Monday, May 31, 2010

A challenging project for goddesses

I just came to know about this absolutely amazing project, A Nu(de) Motivation. The introduction post speaks by itself. We all know how cruel the world can be concerning a woman's weight, and how absurd it is by imposing irreal body's ideal images to most women.

Check it out, and spread the word... It's awesome!

A Celtic Tarot and a little witch

This afternoon, though it was so cold, rainy and foggy, I went downtown to run errands. Before walking back home, I couldn't resist stopping by at one of my favorite second-hand bookstores, that is having a big 40% discount in all books - but seems like they always have these promotions when I'll buckless! Sigh.

I spent some time there, diving into the shelves as I always do, and found some good books, but couldn't afford to get them all, so I picked two. One by Margareth Atwood, "Surfacing" - more than probably good. I love Atwood, since I read many years ago "The Handmaid's Tale" - a book that hit me like a slap on my face, I highly recommend it!

The other book is Madru, by Frederik Hetmann. I've never heard about this author before, but the story called my attention, and I want to see what's all about. It's a novel on a Celtic lore, and each chapter has to do with a Celtic Tree tarot card -that comes with the book, small cards with cool images. I'm not much into tarot, used to read it around 22 years ago, they're very accurate - to the point of showing me that an ex-boyfriend was cheating on me with a older woman... I was reading them in front of him, who got red like a tomato! LOL Yes.. Really accurate!

And then I started studying runes, some 15 years ago, and I fell in love with it, and deepened my readings. The viking symbls talk to me very easily, and I love them still. Since I moved in here, I didn't touch my runes though, about time! Just too much trash to throw away first before feling alright to pick them up again.

But these cards are lovely. And the amazing thing was that, when Lucas got home aftr school, and saw the book + cards on my table, he wanted to lay them down. And boy, he did! My little witch got a gift. He decided he wanted to know about his life, and if he would still have peace in his future (I'm glad he finds his life peaceful now, even during all the bad phase, what a paradox). All I can say is that his cards were awesome. Simply awesome. His past was clearly there, the trials, going to his present troubles, leading to a better future, feet to the ground type. He made a happy, calm face while I was trying to explain the meaning for him, and said that was what he expected to see... Sometimes this boy gives me the creeps.

Now he wants to "play" with the cards all the time, it became his new toy, until the next new thing. I let him free to handle them, really believe we have to set them free to experience and try their gifts, if they're there.

By the way, about another kind of divination - with Yule approaching Southern Hemisphere, I'm finishing the perfect present for him (though now I'm not so sure! LOL): a set of felt runes. Lucas asked me a couple of months ago to make a yellow set with red cotton thread embroidery. As I had several Etsy orders pending, I just couldn't make them, only cut the felt and draw the symbols. Now I spared some time specially to have them ready for that day. I'll add a pinch of mugworth to enhance the psych side, and place it on our little Yule tree, when we set it. And you guys, are you getting ready for Summer? I'm definitely not ready for Winter here.. It's already so cold sometimes I think I became an ice cube!

Hope yo all are having a great week so far, and a lovely Memorial Day today. Kisses from us!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Weekend fun

So Saturday was really awesome! We had a great time outside, and now I have a blister on my little toe, but happy to have walked around the city with my little witch, enjoying the sun (finally!) and the almost warm weather - at least when we were not in the shadow side! Lucas took most of the ohotos, specially the Nature ones, he loves finding new angles to later show my brother, he's becoming a pro! LOL

We went to the Imperial Museum garden, where lovely squirrels watched us, then to my brother's photogrpahy exhibition, then to the park with my oldest nephew, then MacDonalds... A full busy day! And at night we went to our favorite bar with mom to enjoy my sister's arrival from Sao Paulo, eating French fries.

And Sunday has jusr begun! :o)
Wish everybody a wonderful day and a great week!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monochrome Weekly

UPDATE: On the second photo, first row, there's my dad's sisters - the first and third girl, when respectively 18 and 16 yrs old - and dad's brother - 26yrs old - I totally forgot mentioning that! Dumb me! :oP

My brother Evaldo is obssessed with old times. He knows everything about Rio de Janeiro's history, as well as Petropolis'. He sent me this photo he took from an old book, from the 1927 Summer festival that used to happen downtown here, with people coming from other states just to walk along the famous Imperial time brick streets, and to eat typical German food at colony restaurants. I loved the ladies' clothes... I can't imagine myself being at that time wearing those, but it's cute!

For more Mono photos, visit the main page, hosted by Aileni, and join the fun!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Baking time is healing time

Most of you may know that Lucas is going through a difficult phase, falling back about my split. This afternoon he refused to stay at school for the cathoic ceremony's rehearsal (just for waiting for it to finish, since he's obviously not participating) that is goinf to happen next Monday. He lost control and I brought him home after his English test. Before picking him up, I talked to the school's physcologist - whi's also his art class teacher, and she will start working with him, on a subtle way so that he will not really notice is being analyzed, during classes. From this, we see if something deeper will be necessary.

