Thursday, July 10, 2008

Favorite Things part 2 - Being spoiled by mom

I couldn't help myself adding an extra Fav Thing today: being with my mother and letting her spoil me a little bit and vice-versa!

I told she would stay with us the past four days, while Rodrigo was visiting his brother in another city. As I said, I was missing him, but at the same time it was great to have my mother with us! She's the kind of person who loves pampering her children - no matter how old we are - and I do the same with her.

She's a sweetie and Lucas enjoyed every minute, specially because she was the one who'd fetch him at school while I was working. He felt himself special!

Mom even had to wear Lucas' hat to please him for a photo! She kills me if she knows I posted this!! LOL

With her came my loving nephew William, my late sister's son. He's a very sweet guy (will be 18 in August), and is dealing very bravely with all the changes in his life. He's moved to mom's house and will start studying next month at the local high school, and for the frst time in his life, his mother is not around to guide him on his problems. Mom is being his second mother now, and somehow it soothes her. Lucas adores him!
We had good days and nights chatting and gossiping about ourselves! Isn't it a favorite thing? :)
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3 comentários:

Kyanite said...

Nydia, there are no rules.
I'm delighted to read this second post - Fav. Things is about sharing about things including people you love.
This post was a delightful bonus.


Roan said...

Only a great mom would put on Lucas' hat and allow her picture to be taken. By the way, she looks cute in it! BJ

Dragonstar said...

That's so lovely Nydia. Your mom seems to be a very special person.