Friday, July 4, 2008

Framed Friday - 7

Framed Friday is on its 7th week and today the letter is D, for Drums.
Drums are important instruments for pagan rituals when you want to give a touch of rhythmn and accompainment to chanting, singing, dancing and for entering into trance states. I found these wonderful drums at the Spirit Visions online shop - they have a variety of cool products -, all hand-painted by the amazing artist Yuri Leitch (Shame on me... I didn't know about him until finding this site, and I'm open-mouthed with his talent):

The above drums are called "Mother, Maiden, Crone" and "Green Woman". Aren't they just enchanting? They come with a beater and a bag, and the prices, considering the extraordinary quality of the painting, are fair enough.

For more cool products review or join the meme, visit Learning Mama.

4 comentários:

Dragonstar said...

These drums are too beautiful to use - what if the pictures wore out? They are so lovely!

Yes, I love my new Moon Dragon. I haven't decided where to hang her yet.

Marcia said...

I was thinking that too! I wouldn't want to use them because they're so beautiful!

V is all better now. She's running around and wowing all of J's family here in Pennsylvania at how well she talks. He has a 4 yr old nephew that you can't even understand. I'm 100% blessed with this one. I guess that's one reason I'm apprehensive to have a second.

Suzie Ridler said...

Those are STUNNING! So beautiful! I love them.

I hope you have a good weekend and that work next week goes well. Hugs!

Green Womyn said...

Hey, I was looking for some inspiration to my new drum and... you bring this Green Woman picture to your blog. Thank you!!!!