In the way back home, we talked a lot about what happened, and he said (his own words that melted me) that he thought it would be good for him to look forward - he took this expression from that cartoon movie, "Meet the Robinson". I agreed with him, and the talk kept flowing well. We went to the grocery and bought some thngs for a baking time together - something he always love doing with me, and is definitely healing good for his little soul!

I decided trying a recipe that the cute and very awesome lord Brian posted some time ago: banana-praline muffins! I just used a single cake pan, since I don't have muffins cups.
Lucas wanted to make it "all by himself":

He mixed the flours...

Mixed the bananas and brown sugar...

Helped me putting the mix in the cake pan - this is a very old pan, by the way, it was my grandma's, and I love it!

He was all the time wanting to see if it was ready, sniffing the delicious smell that was coming from the oven. The cake ended up absolutely awesome...

.. And I had to pose for him taking a bite while drinking super-hot chocolate (so cold here...), yummy! Lucas ate two slices, and offered everybody some. The recipe's approved, and the little witch's afternoon, a bit sweeter and away from all the stress he's been under.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Updates on my little witches

Fist of all, thank you all for the always awesome support and positive chain! I like to vent here because I always find this comfort, and you know, the energy flows straight to our hearts!

Beatriz is still under observation, at home. Still taking a massive dose of antibiotics to control this weird disease that is, apparently, weakening her kidneys. Drinking tons of water to wash whatever it is in there, and going through a battery of exams. But she's fine on her own sweet way, wanting to play and all. I'm keeping my white candle for her.

On the other hand, Lucas is on a hard phase. So needy to the point of hugging me all the time, even at lunch time. It breaks my heart... I hug him back, kiss him, trying to make him feel safe and confident. It's the very first time I see him this way, and it's not a good sight, I'm really shaken. But I know it's a matter of time, patience and love to help him banish his little demons. He's surrounded by deep love here, so I want to believe it's a bad phase that is going to pass. Of course it doesn't make things easier to deal, for both of us. Bt we get there! When I told him of the many friends around the globe that are sending and wishing this srong positive vibe, he did gave me a huge smile and asked if I were serious! So I showed him the comments, not going into text details. Just seeing the friends' icons he already recognizes had a good impact, it seems. He's deeply sleeping right now, exhausted from his Thursday soccer class. Now, a day at a time...

Mrs B.'s giveaway!

Mrs. B.'s giving away a gift box full of witchy goodies from her awesome brand-new Etsy shop! I wouldn't miss this for anything! It's open worldwide and until June 4th. Run! :o)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ABC Wednesday - S is for Star Wars!

I couldn't resist... As Friday is the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, this is a humble tribute.

Star Wars movies are among my favorite movies ever, it's always fun and touching watching them. All the concept amazed and thrilled the young girl I was back then in the 70s... I remember I used to dance the all the soundtrack with my older brother in my bedroom, he ended up exhausted, and i always wanted more!

My favorite character was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Sir Alec Guiness was perfect, and he was my first moviestar crush (I was a precocious and weird child, LOL). I still love his white hair and noble face in this movie...

To be honest, the "new" trilogy didn't say anything to me - only The Revenge of the Sith made my heart beat a bit faster.

Now my son loves watching it with me, and a new fan generation is born...

May the Force be with you!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm having a hard, sad time this week with Lucas concerning school... I've seen this before when he was adapting himself to new places in Rio and Minas, but since we moved in here, this is the first time. Yesterday he didn't want to go, feeling nauseated (he's really starting to get a cold, but I'm already giving him propolis and honey to prevent anything), and I thought it would be better for him to stay home. Today he woke up feeling better, but with a running nose and sneezing all the time. He wanted to go to school though, and there we went.

When we got there, he said he was feeling a weight inside of him, and wanted to cry but couldn't. I said it would be okay if he cried, always told himso, and then, blam! The floodgae was wide open. He cried a river, and I felt absolutely helpless, and my heart sank while holding him to my chest. I know there's nothing wrong at school, I keep a very close eye, and we talk openly about everything. As he couldn't explain his feelings, as he talked to his dad this Saturday after a long time (because Rodrigo think Lucas has to call him, and not the opposite, and when Lucas calls, he's not home...), I can only guess that the all the stuff he's been through experiencing my separation has finally dawned on him. I felt so sorry for my little witch, he was s fragile and anguished, wringing his hands... This was the first time I saw him this way. After some time, after slowly and deeply breathing in and out as I told him to, he said he could go to his classroom, and was himself again among his friends, just like that. His teacher told me she noticed that last week he was a bit different, more nervous and impatient, opposite to his nature. I cried all the way back home, I felt as if I wasn't doing my best for him, he should be happy all the time, not distressed this way... And now I got a migraine, but a migraine is simpler to solve.

