Thursday, January 29, 2009

From this little corner

And here we are! I hope you are not bored to tears with my recent only topic of posting!! Sometimes I simplyfiorget that my enthusiasm on this stuff may not be so interesting! LOL
Well, life here is just the same, after years of working hard with an hectic routine. I'm taking these days of leasureas a bless. Of course sometimes is enervating to depend on others to simply go downtown to access internet, so as soon as possible I'll buy a bike so I will be more independent and not will not disturb anyone.
Actually this is the only thing that really upsets me, not being able to freely go to the city when I want to. Oh well, guess that's how I'll work my notorious anxiety and impatience, I'll learn to deal with my owntiny demons.
Nature is exuberant and Lucas loves to find new plants and wild flowers to show me. I don't know their names, so if you know any of them, please let me know!!:

On the wiccan side, Lughnasadh is approaching and as we don't have our altar set up at my in-laws', because we're sleeping in one single room, the three of us, and there's no space available to it, I decided tha ton the day I'll go to this little road where I daily walk with Lucas, and lit a candle, burn an incense and leave something to the gods, ina little celebration:
It will be sweet anyway, and maybe we can make a corn doll and bake a bread in honour of the day. I just can't wait to have my altar at our house and turn it into a magickal space. I do miss playing with this side of my life, but by now I can't focus rightly.
Last Monday we enrolled Lucas at the local public school! He loved the place, full of plants and with more space than his old school. I'm anxious for the next week, when the classes start, to see how he'll react to the new teacher and friends. Education it's a bit different in the rural area comparing to a big city, so I'm a little nervous about it. Let's see how things work!
Here are the last photos of the construction. The roof is starting to be installed with eucaliptus wood as a skeleton to the shingles , a complicated phase to me, full of math and care. It will take around one or two weeks to be done. Then the walls will be covered with a thick layer of "paste" so it can be painted in the color we are still deciding. Then next step will be the installing the interior tiling and stuff. Of course, my nails are gone decades ago, so anxious I am! LOL
Taken from the top of the little hill behind the house, you see my in-law measuring the eucaliptus wood for the roof:
And Rodrigo inside our kitchen-to-be:
Lucas improving his climbing skills and bringing me some white hair...:
I wish everyone a great week!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So here I am again. Life in this corner is very calm and different from Rio, of course. Sometimes it's hard to deal with my in-laws extreme personalities (she's very depressive, the poor soul, but very sweet, and he is explosive and very loudy), and the lack of privacy is another difficult point. But I keep in mind that the house is being built and that they are such sweet people who only want to help us and see our happiness so hard, so I really feel bad about complaining. Just some days are better than others. Actually I feel blessed.

Our meals are made in a kind of pellet stove, and they get so delicious! I "demanded" to have one installed in my back veranda so we can have some special meals prepared there as well. Our showers are also like that, so you can imagine how warm they are!

Nights are wonderful, we can see the starry skies with zillions of stars.

Baruck had a big fright last afternon: he jumped out bedroom window to explore the surroundings when all the 9 dogs chased him!!! He got so terrified that he broke all his "nails" (sorry, forgot the correct word!), thepoor thing! I bet now he will stay indoors for a long time... But he's doing fine, eating well and sleeping a lot like before.

So here are the photos:

A general look again, you see how hight the walls are getting? :o)

Here are Lucas and Rodrigo walking to the side wall after exploring the coffee plantation.

Lucas showing off his climbing skills...

With baby Tornado and his power milk!

An acerola tree. One single bitter-sweet fruit of this has more vitamin C than 3 oranges together! Rodrigo just planted three little trees in our place.

Baby Tornado and our coffee plantation.

Lucas' self-portrait - the little photographer is geting better!

But sometimes he still cuts some heads... :o)

That's all for this week. I hope you're all in good health and good spirit. I'm so happy to be able to share this experience with you guys!!
Take good care and see you next week.
Blessed be!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photos finally!!!

* Warning: this is a looong post due to the many photos!!*

I struggled with this camera for some time but I finally made it! Here are some photos:

Above is the begining of the construction, the front part being built.

This was taken from the little hill behind the house, so you can see the power plant as a whole.

Now it is like this! The front part with walls partially completed, and Lucas & Spike, one of grandpa's dogs, half Chow-chow, hald Alsatian dog.

Above is my brother-in-law adding one more brick to the restroom wall. On the left is Lucas' bedroom.

Lucas with big grandpa inside his bedroom-to-be!

Spike, our favorite dog, and Lucas at the front door.

Inside the family room-to-be, these are little "Bebel" and her mom, Angeliana. They live at in-laws' house, and are lovely friends and helpers.

Lucas and Junior, rodrigo's brother, on the little path that leads to the house.

Rodrigo's coffee plantation, right in front of the kitchen's windown, still in "baby" mode. It will grow a powerful plantation, we hope!

And finally, the last photo (are you all still awaken?!): Lucas in front of grandpa's cattle's place.

Everything is lovely here. I do miss Rio's multi-faceted nature, with all the cultural things and practical stores so close at hand, but the peace we find here is priceless. I do want the house is finished asap, so we can move right away! I hope you are all well and in good health. Sorry if I can't reply to each comment full of wonderful energy & support, I hope you understand that time is so short these days, but you are all in my heart. Aileni, here are the photos you were avid for! :o)

Kisses with lots of love, Nydia.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We're here! :)

Hello, everybody!!!

So here we are... After a very pleasant bus trip that last 6 hours through beautiful roads (Lucas on his on seat by my side for the first time!), with thankfully a great weather, we arrived around 7pm and Rodrigo was already waiting for my at the bus station. I had nothing less than 8 cases for him to carry!!! I brought as much as possible, among clothes, personal stuff, my handcraft things (of course), some of Lucas's toys, his clothes, presents we got at Christmas...

We're adapting well to our new life. As you know, by now, we're living at my in-laws' house, and they are so sweet they don't know what to do to please us and make us comfortable. Lucas is obviously enjoying each minute, playing around with the many dogs and cats his grandma owns.

The weather here is great but with occasional storms that leave the roads completely full of mud, so we bought for ourselves pairs og plastic boots to walk around, otherwise our sneakers would be on waste too soon!!

Our house is already being built, and they're working really hard and so well & fast! My father-in-law is working everyday, with Rodrigo' and his brother plus three assistants. The guys are fantastic, hard-workers and never complaining, even though they are neglecting their own business to have our place ready for us to live. I'm forever in debt with them.

There base was built, lifted half meter from the ground to avoid humidity, and the rooms were divided, with some walls already half-built. Lucas spread little bits of sea salt in each room for protection on the New Moon afternoon, and today I need to buy a little glass bottle to make my witch's bottle and bury it on the entrance. One incredible thing is that right in front of the house there's a big cinnamon tree, with two nests on the branches. I just loved to see it, and that they didn't put it down (it's not dangerous for the house structure). On the left of the terrain is Rodrigo new coffee plantation, and he's excited to finally be able to take care of it. The kitchen's window will face the plantation, so everytime I'm at the sink, I'll watch it. Cute, isn't it?

I already know where I can have my real herbs garden, and I keep dreaming of how things will look like when finally ready. We have so many plans!

Yesterday I took some photos, but the camera is my sister-in-law's and she still needs to have it loaded, so unfortunately I can't show you anything yet. As soon as possible they'll be here.

I looooooooved all the sweet words you all left. I feel blessed to have friends like you guys.

Take good care and may this new year be everything you imagined!!

Kisses from us, here in Alto Jequitiba city! :o)