Monday, September 28, 2009

Double award

I was double lucky & honoured to be awarded by two new and already cherished blogger friends, D. Suplicki and Crafty Cutie. It's great when I'm remembered - because I know first-hand how hard it is to pick up a blogger friend among the several ones we love! Thank you ladies! :o)

Now the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them

So let's see... seven fact about me that no one would really know...

1. Let's start with a pathetic one: I sleep with a teddy bear. Yes, I do. I have always slept with a plush toy since I was a tiny kid (dirty minds, refrain your sick comments! LOL). So there's always a teddy bear with me. Even when married, my then husband would be by my side, and the toy by my other side...

2. I can turn , for my little witch's delight, that simple olympic gym's jump, I don't know the word in English, here is a "star", where you turn over your head on both hands, and fall with one foot at a time, you know? That is all that was left from the time I took olympic gym classes as a teen. Oh, another pathetic one, isn't it? LOL

3. I love dancing when I'm all alone at home. No matter the rhythm, I can't help turning the radio on out loud and dancing to sweat. Alas, I have to do it again, since I moved to mom's, I haven't got time alone...

4. I'm very religious on my own way, although I don't bother others about it. I always thank the Gods for my life, and I'm constantly talking to them whenever I am, in the streets, in the shower... It's almost obssessive, but I feel in tune being this way, what can I say.

5. I'm so greedy about my chocolates... I always buy two identical bars for me and for Lucas, so he won't ask a bit from my packet. How bad is that?! But a chocolat bar desappears in seconds in my hands...

6. When I was three, my middle brother (Delcio) left me alone in a dark room with a trrifying kind of music playing. I got desperate till mom found me after some minutes, and since then I became a easily scared person. I've already forgiven him for that, btw.

7. I'm absolutely clumsy. No one would tell by watching me walking in the streets. At least, not in the first two minutes. I use to say that I have 15 pairs of built-in arms and legs that fly off all at a sudden, and disasters happen often. Today I dropped with my hip a little jar full of water that was on Lucas' altar, right inside his backpack, minutes before taking him to school. Beautiful.

Now nominating 7 kreative blogs. Oh gods, all my blogroll is kreative, I don't like this part! Here are the ones this time around, and why:

* Janet, because her art is the sweetest. She draws gorgeous, languid ladies with big dreaming eyes, and her art energy is contagious. I'm her fan for a long time.

* Holly, because she offers alterd vintage art that are the cutest, makes awesome earrings, and her blog is full of great ideas to embelish our pages, everything packed in her typical bitter-sweet sense of humour that is captivating.

* Kris, because she never fails giving great suggestions of how to be witchly kreative at home, in the kitchen, in the garden, in the whole house, and she's got enough energy left to lead THAT kreative Halloween party we're all waiting for. All this while taking care of her own house with three teen!

* Turtle, beause her polymer clay art is simply amazing! I am a lucky owner of two of her pieces, and I can say they're incredible. She's got art it in her veins.

* Suzie, because there's magick in her kitchen, and her recipes are inspiring! Even those who are not able to boil an egg get this urge of cooking her great meals. And she's kreative in her sweet way, inspiring people to go ahead no matter what - that's how I see her. She's a dear friend full of that special light.

* Mama Kelly, because she and her friend Lady Rose manage this wesome blog with som many magick resources, and she always tries to see the best in life, even if life is hard sometimes. She's kreative for sticking to her path with honesty and transparency. A real person being a real witch.

* Michele, because her strenght and sweetness is so touching, and her incredible photography about her beautiful Canada corner is breath-taking, I love this truly fighting girl.

A nice surprise!

This morning I had the great surprise of having my Samhain Goddess added by LunaSea to a Halloween treasury list at Etsy! In very good company, by the way, for the other items are gorgeous, check them out! :o)

Friday, September 25, 2009

New blog layout

As you all can see, my blog changed a bit... A big bit! :o)

Let me tell you... I had the worst time at blogland ever! Naïve, I decided that I could turn my blog in a three column, only following the instructions of another blog... I couldn't be wronger! Even after testing it on a test blog, when I tried it at my real one, it was all messed up!! Can you imagine how desperate I got? I got pale, , sweating cold, trembling hands... LOL! I could only think, "oh my gods, oh my gods!" Obviously I didn't know what to do to make it look like before.

