Friday, March 26, 2010


I've been rereading my "All the Goddesses in the World", from Claudiney Pietro, a Brazilian wiccan author. This is a gathering of several Goddesses from different paths, but actually there are about 50 Goddesses described in the book. I've always read it at random, as a research tool, but this time I wanted to read it from A to Z, as a book indeed. It covers each Goddess' stories, legends, along with their respective correspondences.

Specially now that I want to go deeper on my handembroidered dolls, this is a good way to check details about each deity, their colors, symbols, etc. It's so good to dive into the Goddesses stories before sleeping, though I've been having the strangest dreams lately!

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Suzi Smith said...

Your dolls are lovely. Looks a really interesting book, but no wonder you're having strange dreams, you are wide open to their energy as you fall asleep! Might be worth making a conscious thought/statement about receiving insight from a particular one in your dreams or maybe 'leave me alone tonight I need my sleep!" Hope you you don't mind the suggestion... i actually came over from monochrome weekend but got sidetracked, lol!