Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Earth Day

It was a sunny lovely day, and Lucas wanted to go to the Imperial Museum's ancient garden, the best place here to celebrate this date. There he hugged a big tree, draw a pentagram on the birds' water place, took photos of the Sun, hidden fishes, flowers, and I took some photos of his sweet face. Yes, the beautiful Nature photos were obviously - points out the proud mom - taken by my little witch.

We took a walk at the main park, where he once more got mesmerized by the fountain, and ran like crazy around it as he always do, full of energy and life.

On the way back home, we gave eatable sticks to two dogs we know and Lucas "adopted": the black Pretinha, who lives in that fenced desert terrain as a guardian, and brown Johnny, who lives in a garage where cars are fixed. Both are old friends and love our visits. While Lucas can't have his own doggie, they help him to be patient about it.

We ended up eating huge healthy sandwiches at Subway - but of course he couldn't resist adding a little Ruffles bag to the order...

It was really a perfect day, Lucas was all happy honouring Gaia and enjoying the beautiful day, as I knew it would be. I'll light a candle before sleeping just to thank the gods for this.

Wish you all a wonderful Friday!

4 comentários:

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Lucas is such a cutie. Looks like you both had a wonderful day. Life is so good when you have a child to share the adventure in it. My grands make me alive, I am truly blessed, as are you.
((((hugs))) until next time my friend

Danni said...

It sounds like we had very similar days! I went to the park and sat by the water and took pictures of the plants, pet some dogs and ate at Subway too! How odd and fun!

Lucas takes some beautiful pictures. :)

Maebius said...

sounds like quite the special adventure. Happy Earth Day to you (a day belated, but I was busy yesterday myself. *grin*)

amy said...

Great photos! And Lucas taking some photos is great and kind of a double whammy for remembering the day. :)