Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ups and downs

Oh well... Life is always full of ups and downs, right? Remember that parttime job I got? Forget it. My almost boss /my mom's friend's son) decided cancelling it by now, because things are really umpredictable, they might close or not the restaurant and can't guarantee my salary, so I'm back to zero... To tell the truth I wasn't that excited about this job anyway, something was telling me it would lead me to nowhere, and seems like I was right. It's okay, at least he was honest from the start.
My CV as a secretary and my leaflets as a English private teacher are spread around the city, though I know hre how hard is to get parttime jobs with such a tight free time like mine, but alea jacta est... Something will come my way, as long as I keep in motion and don't exoect anything to fall in my lap.

Another down point is that Lucas gave up attending Capoeira classes... sigh... He gets embarrassed of being alone with a partner in the middle of the fighting/dancing circle that is the main thing in classes... Can you believe that in the first class, when the first circle was made, it even crossed my mind that this could be a problem? I kept the thought to myself, but that's exactly what happened. He said he was ashamed, and there was no argument to make him change his Leo mind, so goodbye Capoeira... I was so excited for him, because this is such a cool sport and martial art, but of course I can't force him, this was supposed to be fun, nothing else. Maybe when he's older he feels more comfortable and join it again. At least he didn't give up his soccer classes! He's doing well at school, and this is what really matters. He interacts with his little friends, gets A grades a tests, is reading and writting better and better everyday - actually as an incentive I subscribed for his favorite weekly magazine that is a great one with interesting issues about Nature, environment and kids's stuff, and brings little toys related to a specific subject every three months, this time being the Galaxy. He jumped like a cangaroo when heard the news and promised to read the whole magazine every week! LOL

Well, one good up point that made everything else worthy is that I've got a great order of customized Goddesses from a really nice lady, and it's great the challenge of creating specific hand-embroideries for her. This fulfill my creative need, and keeps the energy flowing for more orders at the shop.

As I said, life is full of ups and downs, and we do need to take the best from it, and not despair when the boat seems like foundering, as long as you know how to swim LOL!

3 comentários:

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

Sorry about the job. As for that class that your little witch quit - tell the instructor exactly why it failed. He might take it to heart and change the initial sessions.

And Woohoo on your order! I know that's where your heart is, so keep it going. :)

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

A better job will come up!

You're wise to let Lucas quit if he isn't enjoying the class.

The embroided dolls sound so pretty! You do such nice work!

Wizardess said...

Yes, I predict that something better will come to you very soon. Especially with your wonderful outlook on things.