Monday, May 31, 2010

A Celtic Tarot and a little witch

This afternoon, though it was so cold, rainy and foggy, I went downtown to run errands. Before walking back home, I couldn't resist stopping by at one of my favorite second-hand bookstores, that is having a big 40% discount in all books - but seems like they always have these promotions when I'll buckless! Sigh.

I spent some time there, diving into the shelves as I always do, and found some good books, but couldn't afford to get them all, so I picked two. One by Margareth Atwood, "Surfacing" - more than probably good. I love Atwood, since I read many years ago "The Handmaid's Tale" - a book that hit me like a slap on my face, I highly recommend it!

The other book is Madru, by Frederik Hetmann. I've never heard about this author before, but the story called my attention, and I want to see what's all about. It's a novel on a Celtic lore, and each chapter has to do with a Celtic Tree tarot card -that comes with the book, small cards with cool images. I'm not much into tarot, used to read it around 22 years ago, they're very accurate - to the point of showing me that an ex-boyfriend was cheating on me with a older woman... I was reading them in front of him, who got red like a tomato! LOL Yes.. Really accurate!

And then I started studying runes, some 15 years ago, and I fell in love with it, and deepened my readings. The viking symbls talk to me very easily, and I love them still. Since I moved in here, I didn't touch my runes though, about time! Just too much trash to throw away first before feling alright to pick them up again.

But these cards are lovely. And the amazing thing was that, when Lucas got home aftr school, and saw the book + cards on my table, he wanted to lay them down. And boy, he did! My little witch got a gift. He decided he wanted to know about his life, and if he would still have peace in his future (I'm glad he finds his life peaceful now, even during all the bad phase, what a paradox). All I can say is that his cards were awesome. Simply awesome. His past was clearly there, the trials, going to his present troubles, leading to a better future, feet to the ground type. He made a happy, calm face while I was trying to explain the meaning for him, and said that was what he expected to see... Sometimes this boy gives me the creeps.

Now he wants to "play" with the cards all the time, it became his new toy, until the next new thing. I let him free to handle them, really believe we have to set them free to experience and try their gifts, if they're there.

By the way, about another kind of divination - with Yule approaching Southern Hemisphere, I'm finishing the perfect present for him (though now I'm not so sure! LOL): a set of felt runes. Lucas asked me a couple of months ago to make a yellow set with red cotton thread embroidery. As I had several Etsy orders pending, I just couldn't make them, only cut the felt and draw the symbols. Now I spared some time specially to have them ready for that day. I'll add a pinch of mugworth to enhance the psych side, and place it on our little Yule tree, when we set it. And you guys, are you getting ready for Summer? I'm definitely not ready for Winter here.. It's already so cold sometimes I think I became an ice cube!

Hope yo all are having a great week so far, and a lovely Memorial Day today. Kisses from us!

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OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

We will have your turquoise silk piece in the mail tomorrow. GK is not feeling well today but let me write down the message for Lucas and we finished his spell and spell holder. I think he will like it. I hope so. Now GK has two friends to write to that are in similar situations as her. Lucas, of course and another friend who lives in Portugal, whose mother and father have been separated for 3 years. The girl Lindsay is 5 weeks younger than GereaKaye and her brother Adrian is 5 days older than RyLeigh. Old family friends who moved to Portugal, bought an herb farm and have kept in touch all these years. So we have three continents of children with similar worries and concerns. Good to share with other kids.
(((hugs))) until next time

Nydia said...

Looking forward to get the gorgeous brooch, and GK's spell. Hope she feels better soon! Don't forget to send my kiss and words to her, Linda!
You have a worldwide connection now! :o)

Thank you for being always loving.

Kisses and love from us.

Rue said...

Lucas is a special boy, that's for sure. I think it's great that he really took to the cards. And I'm sure he'll be so excited to get his handmade-with-love runes from you!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

How wonderful that he's found a gift like that! And I bet it carries over to the runes and to other forms of divination as well! It might be fun to run through some of them on rainy days - I love doing tea leaf readings!

Hope your winter isn't too rough. I'm heading into summer and can't wait!

Mama Kelly (aka Jia) said...

You should encourage him to write down the readings he comes up with in his playing (maybe even on a blog of his own). It would be great to look back at them in later years.

Here's hoping that the Winter is kind to you both. I worry about you always being so cold, especially knowing the season is only beginning.


Nydia said...

Kelly, we are taking note of his readings. Of curse, for him it'1s a big play, so he has lots of questions for lots of readings, but he's learning to focus.

Don't worry about me being cold! We're all well protected against the Winter that's coming, but thin as I am, I always complain and wear layers of sweaters like a onion! LOL But I do wish all the houes in this city had heaters!!