Friday, September 19, 2008

Feeling special again

Wow, today is my day! :)

There's no such thing as coincidence. Mrs. B., this lovely, lovely friend from Confessions from a Pagan Soccer Mom, just passed on me this other award, when I have just left her one as well! That makes my day! I feel all warm inside, full of positive vibes! Thank you, Mrs. B.!
And the best is to pass this on two girls who are incredible:
Kelli, the sweet, strong woman behind all those amazing, gorgeous Dancing Goddess Dolls I always talk about. As I told her one of these days, her artwork is all around my house, it's irresistible! Now she's got her own blog, Walking Away, were she shares her thoughts on unschooling and empathic parenting, among others. She rocks!
Lilith, from Crunchy Green Mom. She's a beautiful witch who has the spirit of the Amazons, free and fighter, and has just being nominated Mom of the Month by Mile High Mamas, with an interview and all! Way to go, Lilith! :) She's very true in her opinios, from her products reviews - always reliable, that make me want to get all that stuff for me - to the stories on her life. A very sweet friend.

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Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

*blush* Thank you hon... I really needed that.

I have some medical issues that popped up yesterday, but I am not telling the kids yet so I can't blog about it :(. It's hard because I want to talk to people about it but, until I know the results I will just have to wait!

It's nice to know I have friends out there, being called an Amazon is so wonderful! I've been called that before and it just creates a stronger sense within myself of who I am.

Thanks alot! *hugs*

Janet said...

Congratulations on another award! I'm so happy that so many people have given you these awards because you have such a unique blog. I love visiting here and seeing what you've been doing.