Friday, March 5, 2010

Bad and good news

Good evening, friends!

The day started with a sad mood: Lucas' King Arthur fish was dead. Last night, before sleeping, I saw him under the castle's bridge, and I didn't like it. This morning, unfortunately, there he was, among the aquatic plant's branches. My little witch got sad, but dealt better than I thought he would about it. I got a small matchbox, and we buried him in the side garden, just beside a basil plant. Lucas made a pentagram in the air, and we sent the little fish to the Goddess, thank for the time he was with us. I was even more upset than he, I think.

I believe that, as today was his first Capoeira class, this distracted the sadness from his heart. He was really really so excited to get started! We just arrived from school, and I had to share my joy at watching him with his little friends, getting along so well! :o) He made all the movements right, anejoyed everything, but got exhausted! LOL The teacher is a sweet young man who knows his job, and took every kid in his palm, hypnotised. I was so proud , watching Lucas happy and proud of himself as well. Next Monday, I'll took some photos, it's so cute his "dance"!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday, enjoy your weekend, and be well.
Kisses and love from the two of us.

4 comentários:

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

I always cry at funerals, I would have been a puddle, especially when he did the pentagram in the air.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful mama you are to put the little fish in a matchbox for a decent funeral. It may not have affected Lucas much today, but from this he will learn compassion and about death.
Check your email - I got a beautiful package in the mail and want to thank you so very much for your generous spirit!
Have a great weekend!

Rue said...

So sorry to hear about King Arthur. I would have been rather distraught myself. Lucas is so brave!

So glad his first class went well and he has a great teacher!

Bridgett said...

I'm so sorry about your fish. We lost ours not long ago as well.

But so happy Lucas is loving his new class. Yay!