The school's psychologist said this is commoner than imagined. Sometimes kids don't fully realize the changes they're going through until much later, and it's what happening to Lucas now.

I'll have a special time with him after school this afternoon, and I'll do my best to help him on this, he's such a loving, special boy. If only we could protect our babies from all the bad stuff in life... But then they wouldn't be stronger and grow up, I know. *sigh*

Monday, May 24, 2010

Healing vibes for Beatriz

Hello, friends.

My brother called today and said that my baby niece Beatriz is with a severe kidney infection. The doctors are trying to find out why this happened, and she needs a long-term treatment. She's my youngest niece, and so sweet and lovely. Healing vibes will be much appreciated!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Monochrome Weekly

Hello, Mono maniacs!

I was checking some old cds, and I found this:

Lucas when a 2-year-old tiny little witch! Cute! I have forgotten this one... How could I?! Thing is that time flies.. Too fast for me!

For more Mono photos, visit the main page, hosted by Aileni, and join the fun!

Lucky giveaway days

So I've been really lucky lately on giveaways!

Now what the postman brought was the cool spooky set from Rue. Straight from Vegas baby! :o)

Lucas simply loved the fun Bone Chiller ice cube tray. He couldn't help playing with it watching it slowly melt...

It's perfect for his Guaraná drink while devouring a bowl of popcorn...

My hair got cute with the sugar skulls hairclips...

And I had an extra cool socket gift that matched my All Stars!

Aren't they awesome? Thanks, Rue, for this generous prizes, we loved getting them!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life is Good meme - Third round!

The lovely and thouht-provoking lady Janie, from the Mother Moon's Message chose me for this meme, and I'm happy because thi is the thrid time someone think of me on this! The wonderful thing is that they all sent me totally different questions! How can I resist? :o)

Here are her set, and my answers:

1. If you could change one thing in your past what would it be?
I don't think I would really change anything in my past, tempting as it may seem... As I always say, everything I did, or didn't do, led me to this very moment, and I wouldn't change that not even for all the money in the world. Nothing happens by chance, yadah, yadah...

2. What would you do if you won the lottery?
First, take care of all my family, being sure everybody would have an even more decent life and comfort, me included *grin*. Then... On the road! I'd take my little witch and visit all the places I always wanted, including Alaska! LOL

3. What was your favorite band when you were a teenager?
Dire Straits. Along with it, there are many others that I loved, but Dire Straits were my soundtrack for years! I have many of their long-plays, I adore Mark Knopfler's amazing guitar and harsh/sexy voice, and I still consider Terry Williams a cloe-to-perfection drummer (sure, Pick Withers is great too). Local Hero is so beautiful!

4. If you were a car, what kind of car would you be and why?
A Bettle. My father had a wine-colored when I was a kid, so it brings me good memories. And it's so small and compacted, it seems so easy to drive and park - as if I could drive anything, I'm terrified of streets and roads!

5. If you could sit and visit with 3 people who have passed, who would they be and why?
In my family - my father, my sister, and my grandfather (mom's father), for all the obvious reasons: I would love to hug my dad once again and smell his perfume, to tell my sister how much I loved her and listen her call me "neguinha" one more time, and to ask my grandpa to tell me about the other side (he was a great story-teller!). Celebrities - Jimi Hendrix, becaue he was so damn crazy and open-minded, imagine what would come from him... And again, Einstein and Van Gogh - these guys would have so many things to tell me they woud wish to be dead asap! LOL

6. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Besides chocolate, my forever love? Cupuaçu, a Brazilian fruit, typical from the Northeast part of my country, is a bitter-sweet fruit that becomes an awesome ice-cream, and I always take it with... chocolate ice-cream! They're a perfect match!

7. Beer, Wine, or Liquor?
Due to my notorious migraine, I don't like drinking because it awfully worsen my crisis, but I love dry white/red wine here and there. Brazilian beers are my my family's favorite for all occasions!

8. Where would you go to vacation if money were no object?
To be a child again, Disneyworld, any of their parks. To enjoy Nature, Fernando de Noronha Island. To visit ancient pagan places, England and Ireland.

9. What is one thing that make you steaming mad?
I guess this is almost unanimity: People that are gross and mean. I m always sweet to people, I have no reason not to be, so I do get mad when I see someone being gross, specially for free. Then I can be very gross as well.

10. Why did you start blogging?
Let me see... Back in 2007 I started my Brazilian blog, because I thought it would be cool to post about my life as a wiccan mom, but I received very little feedback - though I'm stubborn like a mule and still write there, but much less frequently than here. It was when I first met Marcia Richter, then a wonderful mama-to-be that became my friend up to now, she started her own blog, and I started my Bringing up Salamanders in February 2008. Little by little people started to give feedback, which encouraged me to go on with it, and here it is! Along these years, so many things happened, and many people became real friends, giving me support when I really needed it, and sticking with me during my hard times when I decided leaving my ex - something I will never forget and will never be thankful enough, and I just want to keep this chain for as long as I can!

