Monday, September 15, 2008

Bats in da house - UPDATE

This weekend was an indoor one, it was raining dogs and cats all the time! I took my time to finally finish (just bits of "final art" to call it finished indeed now) my wooden box for Mrs. B.'s giveaway and make some little things for Lucas, like this little bat. He already has a little witch whose face he painted himself and a little monster I made from one of his drawings. Of course I had to forget taking a photo of those, but after lunch they'll be here.

So here are the photos I forgot taking. Lucas' double-faced little witch, where on one side there's the good witch, and on the other, the bad witch - with no embroidery for "he's not good to have it". Lucas added these tiny brilliants on the good witch's body, and chose the colors, from hair to cloak. It's kinda weird, but he loves playing with it!

And below there's the little monster I made out of his drawing. I'm sorry I didn't keep the paper, 'cause if you think this is creepy, you should have seen the original, it's absolutely identical to it! I want him to draw more monsters/creatures, so I can make some more, it's fun! I learned that at the Crafty Crow some time ago:

On Sunday, raining was still here, tireless, and after cleaning up the house (love the lavender scent that is it's left when it's all neat) and playing "hot and cold" a lot with Lucas, he helped me to make my favourite dessert - after anything with chocolate, bien sûr... Lemon mousse! The photo below was supposed to have the whole mousse, but the seconds it took me to go to my bedroom and grab the camera was enough for Rodrigo to steal a huge bit of it!

The simplest thing in the world and to be eaten rolling on the floor in delight. It only takes one can of sweetened condensed milk and the same measure of heavy whipping cream, plus the juice of one lemon. Just mix everything in the liquidizer till the mix gets thick. Then layer it in a large container, spread some grated lemon zest to garnish, close it with a lid and place it on the fridge until being served. It can be made out of any other fruit (the lemon juice helps the mix to get firmer, the others will take a bit longer), but I like this best.
Wish you all a great week!

10 comentários:

Dragonstar said...

I love that bat Nydia! And your lemon mousse sounds absolutely delicious!

Kyanite said...

Sorry I've been AWL!
You had me thinking I hadn't even commented on your Fav Things post - I had to go & check & I did. LOL!

Like you have bee a bit under the weather, not much blog visiting even less commenting.

The bats so cute.
And, I could just eat a dish of that lemon mouse, but will have to wait a while before I can make it, as need to loose some more porky pounds of weight!


KrisMrsBBradley said...

Mmmm, that sounds delicious! And the bat is way too cute!

Patty said...

Hi Nydia
I love all the crafts you have made. The lemon mousse looks so yummy. I am glad you enjoyed your day. I wanted to also let you know that I will be doing a bit of magic while on my trip. First of all as you know the cabin we are staying is is suppose to be haunted, so the first thing I will do is a cleansing. I have a small broom (which I will use to sweep the floors while I am there) and will do a ritual cleaning with it by "sweeping away" the negative energy. Also I plan to burn a sage wand and have a special peacock feather that has never been used to fan the smoke around the room.
I will then invite only positive energy to join us.
Also since we are arriving the day before the solstice I plan to wake up early on solstice morning (hopefully before sunrise) and welcome the change of the season.
While we are there we will go apple picking. It should be really fun and I am excited.

~SkullBlossom~ said...

I love your little blanket-stitched bat. Bats are lovely creatures and do not deserve their bad reputation. I also love the recipe you gave for the sweetened lemon dessert and am going to try it!!!

This Guy said...

You're art projects are amazing!! Lucas has got some skill too! That monster kinda looks like something I saw under my bed as a child! hehehe

Mmmmmmm, that lemon mousse looks GREAT!! Lemon is one of my favourite flavours!! It's no wonder a piece went missing while you grabbed your camera! You're lucky anything is left!! hehehe But you do have to buy me a new keyboard, because I've now drooled all over this one!! ;)

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Anonymous said...

I love the witch Lucas made! And thanks for the encouragement!

Roan said...

Love the bat and the creepy monster. What a wonderful idea!

Fairy Mae said...

ok...I think I can do this!