Friday, May 14, 2010

A weird week

This week was really boring. Lucas got sick last Sunday after eating too much peanuts on Saturday, at my brother-in-law's b-day. As I was helping my sister serving guests, I haven't noticed he was being such a glutton! Needless to say I felt the worst mom in the world when he woke up throwing up and all dissy! He ended up at home off school for three days! Another lesson learned: never leave your little witch unattended among cousins at a party for more than five minutes!

After that, it was my turn to get all sick yesterda with my traditional migraine crisis... I spent the whole night awaken cursing it, and could only sleep thi afternoon, aftr taking three awful Ormigrens. Now I'm okay but with those bad side effects: dizziness, heartburn, dry mouth... My 99 years old self is here tonight!

On the light, sweet side, tomorrow is mom's 77th birthday! We'll have lunch wiht family, and in the evening everybody will go to her favorite pub around the corner - her wish - to drink some beers - not me, after this migraine, though! and eat French fries - this is her perfect closing b-day party! LOL

I wish everybody a wonderful weekend!

4 comentários:

Brian said...

Happy Birthday Nydia's Mom! You and Lucas have an awesome weekend! Hope no more migranes!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Happy Birthday to your mother, Nydia! She sounds like a very down-to-earth lady!

Hope you and Lucas remain well!!!

Suzie Ridler said...

I am so sorry to hear you and Lucas have been having such a hard time with your health. I hope you are both feeing much better soon and end up having a great time with your Mom.

BTW, it was a crazy weird week for me too!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!! I hope you and Lucas are both feeling better. Have a great weekend!!