Then I really panicked, and immediately asked, no, begged is the right word, help to Holly. This super-cute-wonderful friend replied my email right away from her car (the poor woman cannot even drive in peace!), and as soon as she got home, she was fixing the stupid mess I made, even with a recovering fom a minor surgery hubby (imagine now how guilty I felt when I got to know this detail!)!

It's thanks to Holly that today I have this cool three column blog in all glory, and no mess at all!

So a BIG THANK YOU to you, my friend, for taking your time to help an ahwkward friend to fix something due to her ignorance in HTML! :o)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holly c... I am stupid!!

Do I need to say anything else?...

Monochrome Weekly

I'm back to this delightful meme hosted by Aileni.

Here I am, when I was a one-year-and-half baby girl, with two cousins of mine. Look at what my mom had done to my hair!!!! LOL

To view more Mono photos, click here.

Night readings 2

One of my characteristics, is that many times, it takes me many years to read a book that has already been published many years ago. A lot of manys. It was like that with the beatniks (which became a passion), Azimov, some classics, etc.

Now I'm almost finishing Witch Amongst Us - The Autobiography of a Witch, which was written in 1989 by Lois Bourne - who "worked" with Gardner for years. I have already read her Dancing with Witches, an loved it. And now I enjoy this book, that I found at a second-hand bookstore, so hard to find any of her boos here! She describes her experiences as a medium, in a very matter-of-fact way, not trying to show off... at least not that much. She is very conscious of her limits, and don't try to convince you of anything. She just tells her story, and you decide if you want to believe or not.

The chapter where she talks about the Goddess and the ancient written signals that show how human being began to worship her is very, very good, with a beautiful excerpt from The White Goddess.

I know some people sniff at her blunt way, but I respect her a lot, and in this book she shows how deals with her witchy side while livig her life as a mom and housewife.

Again, I'm sad that I only have a few pages to read!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ABC Wednesday - J

It's been a long time since I last joined this fun! I missed it!

Here's my choice for J: Jamiroquai. A British band leaded by Jay Kay, this awesome singer and composer, and dancer! It's light to my heart when I listen to his music. I love his groovy songs, his dancing clips, with his way of moving, so cool! Virtual Insanity and Space Cowboy are simply fun to watch and to listen to, with a touch of acid jazz and funk in them.
For more cooler posts, go to Denise's page, and join too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

... And the winner is...

... Divaeva!!! Congrats, girl, and please email me your address, so I can send the Godess to you asap!
Thanks everybody who joined the giveaway, it was so fun that I think I'm going to make a Goddess giveaway every Sabbath from now on.
And forgive me, I wanted to film Lucas picking up the name, but the video stuff on my camera didn't collaborate, so I had to make it on photos! :oP But he got cute anyway... :o)

Happy Ostara & Mabon!

Hello everybody! Today is Lucas' favorite sabbath, Ostara. The first day of Spring, the Spring Equinox. The weather is not a typical one, though, raining cats and dogs, but we don't mind. My little wich woke up very early this morning, anxious to see what the Ostara bunny left for him. And there they were, three Kindereggs waiting to be opened! Every year, I leave these eggs for him, because of those tiny toys that comes inside and Lucas adores. I left a track of M&Ms from the window to his altar, where the eggs were. So he's now having his breakfast and later we'll perform our little ritual, the first one here at mom's.

And in a few minutes he'll pick up the winner for my Lavender Goddess! Cross your fingers!! :o)

I wish a beautiful Mabon for everyone living in the Northern Hemisphere, may this Autumn be a kind one for all of you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

... And another giveaway...!

Crafty Cutie posted about this awesome art giveaway! Look how gorgeous it is:

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on Byrum Art blog, saying who sent you (for me to get an extra entry! LOL)! Grab this chance!

