Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A lazy day & a job!

Today is holiday in Petropolis, the city anniversary, so Lucas is off school (and sooo upsetabout it... NOT! LOL). It's been a very lazy day, raining a lot, the westher fiannly giving a reak and getting colder. We went downtown to see if we could find an open store to buy new paint brushes and watercolor for Lucas I haven't noticed it was almost over. Of course, all stores were closed, so tomorrow I'll get them.

We spent some time decorating my book of shadows sections using the gorgeous scrapbook papers I got from Janet on her giveaway last year, and my little witch made a special dividing cover for Samhain, I'll take a photo asap! He also started a Mabon board to decorate my altar, the sabbath is almost here, and sincerely I can't wait to have Autumn around. I've never sweated like this in my life!

But the great thing is that I finally got a job! It's a par-time during Lucas' time at school (from 1pm to 5:20pm) at my mothet's very old friend's place. She has a restaurant for tourists at home, and needs someone to get the phone calls, to help her to attend tables, etc. I don't mind, what I know is that I do need the money, and it came in the best time! I'm a bit worried because I know the family is facing a serious financial problem and they're trying to make the restaurant keep going, but as long as they keep their word and pay me... So cross your fingers everybody!

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Amber said...

hey I tagged you for a blog photo game:


Wikked Wit said...


I love your blog! So I gave you an award!! :)


Dragonstar said...

Oh Nydia, I do hope this works out for you! Maybe having you there to help will make that family's finances a bit healthier, so everyone will benefit.

Bridgett said...

Congratulations on the new job! I do hope it's going well, love.