Thursday, March 31, 2011

ABC Wednesday - K is for Kenaz

Hello, my ABC friends! Today the letter is K and that stands for Kenaz, the rune for new lights.

Kenaz means "torch", the one that brings light to doubts and questions. Knowledge, wisdom, unveiling hidden aspects on the reader's life. A great positive rune, in general.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Late Mabon news

One thing leads to another, and when I see, time slipped through my fingers, and Mabon passed without me posting about it. It was a cool day, coinciding with my favorite aunt's 69th birthday:

We had a barbecue in her nonor, got our closest friends and my siblings at home and had lots of fun, as usual.
We burned the Geen Man mask made at Litha, celebrating the turning of the season. It went from this:

... To this:

It was more impressive than in the photo, lol!

Lucas' altar was all set for the sabbath, with our traditional paper cornucopy full of grains and coins, and an apple as a natural candle holder (just carved the middle, removing the seeds and adding a pinch of rosemary in the hle before placing the red candle in it). In the evening, we made our ritual, lighting the candle, and burning his wishes & thanks in his cauldron:

And the Autumn is here again, bringing a bit of new colors to the trees, a different atmosphere and implacable rains, night and day.

I hope you guys on the Northern Hemisphere had a lovely and yummy Ostara!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ABC Wednesday - I and J

I missed last week when I got a tremendous rotavirus that kept me in bed for a couple of days. All is back to normal now.

So tonight I'll get two runes:

Ingwaz - the Earth God, Ing. It represents the inner growth, the time to move on, for all pending issues are set now, and you're free to breath again.

Jera - the good harvest. A lovely rune. Time of peace and success for everything that was so hard worked to achieve.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011


... So I just received an anonymous email... Summoning it up, this anonymous was complaining that my blog is very "childish", and that I shouldn't be so shallow on my posts. Simply like that. o_O

So okay. Let's see if I understand. Someone - wh doesn't have the guts to show his/her face and uses the lazy anonymous ID - takes his/her precious time to email me, to say that he/she doesn't like my page. And so what?

To start with, this is my page. I can post about whatever I want. From the fart that the dog on the street uses to poison the air to my notorious boring migraines, from the sweet things my son says to his cute drawings he makes for me, I can post whatever I want to. My ruuuules... No one needs to come and visit my page, no one is under torture to stop by here and read my posts.

When I started this blog, I never had any intentions of sounding smart, intellectual, sophisticated, whatever. I am what I am, I'm simple, I'm not smarter that anyone else, I'm too clumsy to be sophisticated, and intellectual, pffft... I can't pretend to be who I am not.

I could blog about politics, since Brazil is a cradle of incredibly dirty politicians that stain our papers everyday, and it's a subject we learn to talk and discuss and argue about since almost childhood. We do have it at breakfast here. But as the blog title very obviously displays, here is all about "my days and nights as a Brazilian wiccan mom". I like to keep it simple. To come here and show my little witch's last adventures, last discoveries and challenges on our solitary path. I like to post about my witchcrafts, about the deities that are literally born everyday on my lap.

I do like to keep - except on rare occasions - these deep, "grown up" issues out of my blog garden... Although I love to read about them at my friends' pages, and to give my opinion when I feel it's worthy sharing my thoughts. Here this is my place to relax, to eventually vent - like now - and to read my beloved faithful insane readers's lovely words. Oh but don't you think that I expect to only read positive words, like a spoiled child who can't get a no as an answer, or can't stand the fact that I will not please everybody unanimously. I can bear healthy critiques. What I don't bear and I really don't deal well with is to open my email box and find a short, rude, pointless message, gods know from whom, saying that my page is not good enough for this soul. Frankly, pardon my language, but as I said on the second paragraph, instead of taking such precious time to type those miserable lines, simply fuck off my page, and get a life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ABC Wednesday - H is for Hagalaz

Another week at the ABC fun, and the letter is H.

H is for Hagalaz, the rune of radical changes in life, the forces challenging us to change what's stablished for too long. Hagalaz means "hail"/"hailstone". A rune to be taken in account - we need to be strong and not to fear the "bad weather" we sometimes get caught into in life. Patterns are sometimes needed to be broken.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Giveaways & their priceless goodies

I'm a lucky witch who is often winning great giveaways... I'll try to catch up and post here all the cool prizes I became the proud owner of lately.

To start with, this couple of delightful writting pieces. In two different giveaways, I had the chance of getting unique short stories from my friend Kristen Eaton, the fantastic writer behind the Looseleaf Handcrafted Stories. Using a tarot reading, she created the first story; and using five phrases given by me, the other one.

The stories per se are amazingly creative. Kristen is so gifted as a writer, and caught the perfect spirit in both tales taking me with her flow with grace.

And the physical booklets are a chapter apart. Absolutely gorgeous and neatly made. You can see how careful she is and how much love she puts in every bit on the making. The cover, the bounding itself, all carefully chosen with lovely details.

This is such an unique, surprising gift that would please even those who already have everything, you know?

Thank you, Kristen, I'm honored to have two of your creations at home! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ABC Wednesday - G is for Gebo

I think it will be fun to post about each rune symbol, as there is one for almost each letter of the alphabet.

So today is Gebo. It means "gift". It's a rune to remind us that the balance is necessary. When you give something, you get something in return. If the Gebo rune is showing that this balance is already here, or if it is lacking, only knowing which are the other runes next to it to make a correct interpretation. It is also related to agreements, relationships, forgiveness...

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