Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Updating and Wishing everybody a wonderful 2011

*above is my gorgeous sister and I surrounding my silly brother on Xmas night. He just loves to be among ladies, the pirate...

Soooo... We had a wonderful Litha, let's start this way. We had our traditional picnic breakfast outside, with juices, fruits, yogurt, everything according to my little witch's request. ;)

Then he made, for the second year (it's the very beginning of a new tradition for us), a Green Man mask, to be burned on Mabon. We used a pasteboard to the base, and taped ivy leaves for the "hair", fern leaves for the "beard", and scheflera and fern leaves for the "nose", plus a huge green crayon smile. Lucas used the mask for a long time, and greeted anyone at the door wearing it, so funny!

Three days later was Christmas. It's a family tradition for me, when the whole pack is together, eating and drinking a lot, and spreading gifts around. It has always meant a lovely holiday for me, detached from the Catholic side, and after Lucas was born, it became even more special. He loves to get the Tree ready for the holiday... Since he got old enough to hold the ornaments without breaking them or getting hurt, it's his special task:

It's always wonderful and fun to watch his sweet and enthusiastic reaction when finding out with his little cousins that Santa Claus, once again, didn't fail, and left a big pile of gifts for everybody under the Tree.

I took a photo of the feast, before everything was placed on the table. Each member brings something to eat, it's beyond words, lol! My share is always the dessert: my special peach trifle. I could eat that forever...

Lucas wrote a letter to Santa, asking for a toy guitar... So, among other things, he got his gift, and simply adored it! A Mini toy Fender Stratocaster, with pre-recorded rock riffs that now is played all the time here, alas... ;)

... But I think that what he secretly loved most (well... not so secretly... lol) was the mini pool my awesome Auntie Sandra gave him. Perfect for the really warm days to come! It's hard to get him out of it! We're having some massive rains lately though, so for a while, he'll have to watch it from inside the house..

On a nutshell, the holidays were wonderful. Full of love, laughter, and great vibes. And to crown my last days of 2010, Lucas is traveling with me tomorrow morning to spend the New Year's Eve at our cousin's beach house (where I went to last year, remember?)! He decided he wanted to go to his dad's only after that, and I got more than happy for it! :) He'll stay away from me for a shorter time, compared to last year, which is really really a blessing for me. When January 5th comes, you all know I'll activate my "virtual Phone Tree" to ask you to help me creating a positive protection circle around my little witch, right? As well as a "hang in there" circle for me! ;P

I wish all my friends, from the bottom of my heart, a beautiful New Year's night, with love, light and warm vibes (and I do hope you guys are sae with all these crazy snow blizzards out there! Keep me posted!), and a 2011 when all your true dreams come true. I'll be offline from tomorrow until I return on January 2nd. Until then, take good care, and enjoy your time with family and friends! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Yule and Litha!!

I wish all my friends at the Northern Hemisphere a beautiful Yule, filled with love and positive vibes, increased by the awesome Full Moon eclipse!

For my friens in the Southern Hemisphere like me, I wish you a great Litha! May the Sun brings the strenght and warmth we all need!

We'll celebrate it with our traditional breakfast picnic outside, with my little witch's menu: orange juice, carrot & beet jiuce, cheese muffins, bread with butter, apples and yogurt! Afterwards he'll make a new Green Man mask, like last year, to be burned in Mabon. To crown the day, we'll spend the afternoon at his best friend's. A great way to celebrate the solstice. :)

Blessed be!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Seems like a century away!

Wow, it's been aegs since I last posted! I feel so bad for not visiting everybody as I should and wanted to, I'm sorry, guys! :P I did kept in touch with many of you at Facebook (which is a life-saver when time is short to write long posts, but we want to send smoke signs), but nothing compares to the detailed posts we can share here at our blog homes! ;)

I've been really really busy lately (still am, lol!) with Yule orders, thank the gods, this holiday was awesome for my shop! While last year I had only a couple of orders, this time I had a huge bunch of them. So I was happily sewing my fingers off, as Kris used to say. I created a bunch of new goddesses and gods, soon to be posted here.

In the meantime, Lucas moved to the next grade in school (grade 3 now, can't believe it...), and I'm proud that he got A+ in all subjects! ;) He won a medal at the soccer class along eith his little friends, and now is enjoying lazy days of vacation st home (until he goes to his dad after Christmas to spend January with him... But that's for another post, I don't want to think about it now).

My nephew William, my late sister's son, who lived here at mom's for two year since her death, went to live with his dad yesterday, in another state, to start college next year. We're all sad missing him, but we know this was a necessary step in his life, and he'll be okay. Good that there's internet to keep in touch!

Christmas is almost here, and we do celebrate it as a family holiday/tradition. All my siblings come to mom's, each bringing something home-made for the feast (traditionally we have turkey wih bittersweet sauce, French toast, manioc flour toasted in butter, salpicao, rice, and other yummies...), and we exchange gifts. The young kids, who still believe in Santa (my litle witch included), can hardly wait for it! Thanks to my shop, I could buy gifts for everybody this year, it's a great feeling! :)

And ('bout time!) Summer is finally coming here! We're facing weird stormy weather on a daily basis, always in the afternoons. The days start with a bright sun shining, warm weather. Then, when it's around 5pm, seems like the skies are falling over our heads (I have to remember Asterix then, lol), thunders and lightnings crossing above. Today was the first day in weeks that this didn't happen!

We'll celebrate Litha as usual, with a home breakfast picnic to salute the sunny day. I love the warmer months here in Petropolis, never too hot to bear, with a cool breeze in the evenings.

Also, I won some awesome prizes at Mrs. B.'s Halloween party (*taking mental note to post about them asap*)!

Summoning up, it was a good, busy time off! I hope you all firgive my absence from everybody's blogs, and I do hope everything went well in the meantime. I'll be pretty busy now catching up!

Kisses and love from us! <|;)

PS: Above is my little witch one of these days, ready to school, with hair gel, cute! ;)