So... Is everybody still awaken? LOL Now the fun part, to develop my own messed up questions:

1. If you could live in a book as a character, which one would it be and why?
2. Do you have any article of clothing that you would never throw away?
3. What's a childhood memory that you cherish?
4. Is there any horror movie that you would never watch again, so scary it was?
5. And have you ever had a scary moment that made you reflect about your life (that you can/want to share, of course)
6. At what time of the day you're in your best? Morning, afternoon, night?
7. Is there a song that would define you?
8. If you could be an animal, which one would it be?
9. What's your motto, if you have any?
10. If you could be a super-hero, which one would you choose?

... And to pick up to whom I will address them, but of course everybody is welcome to answer, and no one is obliged to! :o) So my victims are:

Brian (again!!!);
Mama Kelly.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ABC Wednesday - R is for Run-Around

Again, I have to post about this band, Blues Traveler. I simply adore these guys (and I know someone in the ABC gang who adore them too, right, Roger?), and John Poppe is the definitive artist. He beautifully and furiously plays the harmonica as if the world would end tomorrow, he composes everything I wanted to tear off from my chest, and his voice is one of the most wonderful for me, it takes me to another world, I fall for him! I used to listen to them on a tape recorder (centuries ago, I know...) over and over all through the night.

So Run-Around was the first BT's song I listened many years ago, introduced by a incredible guy I had the pleasure to meet back then. The melody is great, the rhythm, fantastic, and it sticks like glue. Hope you enjoy it too!

For more R posts, visit the ABC page, created by Denise Nesbitt, and join the fun!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Poseidon in our place!

Some time ago I won at the beautiful eWitch blog a Poseidon printing for Lucas (he loves this god since he watched Percy Jackson!). Today, just before we were leaving to school, the postman called us, and we got the col prize. Lucas got all excited with it, specially because Poseidon' son came along with him! :o)

He's been learning a lot about gods and goddesses as I craft them for my Etsy, and loves to hear about their myths. This powerful god will be framed asap, and hanged in our room. When we move again (someday...) to our own home, it will be put at a honoured place on Lucas bedroom.

Thank you, Angie and Scott, for this wonderful time!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life is Good meme is back!

Brian, my-soon-to-be-riding-a-broom-and-soon-to-lose-that-skull-friend was one of the friends I sent this meme to, and after answering, he sent me back his own questions! As I'm NOT a talkative person, I have to reply, tsk! :o)

1. What's your all time favorite movie?
For a Gemini, choosing only one favorite thing is even harder than to the rest of the world... Here I'd go for Il Postino, I absolutely love Neruda and this movie touched me... But I have a list after that!

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
If I could really afford, I'd choose Fernando de Noronha Island. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world to me, where the environemnt is carefully protected, and there is all the wild nature and basic infrastructure to live!

3. If there was only one dish that you had to choose to eat for the rest of your life what would that dish be?
I always say here that I could eat pasta for the rest of my life. I love it! As long as it doesn't include red meat, I'd have it. And also my home-made hot-dogs. Forever!

4. What talent (that you don't currently possess) would you like to have?
Something to my own entertainment: to paint like Norman Rockwell. I a-do-re this guy's art, he's the best, and I would have tons of fun illustrating those fun, lovely ordinary life's moments the way he did.

5. Biggest pet peeve?
Two things: people telling the end of movies or books! Arght, I could kill with my bare hands when this happens! And also repetitive noises, like pencil tapping, finger drumming, faucet dripping, tictac of a clock. I can stand these for some minutes, but they do annoy me, specially the last two ones, specially at night, specially during my migraine crisis.

6. What's the one thing that happen in your life that you would like to go back in time a revisit?
Hmmm... It depends... A revisit to fix that one thing I regretted doing or not doing, or simply a revisit-and-feel-the-good-taste-once-again one thing I loved doing? To absolutely honest, no matter the case, in fact, I don't like revisitings. My journey is forward. Every decision I made, good or bad, took me to this moment in my life, and they belong to their own moment - even my beloved and gone dad and sister I'd rather meet in my night dreams ...Oh okay, maybe I'd go back to that Neil Young concert at Rock in Rio years ago! *grin*

7. Favorite holiday?
Christmas, even being the witch I am, because it's a family reunion that I love, when we exchange those surprise-you-shouldn't!-gifts, all the lovingly prepared meals, and as a bonus the little kids still believe in Santa, and it's so cute to watch their bright eyes after listening to Santa's ho-ho-ho (my brother is good at it!) and finding the gifts "he" leaves in the room.

8. Cat or Dog person?
Both. I love dogs for their friendly, needy character, because I love hugging and clling them buddy, and cats for the opposite reason, they're so independent and slow-motion and wise and sexy. I need them both, very yan and yin.

