Thursday, September 11, 2008


Going to make my dreamboard this month to Sacred Suzie's challenge with one single thing in mind: finding my way home. For the first time I feel stuck, like trying to walk in fresh cement that is starting to dry, holding my feet in tight grip that won't let go. To worsen now I have to deal with a boss that got mad at me because I don't want to accept to work for a friend of hers, whose office in almost two hours each leg from my home in an neighbourhood area that I always succeded avoided working at, for the distance, the terrible traffic, danger of assault, you name it. She's pressing me to accept it because she can't keep me here and needs to get rid of me asap. I'd rather be unemployed than working in Barra. I guess you can all see my cat tail whipping from one side to the other today, my mood is alien to my nature today. I'm sorry for not being inspired lately to talk about anything else, and making you guys read this old bla bla bla about my work situation one more time, I hate bring whinning here so often, when I know I have so much to be thankful.

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Suzie Ridler said...

It's completely OK to have dark and difficult moments and talk about them truthfully. The only danger is getting caught in a negative cycle but I know you won't do that. Good for you for maintaining your ground on this issue, do not take it if you do not want it. You deserve better!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

What is a blog for, if not to vent occasionally and get support from your friends?

I don't blame you at all for not wanting to take a job so far away and in a place where you don't feel safe. I'm sure something better will come along for you.


Anonymous said...

Nydia, I feel for you - I was trapped in a job that was destroying me and I became quite ill. If I could have had a blogosphere then it might have helped - I had nobody I could talk to.
I don't think she has any right to expect you to take work under those circumstances. Is the job you have worth becoming sick over ?
If you need to talk please email Meri or me.

Dragonstar said...

Dear Nydia, you need to keep yourself and your family in the forefront of your mind. Don't let anyone push you into doing anything that makes you feel unsafe. If you give in and work in such very stressful conditions, both you and your family will suffer. I don't have an instant answer for you, but you must not make yourself ill with worry. Something will turn up for you.
As Aileni said - e-mail any time. There's a link on my profile page.

Kyanite said...

Hi Nydia!

I feel for you.
Under no circumstances take that job, it would only bring more stress into your life.
Is it possible for you totake a few months out of the work enviroment?

I tried to email you but for some reason your address that use to work keeps being returned to me...

Take care my friend.
Love to you all