Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ABC Wednesday - A - Third round!!!

The ABC's third round has just began with the letter A. There are some news on the meme - it now has its own page here, and everyone is invited to join the fun!
A for me is for Apples... One of my favorite fruits. The proverb says "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". I think there's a lot of true in this. The apple reduces the risk of colon/prostate/lung cancer, heart disease, it's good for weight loss and controlling cholesterol, and it's also antioxidant. Not to mention the obvious: it's delicious! And there's the pagan appeal, for the fruit is said to have healing properties and its tree is sacred to the druids, being very used in love magick as well.

My son loves this simple, well-known and yummy recipe that I often make for him: I take one apple and remove its core leaving a small hole. Then I fill the hole with a mix of sugar and cinamon in powder, sit the apple in a baking dish, and bake it until the sugar melts and the fruit is soft. It's hard to eat while drooling but that's what happens, so good it is! LOL
For more cool ABC posts, visit its new home!

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Suzie Ridler said...

I have been wanting to make baked apples forever! I wonder if I could do this in the crockpot? Can't put on my oven in the summer, even on cooler days. I just want to keep it cool inside.

My husband is allergic to raw apples but can eat cooked ones, isn't that weird? It's one of the reasons I taught myself to bake.

Kyanite said...

I too adore scrummy Baked Apples but I do stuff my 'hole' with dried friut too!
I'm cooking today too for my own personal A!


I've finally found something for Lucas - will be posting in the next few days. Hope you aprove!

abb said...

Lovely A. And that is a recipe I'll definitely be trying!

Anonymous said...

I really should get back to eating apples - I stopped about a year ago and I can't think why now. So many seem tasteless these days.
Those in your picture look yum.

Miss_Yves said...

Hello, Nydia!
Your recipe is very tempting, it looks like my mother 's one!
Apples are a typical fruit of Normandy, where I live , you know !

Michele said...

I love love love apples!!!
I especially like the Golden Delicious and Gala. I'm not sure if those are available everywhere or only here in Canada but those are my favorite.

I didn't enter the ABC because I didn't want to do it on the main blog... but I didn't know you could do it on our own blogs... I am a little confused ... sigh.

gma said...

Hi Nydia, Good to find your blog again. I ate my apple this morning...and it was sacred.

nonizamboni said...

Thanks for the recipe! Just like my grammy used to make. Great post too.

Marcia said...

Mm those look delicious!

Thanks for the comment. It's just been a bad month for us. There is so much going on, most of which are not good. I'm sure it will pass.

Don't forget, Bloggy Carnival starts Monday!! Woo!

Leslie: said...

Wonderful post and gorgeous photos!

CherryPie said...

The apples in the top photo look so tempting :-)