fun Photo Game.

Thank you girls for sending me this, I love these games! :o) Here are the rules - I thought of inviting anyone who wants to join it instead of tagging five other blogger friends, so more people can have fun!

1) Open your first photo file

2) Scroll to the 10th photo

3) Post the photo and tell the story behind it.

Well, the tenth photo of my first album is this one:

I had just moved from Minas to Petropolis, and on one of the first weekends, I took Lucas (you can see his gappy/vampire-like smile then LOL) to the main park, and there was this man selling mini-squirrels. Of course Lucas had to get one in his hands. Evaldo took the photo, it's cute...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A lazy day & a job!

Today is holiday in Petropolis, the city anniversary, so Lucas is off school (and sooo upsetabout it... NOT! LOL). It's been a very lazy day, raining a lot, the westher fiannly giving a reak and getting colder. We went downtown to see if we could find an open store to buy new paint brushes and watercolor for Lucas I haven't noticed it was almost over. Of course, all stores were closed, so tomorrow I'll get them.

We spent some time decorating my book of shadows sections using the gorgeous scrapbook papers I got from Janet on her giveaway last year, and my little witch made a special dividing cover for Samhain, I'll take a photo asap! He also started a Mabon board to decorate my altar, the sabbath is almost here, and sincerely I can't wait to have Autumn around. I've never sweated like this in my life!

But the great thing is that I finally got a job! It's a par-time during Lucas' time at school (from 1pm to 5:20pm) at my mothet's very old friend's place. She has a restaurant for tourists at home, and needs someone to get the phone calls, to help her to attend tables, etc. I don't mind, what I know is that I do need the money, and it came in the best time! I'm a bit worried because I know the family is facing a serious financial problem and they're trying to make the restaurant keep going, but as long as they keep their word and pay me... So cross your fingers everybody!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Avatar version...

I took this photo from a loooong time ago...

... and used it to turn myself into a Nav'i... scary!!! LOL But it's really fun to play with this stuff!

Monochrome Weekly

I found this photo that was in Lucas baby's album - you can click to enlarge, and I'll ask my brother to fix it (he was the one who took it). It's my sweet late grandma Zaïra, my mother's mom, with Lucas when he was four months old. I love it, my little witch looks like a little Budha LOL!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

I see you!

This is so fun! I made this Avatar version using Lucas' photo, he looks so cute as a Nav'i! LOL
The original photo:

And the "I see you" version:

I have to find a good close-up photo of myself to make my Nav'i (imagine the horror! LOL)

Lucas Update & a little craft

Soooo this afternoon I took Lucas to the doctor, the same one who takes care of my brother's little daughter. I loved her so far. She's nice, clear in her statements and patient - very necessary for a mom like me who is so obssessed with details and dig poor doctors under tons of questions.

His stomatitis is viral, and there's nothing to do now but to keep applying nistatina, straw-feeding him, and waiting.

Next step after he's okay, is to try a new homeopathy treatment (she's a homeopath which is great). She found him very healthy and well despite everything, and probably his little body is a bit more "open" to virus and such due to all the changes in his life in a short period of time.

So let's hope and wait. At least today he's getting better and being more active like his old self that I was missing. I hope tonight he sleeps better and deeper.

>> Leathra, we don't have elder or rose hips here, it would be awesome as I learned after reading about it on the web. On the next appointment I'll talk about it with the doctor and see if there's a homeopathy with these!

After getting home, Lucas wanted to make new ETs for his fridge pannel.

I made this magnetized background with no obligation with real perspective LOL! And Lucas had these ets and ovnis that got wrinkled, so this time I laminated them before outting magnets behind. He loves playing with it, placing the characters around and creating stories about invasion and so on...

It's a good craft for kids, so different backgrounds and characters can be created! :o)

My brave little witch

... Oh well, here we go... Lucas' tonsilitis has a new companion: stomatitis. He had it once back in 2005, and gods know why here is this f* thing again. How I wish I could be in his place.

The last two days he's taking beans & meat soup through a straw, with tears in his eyes. I have to softly insist so he takes as much as his sored mouth full of thrushs can bear, while I hold my own tears. I hate seeing him like that. He's so brave, understanding he needs to drink his milk and soup so he won't get weaker.

I only managed to book an appoitment with my niece's doctor for tomorrow, so in the meantime he's taking nistatina for his mouth and amoxilin for his throat. To compensate his lack of regular meals, I'm also giving Pediasure, everything under the doctor's advice by phone (I must be her nightmare). I'll ask her to see what can be done to reinforce his immuno system. A new homeopathy treatment, maybe. I'm so upset, because he has such a healthy nourishment, I'm so careful with that, and luckly he eats everything, except mango, gourd and gilo (wiht his colorful meals, these won't be missed).

