Monday, July 28, 2008

A place to relax and think about life...

Sacred Suzie talked here about a surprising new place she found wen walking near her home. A quiet, natural spot where she can breath, relax and stir her writing skills. She deserves it!

I thought about it yesterday, when I went with Lucas to "our" park, Chacrinha. It's two minutes away from home on feet, and it's like being in another dimension. No cars, bikes or skates are allowed, since it's a park visited mainly by young moms and their babies or toddlers. I'm a regular visitor since Lucas was four months old, so I know every inch of it. It's a wonderful park where Nature is exuberant and we even have the company of little monkeys who love being fed with bananas.

Lucas' little friend and father feeding the little monkeys

Although I also live near the beach - which I love -, it's surrounded by trees that I really feel at home. Probably because I spent my entire childhood in a place like that. Every time I'm in Chacrinha, I breath deeply and feel in peace. Whatever stress I'm living under lately, at least disappear while I'm there. You can feel the the Gods' presence and somehow feel like being watched by something good.
In this crazy world we live, I believe everybody needs a place to simply "be", to simply feel it's still worthy living, no matter how bad things are sometimes. This is my place.

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Michele said...

We all need a special place and I'm so happy that you have one! This looks like a wonderful place to escape the stresses of everyday life! The little monkeys look adorable.
I hope you have a stress-less week filled with happiness!

turningwheelfarm said...

Oooh I love the photos of your park. Looks like a wonderful place. I would love to see wild monkeys sometime too. :) I tagged you on my blog if
you have the desire/time (I sometimes don't feel like it.). Hope you have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I am so delighted by the idea of feeding wild monkeys! This is as exotic as a fairy tale to me! We have squirrels, of course... (: What a great reminder to find our special place and just BE. This morning I had ten extra minutes (for once), so I pulled off the road half way between work and home at this little path into the brambles that I'd always meant to visit, and made a whole mini-adventure out of it! I have been so happy all day! I will post a blog about it later this week, you'll see the beautiful flowers I found... (: