Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It fell out!

Rodrigo called me this morning, right after I arrived at the office, to tell me Lucas' tooth fell out! He was brushing his teeth when it went "pop!" in Lucas' lap. I'm so proud of him!... And so happy... and so sad... and so scared... and so happy... and so excited.. and so... everything! As I said before... this is so definite! My little boy is growing up. There's this mix of emotions inside of me, but most of all, I'm happy because he is all proud. He's got this funny little window, as we say here in Brazil, and now can't wait for the night to come and the tooth fairy to take his little tooth and leave a coin and a new decorated toothbrush. That's what he said she would do, so...

Remember I mentioned in another post about a tooth catcher? I made one at home, and Lucas will use it to keep the tooth under his pillow for the fairy - he wanted it black (...), so it's hard (if not impossible) to see the catcher's mouth - the opening where the tooth goes:

Doesn't it look like a bat or something? LOL But he loved it, then that's fine for me...

I'll try to post my ABC Wednesday still today, but if I can't, tomorrow it will be here.

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Michele said...

YAY... I think the tooth catcher is the neatest thing in the world! I love it!
What a great little picture of Lucas... what a sweet boy.
I'm glad he was able to rescue the tooth into his lap!
Yes, Lucas is becoming a big boy!

Marcia said...

Aww! This is how I feel about V being potty trained. I'm so excited... but kinda shocked... kinda scared that she's growing too fast haha. I mean, she turns 2 in late September! We have kids in our family that are 6 and still in pull-ups at night.

Lucas is such a handsome little boy. He's going to have so many little girlfriends haha. Make sure you take pictures of them all to embarass him with later!

Marcia said...
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Kyanite said...

How exciting for Lucas.
By now, the tooth fairy will have been, can just imagine his happy face this morning when he finds his coin.
I love the touch of having a new toothbrush too - it makes me smile.

Love to you both

Reader Wil said...

Congrats to Lucas! Children grow so fast, don't they? He is lovely.