Right now he's sleeping with a bunch of his stuffed animals, after crying a bit in his dreamland, probably in pain, so I gave him a spoon of Alivium so he can have a decent night. I just can't sleep right now, almost 1am, so sorry for him...

But as I told him today, this will pass, it's only a hard time, and soon he'll be back to school, to his capoeira classes, we'll play outside in the sun, he just need to wait a little bit longer this time. Ah, Holly: his tonsils are too tiny to be removed, or they would have been already *sigh*

And as I always tell myself, moms should get an extra heart the moment our babies are born - actually we all should get that for moments when the ones we love are suffering...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ABC Wednesday - H is for Hestia

I missed the last two weeks, when F and G featured. Busy spoiling mom in her foot surgery's recovery. But while cooking and cleaning up the house I had both letters: I was with my From the Cradle CD, by Eric Clapton, playing all the time... And Groaning the Blues is one of my favorite songs there.

This week, H for me is Hestia, my patroness Goddess. Hestia is the Goddess of sacred fire, the hearth, presiding over domestic life.

I have these two gorgeous arts that I love, that you can see above. Now that I'm living at mom's, I keep them together on my bedroom's wall, by my altar. The beautiful framed Hestia is with me for some years already, and it's from my friend Meg, the heart behind EarthStar Studios. And more recently, the sweet art card is from Sabrina, from the awesome Wishcraft Charms.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Day, girls! :o)

A quick PS

As you can see on my left sidebar, temporarily I cancelled my "Keyrings for Kimberly" promo, with a shrinked heart. While my situation is not balanced, unfortunately I can't go on with this, but I kept a link to her awesome Etsy shop, as well as to her blog, where you can buy her lovely, creative primitive embroideries. As soon as I can, I'll bring this help back on my shop. She's and incredible artist and deserves this help!

New witchycrafts

Hello, friends!

First of all, as always, I want to thank you guys for your awesome words of support over my little "drama". *sigh* I do overreact, don't I?! But it was a good lesson to learn, and now life goes on!

I just finished three new felt rune sets filled with herbs for my Etsy, they look so lovely! I filled them with pinches of rosemary, lavender and calendula dried seeds. I'll try to find some mugsworth and jasmine in the local shops, they have all to do with divination (the purple set is not filled with any herbs, this is the one I forgot to add them to it...):

Also I created a sweet Gaia Goddess, another suggestion made by Lucas (seems like soon I'll have to pay him some commission! LOL). She looks so cute I wanted to keep her to myself! :o):

Now I'll go back to my little witch: he's got another tonsilitis crisis! *triple loud sigh* Tomorrow afternoon I'll take him to the doctor, and see if there's anything else I can do to make him stronger. Fortunately this time is a mild crisis, with no high fever, so he's at home being fed and spoiled! :o)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monochrome Weekly

I thought it would be fun to show once more my celtic, pagan tattoo, made in 2007. I want to have another one just below my shoulder, on my 41st birthday in June: a dark blue sun, dedicated to my son, whose sign, Leo, is lead by it. But I'm sure other ones will come along the way...

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An imperfect witch

What I'm about to post here will be totally opposite to my regular posts, and may sound incredibly weird for those who know me in the blogland, and it's a story only a couple of virtual friends and a few people in my non-virtual life know about, including my family, always surprising me being so incredible and supportive. It may also "shock" (does anybody still get shocked with close people's imperfections/mistakes/dumbness?) a few blogger friends, but what can I say, I'm human... And now that things are okay, I can vent.

Last month I got a big fright, and a good lesson. I had my period late, and thought I was pregnant. Summonning up, I had an explosive/disastrous/incredible/unreal date (for me, at least) with a special someone from my past - who somehow is always present in my life, but I'm working on it to "break the spell" - I never talked about him here because there's really nothing to be said, this love beast was long ago put focidly asleep in the bottom of my soul, not to be awaken for a second. I always knew that, after being for ten years into an unhappy marriage - when actually so many things I wanted to be real in Rodrigo were not, if that makes any sense, something like this date would only happen with this person, who was a landmark in my life, but I never thought it would be so hard to deal with (knowing we don't belong together and all), and with such unexpected "surprise". Anyway, it scared the hell out of me the simple thought of being pregnant. Spare me the sarcasm of being so stupid for,my age, letting this almost happen, I have already done it pretty well over the last weeks, me of all people who's always been so careful and responsible...

What I know is that this gave me a huge shake to my soul. Until being sure everything was only a consequence of my overstress and notorious anxiety about Lucas' vacation, as my doctor explained, I freaked out, but didn't want to talk about it here for the obvious reasons, something so intimate and serious should only be talked about after confirming it. I was so divided between the love of maybe bringing a new life to mine, and the terror of knowing that, due to my double womb (for those who don't know, I have a didelfus womb, divided it two), it would be a super-risky pregnancy, and I would have to be in bed the whole time, just like when I was pregnant with Lucas. That's what I was so worried about, like how would I fetch Lucas to school, when I had no one to help me (my brother is a photographer and is away all day long)? And housekeeping? More importantly, without a home? Without a job? Completely broke? And at the same time, feeling so stupid and irresponsible, etc, etc, etc. And also feeling guilty for not wanting this supposed pregnancy, being the natural mom that I am, being pagan, devoted to the Goddess who cherishes all lives... It was a living nightmare.