9. Who is the one famous person in history (living or deceased) that you would like to have a conversation with?
Einstein and Van Gogh, please please!! I'm obssessed with them. Could talk for hours about them, and with them. Then they would avoid me forever! LOL

10. Do you believe in plastic surgery just for recreational needs? As in I got a nose job just because I hate my nose compared to someone who's been in a car accident who might plasic surgery?
I think anyone can do whatever they want with their bodies, as shallow as it may be. Of course, priorities are for those who desperately need this kind of surgery due to accidents, etc. Ivo Pintaguy, the master plastic surgeon, for instance, only makes them for free in these cases. But it's something too personal. And though I hate my aquiline nose, I would never change it.

I love these trivias, thanks for the chance of having it back, Brian! Now if you friends would like to answer these too, be welcome, and let me know, I'd love to see your opinions! :o)

Our Treasure Box!

Today we were all lazy and tired because of yesterday's party (mom's b-day, remember?), so we didn't do much, only sticking around, playing some shuttlecock, watching F-1 race... As it's a very cold Sunday and we woke up later than usual (meaning around 9:30am), I let Lucas enter Cartoon site and play for a while.

In the afternoon, inspired by Octoberfarm, who's giving away a absolutely adorable box here , we took an old wooden box that was hidden somewhere and started crafting: Lucas chose several tiny toys (including the wooden witch and broom!), plastic bottle caps (that he collects), and old buttons, and we glued on the top and sides of the lid. Next, he chose beautiful papers to cover the sides of the box, and voilà! A playful and fun treasure box for us to save whathever we want (it was meant to be his, but he said he wanted to share it with me, my little witch is not selfish...):

Of course, it's all artless, dirctly on the wooden surface, it was just meant to make us have some fun time on the making of it, but I would love to create something fancier, using other little things. It would look so cute!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

... And another sweet giveaway!

Everybody is hosting super-cool giveaways lately! Linda, the awesome soul behind Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shits, decided celebrating her first blog anniversary by giving away a set of lovely necklace & earrings...

... plus a cute mermaid paper doll!

Don't miss this chance - I certainly won't! :o) The fun is open till May 21st.

Litha Giveaway Winner

So Lucas picked up the winner after a good shake on the witch hat: Andréann. Congrats, girl! Please email me your shipping address so I can send your goodies! Thanks everybody who joined the fun! Next sabbath I'll make another giveaway, stay tuned! :o)

Monochrome Weekly

(click to enlarge)

On the left is my late dad, age 18, at his farm with a friend, in 1933 - the year my mom was born! As tomorrow is her birthday, I know she'll love to see this again, he looks so sweet, with the same smile I remember adoring...

For more Mono photos, visit the main page, hosted by Aileni, and join the fun!

.. Talking about giveaways... again!

There's this huge beauty giveaway going on at Get Ready for Summer and only today I came to know about it! It ends... tomorrow as well! Of course this greedy witch had to join - I'm not a make-up girl, only use lipsticks and eyemask, but it's great for the other women at home, LOL! So if you want to win tons of super-cool beauty products, don't miss the chance! It's open worldwide:

1. CHANEL PARTICULIERE 505 nail polish from Spring 2010 collection (Do I need to tell you it is SOLD OUT everywhere? ;))
2. THE BODY SHOP Neroli Jasmin shower gel & body lotion (both 50ml)
3. MAYBELLINE Dream Sunglow Bronzing Booster
5. CIATE : One Coat a Day (base polish), Hang Over Cure (treatment for cuticles), Super Sexy Dry (drying drops)
6. CALVIN KLEIN Ultimate edge Gel Eyeliner in shade 301 Cocoa Sheen (with mini brush)
7. H&M BRACELET (pink coral color with gold, perfect for spring/summer)
8. CIATE Pink Nail File
9. JILL SANDER SUN EDT 100ml (without alcohol, perfect for summer)
10. NYX LIPSTICKS in 3 colours: Electra, Indian Pink, Circle
11. NAIL ART FIMO fruits (3x10)
13. MORGAN STREET Lip Balm Chocolate Cake
14. 5 SHE STYLEZONE Nailpolishes
15. OPI nailpolish LA- PAZ-ITIVELY HOT normal version + MATTE version
16. THE BODY SHOP RASPBERRY Body Butter 200ml
17. FRUCTIS Elastic Power Fix Hairspray

Friday, May 14, 2010

A weird week

This week was really boring. Lucas got sick last Sunday after eating too much peanuts on Saturday, at my brother-in-law's b-day. As I was helping my sister serving guests, I haven't noticed he was being such a glutton! Needless to say I felt the worst mom in the world when he woke up throwing up and all dissy! He ended up at home off school for three days! Another lesson learned: never leave your little witch unattended among cousins at a party for more than five minutes!

After that, it was my turn to get all sick yesterda with my traditional migraine crisis... I spent the whole night awaken cursing it, and could only sleep thi afternoon, aftr taking three awful Ormigrens. Now I'm okay but with those bad side effects: dizziness, heartburn, dry mouth... My 99 years old self is here tonight!