PS: Thank you all for the get better messages! Guess it worked, I woke up today feeling like brand-new! :o)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Migraine... again

I've got my period, and of course, obviously, the migraine attacked again! It's incredible how it comes without failing... It enervates me because I lose the weekend! Last afternoon I had to stay in bed while my brothers were here. At least Lucas had fun with his cousine Bruna, so I didn't feel so guilty for not being able to play with him. Arght!

Just posting some new items at Etsy, while I can bear the screen's light!

I'm boiling some eggs to paint with Lucas for Ostara - he can hardly wait for it -, and also others to sink into beet juice to make it have that cool purple color for the sabbath lunch!

Talking about Ostara, let's spread the word about the Thank you giveaway, folks! It's almost over!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Night readings

I have always been the kind of person who loves to read before sleeping I just can't help it. If I don't read at least one page before closing my eyes, there's something missing. An I'm also the kind of person who - many times - wakes up in the middle of the night to drink a glass of water (estrategically placed on the bedside table) and then read a little bit more.

Since I move to mom's this didn't change. Right now I'm finishing a super great book by the smart writer, composer, jornalist, music critic, live cultural encyclopedia, Nelson Motta. You know, that kind of book that you don't want to stop reading?? Exactly. This is a biography about Brazilian music, from the late 50s, when the author was very young, till 2000. It embraces all stories involving artists, from Tom Jobim, Elis Regina and Joao Gilberto, to Rita Lee, Barao Vermelho (this video is from the first Rock in Rio in '85 - where my siblins DIDN"T take me because I was too young, arght!) and Marisa Monte. From Bossa Nova to Brazilian Rock'n'Roll - which is a very peculiar one. It's delightful to read it, because I, like most Brazilian readers, know quite well the songs and professionals portraited with grace and great humour by him. Some parts are painful, hen Motta describes some legends' deaths, but in general, it's a light-reading book, that brought me back to my teenager years in the far, far 80s, when I used to rock my skeleton listening to Lulu Santos, Blitz and to cry for the end of a teen love at the sound of Lobão. It's like reading someone' stolen diary.

I feel so sorry to see that I only got a few pages to have fun with...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Having fun with an old friend...

Lucas had lots of fun last Sunday, when Pedro, his old friend from Rio, visited him.

They played in the parks...

Had they favorite ice-creams...

Lucas loved this hamster a guy was trying to sell (what a shame, the poor animal was being held by all the children!!!):

My brother Evaldo took tons of photos:

He tried to be serious for uncle Evaldo:

And even had some time to "flert"!

... It was a long day! :o)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Thank You giveaway


I was wondering many ways to thank you all for the awesome support you have been giving me through my via crucis - those who know me a bit long know what I mean! - and I thought it would be cool to make a giveaway - getting into the mood that is all around for Halloween! I always join every giveaway I know about (greedy... LOL), so I think it would be fair enough to give it back, make the same from the other side of the screen.

As I made some new stuff for my Etsy, I decided that nothing could be better to give away than my new Lavender Goddess. It measures around 7.5 inches long. Lavender is known as a color for cure, restart, good vies, relax. The Goddess wearing this color woul be perfect, and the pentagram I embroidered in her belly reinforce the idea of connection - or reconnection. That's how I say thank you for bearing with me during these long, hard months! :o)

To be eligible to win, simply leave a comment here and add your name to my Follow list. The giveaway will take place on Spetember 22nd, Ostara in the Northern Hemisphere. Lucas will pick up the winner from a bowl, all recorded by video!

Good luck!
***UPDATE: The widget finally worked! :o) ***

Fun and updates

I'm so mad at Blogger! I just can't insert any photos! Does anybody know how to deal with it?? Grrr... Lucky you, because I have a bunch of them featuring Lucas and his friend Pedro, my new Etsy items - oh well, if you really want to know, check them out there! :o)

These days I've been living in a hurry, divided in taking Lucas to school, spreading leaflets in city's downtown offering the English classes (that onbe student gave it up, no money until next year *sigh*), leaving my crafts in local stores, making new crafts for my Ety... In the meantime I have fun with the awesome giveaways Mrs. B. let us know about.

