Friday, September 26, 2008

A wow! page on Toy Arts

I love toy art! The craziest, the better! This afternoon (a lazy one, as you can see,this is the third post today, unusual for me...) I stumbled upon this super-cool page: Custom Paper Toys. Matt Hawkins is the mind behind it. There you find awesome toys created by him and you can print many unbelievably fantastic ones for free! It's fun to visit the page, so many funny, cute things there are!

I already printed these three toys below (so far!) to take home, since with this crazy ugly weather (it rains, it stops, it rains, it stops, it's insane! Right now it's raining cats and dogs), the weekend will be indoors again, so I need good things to entertain my easily-bored little witch!

He also has a great virtual shop here. On my wish list.

You have to visit it!

4 comentários:

KrisMrsBBradley said...

How cool is that site?! Wow!

gma said...

Hi Nydia...These are cute!!!! There are so many cool places on the web. I found this one full of templates for making lots of things too.

Roan said...

Now this is something I need to tell Daughter about. She has 4 kids and is always looking for new crafts to keep them occupied. Good share! BJ

This Guy said...

WOW!! Cool Site!! I've gotta add that to my Favs for sure!! Im 27, but I still love to do kiddish crafty things, I can't wait until my niece is old enough then I can get her crafting! :)