Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Goddesses on spot

I decided creating specific Goddesses and Gods for my Etsy shop - 'bout time! I've always tended to make them related to the elements or witchy symbols, but lately I feel this urge to bring them from the Greek and Celtic pantheons, my favorite ones. Today I finished and listed Artemis in blue felt, one of her sacred colors, with Her bow & arrow:

I wish I had taken a better photo, but outside is all wet, with rain falling all the time, so I had to take it indoors, which is never the best! But if I waited until the rain stopped, I'd never list Her...

Now I just made the free-hand drawing for Brigit in deep yellow felt, with the triple moon, a fire, and a serpent. Tomorrow I'll start hand-embroidering Her. Can't wait to see how She'll end up!

I have a long row of Goddesses - and Gods - waiting to be born, and I wish I had clones of myself, so they would be ready faster! LOL

I hope everybody is having a great and safe weekend!

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