Last weekend Lucas' "old" friend, Pedro, from Rio, came to spend the Sunday with us. They had a blast! The best was the great weather, that totally change the day after, with windy rains and cold.

Just wanted you guys to know that I'm around, just a bit busy with crafts and others!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend play

We had a great time this morning. When we lived in Rio, we used to go to a local bookstore where every week a person would read a story to the kids, followed by activities. I found out that here there's something similar, every Saturday morning!
So there we went this morning. In a cozy corner, this lady read two small books about Van Gogh and Monet. That was double great, because Lucas learnt to like both painters because of me, and he knew the paintings she was showing along the story. The the kids coul make little paper flowers to hang on a artificial tree on the store.
As I wanted to celebrate his first (good) week at his new school, I made a double extravagance and bought him a pop-up book about dinossaurs that he was devouring with his eyes, and took him to MacDonalds to get those toys. Then in our way back home, we stopped at the central park so he could play on swinging, and other park toys.
When we got home, he was walking in clouds! And I was all happy to give him this fun time. But of course, my poor body is complaining for the long day!
Hope you guys are having a grea time as well this weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2009

And another one!

I told you... I can't resist! Another one recommended by Mrs. B.!

The Halloween Queens are also with a super cool Halloween giveaway with awesome items in the pack! You just need to see to believe it!

Another cool giveaway!

You guys must know how I love giveaways. I can't resist! Of course it's great when/if I get something, but I simply adore the thrill of being part of that gang crossing fingers to be random-picked! LOL And I just stumbled upon a surprise giveawa recommended by Mr. B - who by the waty was such a sweetie for sending me this awesome horde of pagans and non-pagans to my humble blog! I'm having the longest, delightful 15-minutes! LOL

So it's a Halloween giveaway from the HedgeWitch Hollow. What are you waiting for? Run and take the chance! :o)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day at school.

Lucas was incredibly calm this first day. He said it was because he knew I was there. But he did act as if he was comfortable .

I made a special rune for him to carry on his backpack - because he didn't want a new sword of courage, now he's grown up... So I made a black felt rune with Algiz on one side, and a spiral on the other side, and he carefully kept it with him. Nothing like a little bit of magic to make a little witch feel okay.

We went on foot to the school, a 15-minute walk along the beautifull streets full of trees and under the end of Winter's sun. He didn't complain and demanded to carry his backpack all the time:

His recess time is long, 40 minutes!!! It was great because now I'm sure he'll eat his snack instead of playing! LOL

I liked his teacher at first sight, a lovely lady who teaches for 19 years already, and is very smart. I had the chance of having a long talk to her while the kids were playing around - I can be very boring concerning my son making tons of questions, and she gave me a good sensation.
So that it is, it has begun! Now things will be lighter, I guess!
Off now to help him with his homework - he was so tired when he got home yesterday, that, as it was the first day, I let him make it this morning instead when he arrives, as I usually do.
Thanks for the support, I showed Lucas all the sweet words you guys posted, he loved it! :o)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A cool shop!

I just found out this awesome artist, with a super-cool Etsy shop, the Portable Graffiti!
She has the coolest buttons I've seen, and I just loved this pack for Halloween, so cute:

The best is that the prices are cool too! :o) It worths the look!

Lucas' new look!

I took Lucas to have his hair cut yesterday, for his first day at school - today! He looks cute and older like that, doens't he? :o) I just think the woman cut his fringe too much, sigh But it will grow...

I bought his uniform yesterday as well as the fewitems of school material he needs to finish the year. I covered the notebooks with red plastic as required, and have everything ready for him. The poor thing woke up at 3am and just couldn't sleep! Pure anxiety for the first day, although he didn't know it. We watche some cartoons, talked a little bit about the book I'm reading for him (a Brazilian thriller for young kids), and after a long time, he finally slept, and still is (it's 8:40am righ now).
I'll stay at the school while he studies during the first days, as usual, and I'm praying that he adapts himself better than befor! Alea jacta est, I never know how he will react to the new routine, let's see, cross fingers everybody... again! :o)

Altars set

One of the first things I like to do when I move is to have my altar set and ready for me. Mine and Lucas' are in our bedroom since we arrived (our bedroom... actually it's mom's, and she insists in sleeping in the family room to leave it for us! I hate to see her there although she says it's comfortable. As soon as e exchange the big bed for two single ones, I'll have a ultimate talk to her, I can't stand living here with here without comfort!)

