Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthdays and Free Books

OH... What a week! I spent most time feeling nauseated and tired due to this stupid flu plus migraine crisis. Thank the gods since yesterday I'm feeling much better - and now my mom and my brother got sick! But they'll be okay soon too, I'm sure, I'm spoiling them alright, against their will! LOL

My youngest, sweetest, cutest little niece Beatriz, became a 2-year-old lady on the 14th, and yesterday was her Birthday party. It was great I was already recovered so I could help my brother Delcio and my sis-in-law - the proud parents - with hot-dogs, popcorn and cake serving. I have the madre teresa syndrom: I have to help in family or friends parties, can't simply sit and be served. I guess I got it from my mom. The party was great, Beatriz was a cutiepie and everybody had lots of fun. Lucas ran up and down with a brand-new friend, and mixed all the yummy goodies - I just don't know how he didn't got sick! We all slept as soon as we got back home, happily exhausted...

Today was Day of the Book, and as our tradition, we went spreading Free Books on the main park. We ended up freeing 3 books - a Wicca book series' double copy, a Healing Love my mom wanted to share, and a Rosamund Pilcher's, sorry that I can't rememeber their titles! and a Donald Duck comics Lucas decided giving too. It was fun, Lucas "very much discreetly", according to his own words, left each book at a park bench, as you can see below, for instance:

And we watched for some time to see if anyone would grab them. While we were there, only one woman grabbed one of the books - enough to make Lucas all proud:

But wgot hungry and headed to MacDonalds for a snack, where my little witch played the bad boy... Just for the photo, of course. He looks cute even when trying to be bad...

He took a photo of me and an abstracte painting - he's been fascinated by this kind of art lately, gods know why:

On our way back home, we watched the benches with no books or comic, for Lucas' delight:

It was a good weekend, we kept our tradition, and had a lovely family time. Hope yours were as good as ours! Sorry for the long post!

6 comentários:

greekwitch said...

What a beautiful tradition. I love it! May i borrow it? I would like to free some books too.

Bridgett said...

I love, love, love that tradition!

It seems Lucas does too. :)

Beatriz is ADORABLE. Happy 2nd birthday to her.

Did you get anything good at McDonald's? lol

Much love!

Brian V. Laws said...

I love you blog! It's dif, because it's down south! I'm stealing your button btw to put on mine so I hope you don't mind! Have a great week!

Enchanted Dawn said...

Oh, I always love your book freeing posts! They are such fun!

I can't believe how much Beatriz has grown! What a little sweetheart, she's so cute!

Danni said...

What a beautiful tradition you're creating with Lucas. You're a wonderful mother always, but even more so for teaching him that there is so much happiness in simply giving.

I'm glad that you are feeling better and were able to visit with your niece. She's adorable!

Reader Wil said...

That's a great idea to hand out free books! I am going to take somr novels to the local home for the elderly! Lucas looks very happy! He is lovely. I hope you are all recovered from the flu!