Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pagan book giveaway!

MSRB, from the cool blog Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, is launching a fun giveaway as she's recycling her bookshelf to make room for new books! She's first giving away the book Witch on the Go: A Book of Spells to Take with You by Cal Garrison:

"This is a cute little book, 152 pages that will easily fit in a purse. It has a few basics plus some great stuff for traveling (spell for battling road rage, protection spell), for vacations (beach spell, sunrise spell), everyday magical acts (morning sex, coffe ritual) and how to create a portable spell kit with an empty Altoids tin, post-it notes and birthday candles".

All you have to do is to leave a comment in her blog until July, 16th, and his son will be picking up a winner! She's got a list of books to give away, one at a time, so don't miss the chance. I'll not, for sure!

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

Thanks for posting this! It's so much more fun when there are a lot of people joining in!

Rosebud said...

The book does sound interesting. I'm not Wiccan... I don't really have a word for what I am... still, I'm open to things I don't know much about... ever the erudite. Maybe I'll find what I'm looking for on some of these links.

Green Womyn said...

I´m totally in! Thanks for the tip, hon!

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

Thank you for the wonderful tip. I just entered and told her that you sent me over!

Also thank you for the sweet words you've been saying on my blog, it's so nice to have a pagan friend to write such great things.

Kyanite said...

Sounds interesting - need a little magic!


Suzie Ridler said...

Hi Nydia! I'm sending this via your blog because my email is giving me trouble.

Thank you for letting me know you're going through a similar rut with your kitchen witch. That helps. A lot!

Yes, I did go to that site for the book give away, super cool! Thank you for telling me about her blog, looks like an awesome one.

I did warm up the saline potion on the stove but you probably don't have to. Salt seems to dissolve easier than sugar. Salt is incredibly powerful. Be careful what you spray of course because it can leave residue. I only use it when I REALLY need more than a basic cleanse.

If you want to put up the same dreamboard next week, I can do that. If you want to add text to the post in some way I can also do that. Relaunching it is just fine!

I'm such a wimp, the heat here is nothing in comparison to the rest of the world but I really can't handle it. I bet that is a big part of what's going on with me. It's also hard when I spend more on my supplies than I make. Money is so tight! I think that's what my dreamboard this month is going to be. I'm thinking of approaching it completely like a spell, wouldn't that be cool? With herbs and stuff. If I find the time and energy!

Thanks for writing Nydia, it's always a joy to hear from you.