Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Seems like everybody is going through weird phase lately, and I'm no exception. This weekend was awful. I spent the entire Sunday in bed and also yesterday, due to a ... er... intestinal condition... I even bravely/stupidly came to work yesterday morning, but had to go home soon afterwards, so bad it was. I've probably lost some kilos in this game.
I was ridiculously back and forth from my bed to the bathroom thousand times, every time listening to Lucas saying outside the door, "Do you need any help, mom?", while I tried to keep the little dignity that's allowed in such place... I had to laugh! I was being constantly rehydrating by Rodrigo and only eating smashed potatoes, crackers and drinking black tea, under his severe supervision.
Thank gods today I'm much better and the thing stopped. I haven't eaten anything to cause this arght situation, so I believe that, along with a "virosis" going around, my emotional side had a big responsibility in it. While my situation here in the office is not solved, my body is reacting to all he stress, through migraines and now, this.
Hope everybody had a better weekend than I!! :o)

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Fairy Mae said...

ok...it's official...we are all falling apart..me, Blue, Wilma and you...its crazy...

gma said...

Your family is sweet taking care of you. So glad you feel better today! Stress does cause all sorts of things.Take care.

Turtleheart said...

Oh no! You poor thing! I've been through that, unfortunately, more than once. I'm so sorry you had a miserable weekend with it. I know applesauce and bananas are supposed to be "safe" to eat when that happens. Electrolyte beverages help with staying hydrated.

Is there any kind of shielding spellwork you can do to help protect yourself from the stressful energies while at work?

Hope you are feeling much better today! *hugs*

Dragonstar said...

Poor Nydia! Apart from all that's going on with you at the moment (and stress migraine can sometimes show as an intestinal problem instead of the headache) it's also a poor time of year. March and September can be very difficult months, as the equinoxes approach. Maybe your stresses will ease soon. I hope so.

Suzie Ridler said...

Blame it on the stars! The energy these days is WEIRD! I am so sorry that it hit you physically in such a brutal and tough way, that really sucks. Lucas is such a sweetie for taking such good care of you! I hope that your tummy calms down. There is more astrological unrest tomorrow but then the next couple of days things straighten out again.

Patty said...

Sorry your not feeling well, eat some bananas, and rice. The DR here recoment something called at B R A T diet
This things help get your system back to normal


billbradley73 said...

Ugh, that must have been just awful! Hope you are feeling better today.

Hugs and kisses!

Maebius said...

I'm sorry to hear that the wierd illnesses and energy lately is larger than just my little town here. With luck, you'll be feeling much better by the time you read this. Full moon coming up, hopefully everything'll be cleaned out and you can drench in the silvery pure light and feel much better!

Kyanite said...

A hug hug to start with.
Lifes stresses take their toll on us in many ways.
What we need is some new positive energy.

Do take care