Monday, July 7, 2008

Little prayer

Every night, before sleeping, Lucas likes me to say this little prayer, that I created with some special suggestions of his:

"Thank you, Goddess, thank you, God, for this day,
where everything was ok and we are safe at home to sleep.
May dad get home safe too (Rodrigo is a dog walker and he leaves after I get home and only arrives after he's asleep).
Thank you for ... - here I add something that happened in the day, if it was important.
Thank you for our house that protects us against rain, cold, wind, heat and fire.
Thank you for our food that comes from the Earth to keep us strong.
Thank you for our water that comes from the rivers to quench our thirst.
Thank you for our lives that are so important and good for us.
Thank you for the love of our family that keep us together.
Thank you for my son's health, who is here full of energy,
please always protect him and my family.
May Lucas sleep well and have good dreams,
May he wake up tomorrow full of joy,
And may tomorrow be a wonderful day for all of us.
So mote it be."

He only sleeps after I say this prayer, no matter how sleepy he is. It's part of our night ritual, after reading Harry Potter, and I see he feels well with this words repetition, kinda mantra.

And you, do you have any ritual before sleeping? I can't sleep without reading at least one page of a book!

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Turtleheart said...

Oh, that's a lovely prayer! What a beautiful bedtime ritual. I would have loved to have my parent tuck me into bed like that when I was a child. Lucas is very loved!

I used to have a bedtime ritual with my cat Claire; I would give her her first eyedrop, give her her pill, get into bed and read while she ate her bedtime meal, give her the second eyedrop, then make a "cave" out of the blankets and she would crawl in and curl up against me and I would turn out the light and we'd go to sleep. Since she died, I don't really have any kind of bedtime ritual anymore; I usually stay up until I'm too tired and then just drag myself straight to bed.

Maebius said...

Sounds lovely indeed! Our ritual has less prayer, but we do often re-highlight the good points of the day and state our intentions for the next day's fun or big plans.
That's going to be one awesome man you are raising, with such loving and reverent upbringings! :)

Patty said...

Oh how beautiful. I know that Lucas must feel safe and loved as he drifts off to sleep

Reader Wil said...

Bedtime rituals are very important for a child as well as for the parent. We always read a story and at last sung a prayer (in Dutch of course).

turningwheelfarm said...

That's a great prayer. I have been thinking of starting Melody with one but haven't yet. We usually read 3 or 4 books and then myself yes I usually read at least a few pages of a book before bed. :)