With it came an obvious lesson about not being so inconsequence, irresponsible, not letting myself again being taken by the moment. It also helped me to finally put a huge stone in my frustrated love past (maybe someday I'll post about it, if you can bear with me still). And it's good to be imperfect, weird as it may sound.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bad and good news

Good evening, friends!

The day started with a sad mood: Lucas' King Arthur fish was dead. Last night, before sleeping, I saw him under the castle's bridge, and I didn't like it. This morning, unfortunately, there he was, among the aquatic plant's branches. My little witch got sad, but dealt better than I thought he would about it. I got a small matchbox, and we buried him in the side garden, just beside a basil plant. Lucas made a pentagram in the air, and we sent the little fish to the Goddess, thank for the time he was with us. I was even more upset than he, I think.

I believe that, as today was his first Capoeira class, this distracted the sadness from his heart. He was really really so excited to get started! We just arrived from school, and I had to share my joy at watching him with his little friends, getting along so well! :o) He made all the movements right, anejoyed everything, but got exhausted! LOL The teacher is a sweet young man who knows his job, and took every kid in his palm, hypnotised. I was so proud , watching Lucas happy and proud of himself as well. Next Monday, I'll took some photos, it's so cute his "dance"!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday, enjoy your weekend, and be well.
Kisses and love from the two of us.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Runes and more runes...

I set a goal for this week. As I need to stay home while mom is recovering from her surgery - and she's doing fine, just extremely pissed off for being in such forced inertia and in our hands, huahuahua... I threat her everyday to knock her down if she dones't stop complaining about it! LOL

As I was saying, I started making those rune sets filled with herbs, and I intend to make a set per day, because that's exactly what it takes to have one set completed. It' been a long time since I last made them. So far three sets are ready, and they do look so cute! Unfortunately I forgot to add the herb seeds in the first one (out of habit...), but the two others are dutily filled with rosemary and lavender seeds. I guess I will stick to these herbs, along with chamomile. They're the only ones whose scents are nice (suggestions, please!) and they're easy to find at local stores. Uuntil Sunday I'll have four more sets ready to be added to my Etsy, if I keep this pace. As Holly wisely said, Lucas will be a good businessman, LOL! He's always giving me ideas for my witchycrafts, and I always pay attention to them! :o)


A cool thing I did with my little witch this weekend (before rain fell again *sigh*) was to plant some herb seeds. I always love to have herbs at home, and since we moved to mom's, we only had basil planted.

So I got this long vase and we planted on Sunday afternoon (a Full Moon is always a great day to plant, don't you think so?) the four basic herbs I think every witch should have at home : rosemary, mint, thyme and sage. I still want a beautiful Lavender (my favorite of all) growing here, but I just can't find seeds or seedlings anywhere (but in Brazil we still have a couple of months before it is blooming again). I also want to have the other six types of Basil left to plant, and chamomile, angelica, calendula, jasmine, and so much more... Actually the whole pack! LOL

But as a start, this is enough for me, time is on my side. Lucas do love dirting his hands and feeling responsible for bringing to life these special plants. As soon I have "babies", I'll post here!

Capoeira witch boy

So here I am again! :o) I can't wait to post those Museum photos, but my camera batteries are reloading, so only tomorrow I'll be able to do that.

In the meantime, a great piece of news about Lucas: He will start practicing Capoeira at school! He was dying to play it - because there's this videogame named Tekken that he loves playing at his dad and when he first leraned about it, and finally next Friday he'll have his first lesson. He's soooo excited about it!

Capoeira, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is an ancient dance/fight played by Brazilian slaves centuries ago to keep their flexibility, identity and dignity as human beings, and mainly a disguised way of practicing a fight to protect themselves against their masters when trying to escape. It was brought by their African brothers, and became extremely popular in Brazil, being now considered a national sport. It's very beautiful to watch, and fun to play, although - specially for adults - sometimes, as in any contact sport, you can be hurt by the oponent's speedy feet.

I signed the papers allowing him to join the classes (I'll call Rodrigo later, because he's the one to pay for the classes!) and he had to choose a nickname to be used by the teacher during classes. His first choice was "Zumbi", but he ended up choosing "Dragon" (pronounced as in Spanish): it is his animal totem (that's what he says), and also the name of one of the characters in Bakugan cartoon.

Now he can hardly wait to Friday to come, and I'm happy he will have this extra activity besides soccer. It's another great way to keep his little body in healthy motion, and his heart happy! :o)