Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the 7th day of Mrs. B.'s Halloween party...

...She's offering...

... A Samhain Crystal Infused Ritual Oil from the Hibiscus Moon shop...

A fun Captured Rat soap from the Gypsy Eye Studio!

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... A gorgeous Artful Alice witch from the awesome The Whimsical Cottage shop...

The coolest voodoo doll keychain from the New Age Dolls. But this one is only for those who have an US or Canada mailing address available. *sigh*

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Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Hi Nydia!

I was just visiting and looking thru older posts that I may have missed while have been recuperating from my injury.

I thought this was so cute- u were sad that u could not enter to win this little cutie- and, I was the lucky lady who won her!

(NOT that I was glad that u were sad! LOL!)

She is here right now & was so extra special because I have my own little red headed witch! My daughter Makayla!Age 9.

And I believe my litle son Jeremiah may be around the same age as your Lucas. (My son is 6- How old is your little man?) gave me smile - again!

BTW- I wont be leaving a separate comment- but I LOVED your newest post with Lucas' photos from Teachers Day! He will make a great Botanical Photographer! I especially loved the palm tree photo from below. That one is AMAZING!!!!

Ciao Lovely Lady!
~Danae <(:o) 'Crafty'