Friday, July 18, 2008

Sacred Suzie's Full Moon Dreamboard challenge

Tonight the Full Moon will be up in the skies, and like last month, I joined Sacred Suzie's Dreamboard challenge. I was breaking my head (again) to get to the proper visualization to what I want and need this month, then the wise life helped me on this...
To shorten a long story, I work as a secretary at a small company that manages a small jewelry workshop. It's a wonderful place to work at, because I'm very free to do what I have to on my own way without a creepy boss over my shoulder, since, thankfully, my boss is a sweet (and strong) Russian lady who trusts me. Unfortunately it's getting more and more difficult for her to keep things - bills are accumulating, materials are not being purchased - all the signs of failure - so last Wednesday she had a serious conversation with me and told me that it would be better if I started spreading my curriclum around, because she didn't know how long she would be able to run her business. Ok, I thought to myself, at least she's fair enough to let me know, and I really felt sorry for her, because I do believe in her talent and competence, and always thought that things would be better in time.
So life goes on, and next week on my spare time I'll be sending my CV to job agencies, and will be taking to people who might help.
AND to reinforce this need, I came up with my dreamboard, simple again but now focused in some points I usually wouldn't give attention to like Money.

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

Your dreamboards are both so great! And I laughed when I saw the Hermione picture! My daughter has a white button down shirt with the "Hogwarts" insignia and a Gryffindor tie that she wears so she can "be" Hermione! She even has me braid her long hair before she wears the shirt, so it will be frizzy when we take the braid out!

Yours were the first dream boards I saw, and they inspired me to make one this month. What a great project to work on!

Shell said...

I love that you and your son both did dreamboards!! Your a good mommy to show your son he can dream and manifest things for himself. I love the widget of the cat. I may have to get that too. Reminds me of my cat, Mabel.