On the light, sweet side, tomorrow is mom's 77th birthday! We'll have lunch wiht family, and in the evening everybody will go to her favorite pub around the corner - her wish - to drink some beers - not me, after this migraine, though! and eat French fries - this is her perfect closing b-day party! LOL

I wish everybody a wonderful weekend!

Don't forget the giveaway!

Remember to join the fun and get your chance to win a pagan Fire God plus a litle surprise on my Litha giveaway!

Tomorrow is my mom's 77th birthday, and after lunch Lucas will pick up the winner from my witch hat! Good luck everybody! :o)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I was reading Suzie's last post about paranormal experiences, and I realized I've forgotten to share one of Lucas' experiences with it right after we moved in here last August. He is a very sensitive little witch, and I never let him know how coward I am on this topic... I face my beasts alone, and always make him see that this is something natural and okay, not to fear.

So he was on the bathtroom doing his stuff and came out of it some time later looking cheery. I asked what happened and he said that grandpa Delcio (my father who died in 2001) was on the bathroom with him! He said he was leaning against the wall wearing a heavy dark grey jacket - which he had - and jeans, looking at him with a serious but friendly face, then nodded and vanished. He picked a frame where there's a dad's coloured photo, and showed the jacket, stating it was darker that that (thing is that frame is old and the sun catches it all afternoon and bleeded it along the years). Everything very matter-of-factly, for my and mom's delight. Then he went to play outside.

I always get amazed on how easily Lucas has these experiences. I wish I could open myself to have them too. I know it's there waiting for me, but I chicken off, blocking the chances. This is something that more and more I see I have to work on, and face, to be whole. But I just can't pressure myself yet.

A brand-new cool Witchy Etsy shop!

On May 5th our awesome, fun and creative friend Mrs. B. opened her witchy Etsy shop with style! I was waiting for it for a long time, as many other friends, and wanted to spread the word: this super-cool girl does deserve the best in her new challenge - and she's got everything to succeed, there are such special items to check, heart and buy! You can't miss it! :o)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ABC Wednesday - P & Q

I missed last week's post, so here I come with P for fun & thoughtful Pagan stickers:

And Q is for Quiron, the centaur.

I always loved this sweet, wise centaur, teacher of Aquiles, and a gifted druid.

At Wikipedia I found this nice description: "In Greek mythology, Quiron was held as the superlative centaur among his brethren. Like the satyrs, centaurs were notorious for being overly indulgent drinkers and carousers, given to violence when intoxicated, and generally uncultured delinquents. Each Centaur was also wild and lusty. Quiron, by contrast, was intelligent, civilized and kind. He was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine. According to an archaic myth he was sired by Kronos when he had taken the form of a horse and impregnated the nymph Philyra, Quiron's lineage was different from other centaurs, who were born of sun and raincloud, rendered by Greeks of the Classic period as from the union of the king Ixion, consigned to a fiery wheel, and Nephele ("cloud"), which in the Olympian telling Zeus invented to look like Hera. More recent tellings hold that Quiron's peaceful characteristic and intelligence unlike other centaur is because he is taught by Apollo and Artemis at his younger days." Sweet, isn't it? :o)

For more Q posts, visit the ABC page, and join the fun!

Life is Good meme

Jen and Ollie and the Wizardess Epi sweetly gave me this award/meme, where I must answer some questions and them ask my own ones to 6 blogger friends. I love these memes!

Jen and Ollie's questions were:
1.Have you ever been skydiving?
Never! Before Lucas I wanted to, but after his birth, I became such a chicken concerning dangerous stuff! Heights get me dizzy, on top of it, so.. I dn't think I'd ever do it, birds ar lucky...

2.What's the worst excuse you have ever made to get out of work?
I guess it was the famous "I'm sick" on the phone with a weak voice. But I felt so bad because a co-worker sent me flowers with a get better note... Bad bad witch...

3.Skyclad or Clothed?
Clothed. For me it really doesn't make any difference, and as I feel cold so easily it would certainly disturb my concentration. I only like to take a good warm shower before any ritual.

4.How many pairs of shoes do you own?
A very few pairs, I'm not a shoe lover! I have two pairs of All Stars, one pair of long boots, a pair of Havaianas, two pairs of sandals, and that's it.

5.What's your favourite drink?
Water! Second place, any home-made fruit juice. Then in very rare and special occasions, dry wine.

6.Name the title of the book nearest to you.
Just bought "Travels with Charley", by John Steinbeck, and "Rose Madder", by Stephen King. I'm reading both this week.

7.What was your favourite toy as a child?
Indoors, soft cloth dolls, coloring books & comics. Outdoors, jumping rope and running.

8.Would you ever ride a mechanical bull?
LOL THAT would be fun with all my built-in arms and legs...

