Monday, September 29, 2008

Lucas' Paper Toys

As predicted, our weekend was a rainy one most of time. We went to Chacrinha, our favorite park, on Saturday morning for a couple of hours, but soon heavy clouds were gathering and the best was going home and start making the toy arts!
We had fun cutting, gluing and building these funny little creatures. Some are easy to make like the one above that Lucas customized by coloring it.

But some like Melvin, the dog reading the comic paper, take longer to get made, but looks so cute! Lucas loved the little robot whose head spins, and also the pink bunny that "eats" the blue one. Actually everything was a success. The owl has a pumping heart and is so cool, with a skeleton on the back part. We played roles with them in the afternoon, in crazy stories Lucas made up. I'll surely go back to Matt's page for more!

2 comentários:

Dragonstar said...

Looks like loads of fun! I adore that first photo - Lucas has such gorgeous eyes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll had tons of fun!