Sunday, May 2, 2010

Calling all Kitchen Witches!

This is a great thing: my lovely Etsy costumer Joan, from the Arizona's Spiral Coven, is organizing a potluck cookbook. She needs recipes from witches all over the world! This is really a great chance to share "that" special recipe you have when you go to or host a potluck. She says:

"Goddess Events Arizona is seeking recipes to be published in a potluck cookbook. Share your favorites: the tried-and-true, time-tested dishes that travel well and are crowd-pleasers. If the recipe if for special magickal intent or is for a specific celebration, note it on your submission. Your name or magickal name will be published by your recipe or recipes*. Feel free to submit as many as you like, but follow the potluck theme. If you have any tips on how you organize or coordinate a successful potluck, please share them. It would be most helpful if you submitted your recipe by inserting it in an email to or attach a Word doc.
After printing costs, income raised from cookbook sales will benefit the Freyja Celebration January 2011 and to support Sojourner Center

*She can add mini biographies of the donors as additional interest to the cookbook.

Submissions are for free. Please ignore the deadline, for she's extending it until getting enough recipes. I just sent her my maize porridge to be included. Send your recipes too, and spread the word among your witchy friends!

2 comentários:

Nar said...

I'm down with that! I'll check my recipes and see if I can find something suitable. My cookbook is still coming along but in the meantime I can be published in another one ;) Thanks for letting us know!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh darn, I didn't see this note about ignoring the deadline. Oh well, I wrote to her so if she is interested still maybe she will write back. Fabulous idea.