9.What was your favourite subject in senior/high school?
English and Portuguese, always. Love reading made them natural favorite ones.

10.Have you ever gone to the store in your pajamas?
Never! People would run away screaming in terror! LOL

Wizardess Epi's questions were:
1. What is your favorite dinosaur?
Sauropods! I used to draw lots of them when I was a child. It's the loveliest dinousar to me.

2. What is your favorite gemstone?
I don't carry any with me, but moonstone, opal, crystal are good ones... It all depends on the cisrcumstance.

3. Does Mercury in retrograde affect you?
Yes! I hate it! I don't know how much it actually affects me or it's only phsycological, but every time it is retrograde, I'm doomed and clouds cover my days.

4. Owl or lark?
Owls. Irresistible! I always want to start collecting owl statues.

5. Dogs or cats?
Oh, this is a hard one... I love dogs for their friendly, silly way, and because I can hug them. And I love cats, for the opposite: Independent, up-noised, sweet, sexy, they rule! LOL

6. Hedgehogs or hamsters?
I'm not personally fond of either one, but hedgehogs would win here.

7. Daisies or roses?
Daisies! Simple and beautiful. Though my favorite flower is sunflower.

8. Squirrels or chipmunks?
Squirrels, so darn cute!

ok, that's enough of that...
9. If you could BE a movie star, who would you be?
Oh gods, I don't think I'd like to be any... Hmmm... Maybe Cyd Charisse, only to have those long legs and to dance so well with Fred Astaire.

10. If you could DO a movie star, who would you do?
Sigh... Hugh Jackman, Marky Mark, Johnny Depp, Taye Diggs... By now is enough LOL

Now my own... hmmm...I'll go about my favorites, curiosity killed the cat's questions:
1. Your favorite book?
2. Your favorite food?
3. Favorite song/band?
4. Favorite clothes to sleep in?
5. Favorite first thing to do in the morning?
6. Favorite thing to do before sleeping?
7. Favorite herb?
8. Favorite Moon phase?
9. Favorite piece of jewerly?
10. Favorite quote?

I decided some time ago to offer these awards to everybody, but just for the fun of it, and as curiosity..., this time I chose - but it's not an obligation, guys, just join if you really want to, no hurt feelings if you decline!
Rue, Bridgett, Angela, Brian, Nate,Linda.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Lucas joined the Mother's Day presentation in his school last afternoon. It was so lovely and sweet... I tried not to cry, but I cry even watching TV ads, imagine watching my little witch singing for me! LOL

The place was crowded, and several classes made their presentations. Lucas's class made a rose with their bodies in the middle of the arena, waving paper hearts. He was looking at me all the time, ensuring I was enjoying it!

At the end of the presentation, the kids gave towels with hearts stamped and the moms' names. Lucas chose a lavender one for me. I loved it!

He was all proud. And my heart was melting... When I think about everything we've been through since the last Mother's Day... I thank the gods for this one.

I just read something Selena Fox posted on her FB, and I have to repeat here: "Happy Mothers Day to Mothers of many kinds - mothers of children, of endeavors, of creative works, of sustaining the planet, of honoring Nature!"

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Litha Giveaway! - CLOSED

I've been so lucky lately on giveaways, winning three awesome prizes at Rue and Hyssop, eWitch and Mrs. B., that I wanted to give some love back.

So as most of you guys are celebrating Litha next month, I'll give away my Fire God!
Just leave a comment here and tell me what's your favorite Litha activity if you celebrate it, or, for those who don't, tell me what you love to do on Summer.

For extra entries (see, Mrs. B., I'm learning to make things more interesting! LOL), do any or all of the following - post one comment for each extra entry:

*Follow my blog.
*Befriend me on Facebook (badge on right sidebar).
*Tweet about this giveaway.
*Blog about it.

The winner will be picked up by Lucas on May 15th! Good luck! :o)

Fishing stones around

I love gemstones. But after I worked as a secretary for a famous jewelry located in Rio, I could see how the mining destroys Nature. The jewelry's founder's famous saying: "Gemstones, an one-time harvest" had a big, negative impact in me. That's right, you can't "plant" a gesmtone again, and the wound will be open forever...

But, on the other hand, the stones' magickal attributes can't be ignored either. So I seldom get them, but when I get, I fall in love. The immense variety and beauty make me dizzy, I am this contradictory!

This afternoon I went to my favorite esoteric shop downtown, and looked for a gemstone for Lucas, for him to place in his dragon incense burner's hands. He's been asking me this for some time already and I always forget! Bad, bad witch...
I watched that lots of boxes and let my intuition guide me, since I'm not an expert on the subject. I felt attracted to two beautiful types, cat's eye and ocean jasper.

So I chose one of each, and brought for him to choose which one would be the dragon's and which one would be placed on his altar, if he wanted to - as I use to say, it was like offering bananas to a monkey.... He loved both but chose the cat's eye.

