Monday, April 26, 2010

A five-day weekend

We had a huge weekend... With two national holidays on Wednesday and on Friday. So schools took Thursday off in betwen the two holidas. That's why our weekend was so long! Luckly the weather helped and we could enjoy the days. Lucas is easy to please - which is great for buckless me! We had fun on Earth Day, played in our favorite park, even shuttlecock playing - this is his new fav game outside.

We made crazy drawings outside home under the sun, Lucas rided his scooter, and weeven had a long talk about good and bad behaviour - because it's very rare, but once in a while Lucas throws his tantrums. After this talk, he commited himself to breath deeply before reacting negatively, and see how better it is not to be mad at little things. It worked so well I want to hug him all the time- and I do! Maybe he's growing up too fast... He said he simply enjoys more when having fun and being kind to everybody than to feel his face getting all angry-wrinkled.

Today we walked to the park, but had to return soon, because his feet had blists! First time it happens, but the sun was hot and he was wearing his Spiderman sandals, feet got sweaty and blists came. At home, he was barefoot the rest of the day. We made "together" my favorite comfort cake, cornmeal cake. It was so soft it almost melted in the mouth. But talking about recipes, you should try Brian's banana-praline muffins! I have a similar recipe on the cake version.

I had time to craft for my Etsy orders and tomorrow I'll start a custom Persephone. I had a hard time deciding how to represent Her, but I found my own solution, I'll post a photo here when She's done.

So that's it! Tomorrow life gets back to normal... I wish everybody a great week. Please keep your thoughts with Bridgett's sweet kids, they still need all good vibes!

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Mother Moon said...

You got to love long weekends.. .and a 5 day one..well that is just wonderful... hope you enjoyed all your free time... blessings