Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Treasure Box!

Today we were all lazy and tired because of yesterday's party (mom's b-day, remember?), so we didn't do much, only sticking around, playing some shuttlecock, watching F-1 race... As it's a very cold Sunday and we woke up later than usual (meaning around 9:30am), I let Lucas enter Cartoon site and play for a while.

In the afternoon, inspired by Octoberfarm, who's giving away a absolutely adorable box here , we took an old wooden box that was hidden somewhere and started crafting: Lucas chose several tiny toys (including the wooden witch and broom!), plastic bottle caps (that he collects), and old buttons, and we glued on the top and sides of the lid. Next, he chose beautiful papers to cover the sides of the box, and voilà! A playful and fun treasure box for us to save whathever we want (it was meant to be his, but he said he wanted to share it with me, my little witch is not selfish...):

Of course, it's all artless, dirctly on the wooden surface, it was just meant to make us have some fun time on the making of it, but I would love to create something fancier, using other little things. It would look so cute!

4 comentários:

Danni said...

I love it! It looks like it was a ton of fun to make and will be a great keepsake. I always love when people put old toys to new purposes and display them.

You guys always seem to have so much fun. If I ever come to Brazil, I know who I'll be crafting with! ;)

Janet said...

Oh, what fun!! I'm sure Lucas will have a good memory of this for many years.


KrisMrsBBradley said...

That is completely awesome!!

Marie S said...

Wonderful, what a great job!!
Memory box too!