My next step is to rub some mugwort - I finally found it here!! - on them to enhance their properties, and leave them taking a moonshower before placing on the proper places.

The interesting was the research I made about them. My intuition was right: these gemstones fit Lucas' moment like a glove.
For instance, ocean jasper: "This stone is said to help with one's emotional life. Its colors relate to the solar plexus, said to be a storehouse for emotions. Holding the stone is like holding on to an anchor, a safe haven, while allowing deeply buried feelings to well up like a rising sea. It is said that the Jasper helps these feelings to be released in a way that allows one to process them calmly, without drowning in them. For those who don't need such emotional work, ocean jasper is said to offer a soothing, grounding effect helpful in dealing with change." That says a lot about all the changes my little witch had to go through!

Then, the cat's eye: "It gives the powers of strong determination to do things and is highly recommended for those having birth numbers 2 & 7." - Lucas was born in August 2nd. "It offers a feeling of serene happiness. Cat's Eye stimulates awareness and intuition, allowing the wearer to gain insight and thus find balance in the evolutions and transformations that life brings. It is suited for school going children because it activates concentration. Next to that this stone may be used, just like all 'eye' stones, to ameliorate the eyes and to dispel and heal ailments of the eyes as well. Quartz Cat's eye is a stone that stimulates courage and gives one a sense of safety. It may also be used to heal diseases of the bronchial tract, like asthma, pneumonia and tuberculosis. This stone positively influences the muscles, nerves and motor skills. Quartz Cat's Eye may be used to heal and diminish neuritis, neuralgia and cramps. This stone also positively influences bones and joints."

These stones, that I picked up at random, came to the right hands in the right time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A talk between witches...

As I said, this weekend Lucas was very inspired on the witch side, and today we had the most amazing talk while going to the park. We were commenting about yesterday, how everything was good, and how our Samhain ritual was great. Then he asked me how I visualized the quarters' guardians in my imagination, when we open and close the circle. Before I could answer, he starting telling me his ways. He said he imagines tiny witches wearing pointed hats, standing in silence on his altar, three or four for each quarter on the respective places, but that he would only "see" Fire's and Water's, but not Air's and Earth's - only blurred images.

We kept walking, and he said that when he was younger, it used to be easier to imagine them all, and that it became a bit more difficult now. "Was it like that with you?". I explained that when we grow up, sometimes we let prejudice take over our imagination, as if we were fools to admit we can imagine elementals or guardians - and he agreed with it, probably meaning that's what was happening to him... But I said that visualization is a very important tool in rituals and spells, and not foolishness, but something powerful and very private, nobody's business. I told him to keep practicing that he would be surprised one day and would visualize his two missing guardians. I could almost see his little mind processing the new data and analizing it.

Then he was more comfortable with it and we had fun comparing our guardians' versions, and our circles' versions - another surprise for me, so sharp and right his bubble of transparent white light seemed to me. When we got to the park, he said he likes having these talks with me, and ran to play. I watched all proud of him and happy that I could help banishing prejudice away at an very early stage, and maybe making his mind stretch up again just in time. If we didn't have this freedom to talk about everything, maybe he would keep this to himself and lose his ability to see, and a sensitive little guy would be lost too.

I felt truly blessed to be able to naturally talk to my son about something that for many people wuld sound absurd and unreal. I can see more and more of this to come in the near future...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Samhain on our corner

Oh, we had a lovely Samhain! The weather was perfect, cold but sunny, and part of my family ended up coming to have lunch with us om Saturday - those who were in the city - exactly as Lucas wanted. Everybody knew we were celebrating Samhain, but behaved well without making jokes about it - hmmm... except once... I'm the excentric sheep, believe me or not, and they respect my belief most times...

So mom made the tagliatelle and brigadeiros - her special recipes fo Lucas, and I made the apple pie and Suzie's Cookies. I decorated the pie with a cinnamon pentagram, and it was then that everybody started joking, like, "oh, a pentagram, we're doomed now! I can't eat it!" ...Sooo funny, sure...

Lucas had fun with his big cousins...

... While we enjoyed the cookies after lunch...

At night, we performed our little ritual - the altars were set up on the previous day -, and Lucas was particularly inspired this time, spreading salt and ringing the bell while opening the circle chanting our "By the power of Earth, by the lightness of Air, by the heat of Fire, and by the purity of Water". I could feel the energy around us so clearly... Then we set fire to the list of things we wanted to get rid of in our lives on Lucas' cauldron - his favorite part - and he meditated cross-legged - cute! - while I was standing in front of my altar after the ritual - I didn't want to take a photo of this moment so... "his own". I felt as if I would invade his space.

But he wanted to pose just like this after it:

It was a very special night with my little witch, and the sabbath brought a knot to my throat again, as this was my second one after my sister died. But I felt in peace and right, and the cycle was closed.

I hope you all had a beautiful Beltane time, and for those who don't celebrate it, a great weekend!