Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to train your dragon

This afternoon I took Lucas to watch "How to train your dragon". While in the bus, I went playing with him pretending we were going to watch it so we would know what to do with the dragon we found and hid in mom's house's back area. I asked if he gave him food, and he said, "Oh no, I forgot! I hope he doesn't eat grandma!", and we went playing like that, creating all the crazy stuff about "our dragon", what if he smelled the food on the oven while we were out, etc. LOL

What a fun movie!! The characters are great, like from an Asterix story - I'm so in love with Night Fury! - the plot is cool, photography is breath-taking... - I just wished we had watched in 3D, but Petropolis doesn't have it. - Lucas only moved his hand to grab his popcorns, his eyes glued to the screen. The story has everything: adventure, funny moments, sweet parts, we loved it! I highly recommend it for everybody with or without kids! I'll try to get the book asap.

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Mother Moon said...

this looks to be a great movie for young ones. I was going to go with my grandkids when I visited yet it was not out yet. glad to hear you had a good time... I love to watch children lost in imagination.... :-)

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

So glad you and Lucas had the pre party for th movie and then got to see it. Ry stills acts out parts of the movie almost every day, he just loved it. Looks like I'm gonna need to go and see it so I can tell what he is talking about and besides, I love to see it anyway.
(((hugs)))until next time

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Our Walmart put up a display about the movie, and it was supposed to be up a week, but everything on it (looked like a big boat) was bought within hours and the whole thing had to be taken down again! The kids are really into the movie here.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the Norse God of Odin mention several times? Loved it too.