I got my little altar over the little furniture mom gave me to organize my clothes, and I hang my favorite dreamboard on the wall, because I think it fits like a glove right now. It's good to have an inspirational frame to look at everyday, and get in the mood:

Lucas' is on the bedside table, with al his little tings that makes him feel connected:

I feel better having it set and nice at my eye's sight. It's simple and make me feel good, to light a candle and to pray for a while for the Goddess. These days I feel this need a lot...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun with grandma

Lucas teaching grandma (or trying to...) how to play Tetris at his game toy:


*** UPDATE: The costumer loved the keychains, and immediately paid me in cash, just in time for Lucas' uniform! :o) ***

The 30 keychains are finally set! I got the order last Thursday, so I had only two days to make them, but it was ok, only last night I went to sleep around 2am so today everything would be ready to be taken to the costumer today. There are little embroidery details that took time to be finished.
I made four "ice covers", caramel, chocolat, strawberry and grape. I'll add them to my Etsy just to see what happens:

I like the way they ended up. Here is the whole pack! :
Gonna take them after lunch, and take the time to buy Lucas' school uniform and part of his material as well. Have a great weekend, everybody! :o)

Friday, September 4, 2009

A cool award

Some time ago both Danielle and Turtle passed this super-cool award on me. Thank you ladies, it warmed my heart! :o)
Now I should passed it on more bloggers. But honestly, this time I want to dedicate it to all my blogger friends. You guys have been so wonderfully positive and supportive to me since my world turned upside down, that I have to say you all deserve it. When we talk about a domestic witch, about creating a magical housecrafting, we're talking about everyone who keeps their houses as a warm, full of love home. And this I can feel in every home "I visit" (now more often!). Every one of you try your best to keep spirits high and face your own 'demons', some scarier than mine, and to bring the best energies to your place. No matter your spiritual path, you're all awesome goddesses & gods within.
Blessed be!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I just came back from Lucas' school-to-be, and we've got... a 50% discount!!! That is much better than I've ever hoped! I was here bitting nails to get an answer from them (and if there's something I hate is to wait for an answer!), and now it's settled, R$ 200. Lucas visited the whole school, and liked the classrooms, the playing area, etc. I do hope that when he starts studying next week, he still loves everything! You must remember how hard it is for him to start in a new school... But so far, he's reacting positively.
Tomorrow we'll go downtown to buy his uniform and the few studying items he don't have. The books will take some time to arrive (they need to be ordered) , but he can start the month without them.
All I know is that I'm feeling lighter, now that I know the price of everything. Obviously, I do need to know all details to feel secure, to know where my feet are stepping on. Now I can prepare myself and get organized to what I need to spend. That's how I like.
Another great thing is that I've got an order of 30 felt cupcake keychains for Saturday! Yes, a guy from a decoration shop where I offered my handcraft liked them and ordered for a friend's birthday party. He chose cupcakes (the party theme) and loved the model I made for him. Now I'm embroidering like crazy to get them ready, they're really cute! I'll post some photos here asap. Btw, gotta go now and busy my fingers! :o)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Lucas tested his "climbing & balance skills" last afternoon when we went to the Crystal Palace, where a orchid exhibition is in course. He simply loves doing that! He can't see a wall like that, and wants to climb it. I remember I used to love it too:

Here he is in front of some of the gorgeous flowers. He took several photos of them, I'll post them here later. This is a permanent exhibition, and want to buy one or two to have at home. The weather here is very good for this kind of plant:
A note on his school: this week I'll have the answer about the scholarship. Fingers crossed everybody!!!!