Friday, July 18, 2008

Lucas' Dreamboard

*Update: Lucas decided replacing the ghost image by a... popcorn bag! LOL That's how it works for an almost five-year-old boy...*

Oh gods, I forgot including my little son's dreamboard! Here it is... I just copied the images he chose to a Word page, and typed the header. He was a little material this time. He wants things! LOL He wants a little pig and a little tree to watch them grow and hold (as I told Suzie, in our tiny apartment it's impossible, but luckly he has his grandpa's little farm where they can live). He also wants a microphone so he can sing his songs out loud at home. He wants to increase his plastic bottles' lids collection. And to meet Hermione (his first crush, no, actually his second crush, the first one was Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer). And the last and scariest dream: he wants a ghost! I was like, "what?!". He says he already sees ghosts at home, but never has time to talk to them, because I'm always asking him to do things... Autumn, please give me a hand on this!! Definitely I don't want any ghosts staying here chatting with my son, bu I had to include the image, he demanded it... Well, we'll have a talk when I get home tonight before celebrating this esbat.
I suggest everyone taking a look at the other beautiful dreamboards at Suzie's Sacred Space, they're amazing! Have a great weekend, friends, see you asap!

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Green Womyn said...

I´ve really enjoyed that:

"He says he already sees ghosts at home, but never has time to talk to them, because I'm always asking him to do things..."


Unbalanced Libra said...

Just browsing through the Pagan Blogger's Network list and wanted to stop and say merry Meet!
Witchy Mama

Marcia said...

Aww haha he's so cute. Who doesn't have a crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt? She's beautiful!

What kind of bottle lids does he collect?

V has been wanting my mom more than me lately and it really makes me sad. I get to the point of crying but V doesn't understand. I just hope and pray they get blessed with more money. My dad literally makes $4 an hour. Minimum wage here is about $8 now I think. He makes less than 1/2 of one of my paychecks and I get paid 2 times a month.

Kyanite said...

I really enjoyed seeing both your dreamboards & hope all your wihes for the month ahead come true, well apart from the ghost maybe.

I was going to do this, remind me close to the new moon next month pretty please, my friend.

Love to you all

Suzie Ridler said...

I'm so glad we managed to get that up in time, his collage is wonderful! Perhaps he should replace the idea of a ghost with more spirituality in his life? I think you both did a fantastic job and I really appreciate you both participating. I think that's beautiful!