Monday, October 26, 2009

A new friend

I couldn't stand watching King Arthur swimming back and forth alone! So last week I went to the shop with Lucas and he chose a friend to keep him company. And here's Lancelot (Lucas asked me what the name of Arthur's best friend was, and I got what he meant...)! A cute little beauty, isn't he? Now they swim back and forth together! LOL We still don't know their genre, they're too small to see the difference, let's see if we'll need to change the names!

There's something weird about these fishes, and I want to know if it's common: whenever I get into the room, they follow me. Seriously! If I go the left side of the bowl, they swim to that direction. If I go the right side, they do the same. It gives me the creeps! I'm not used to fish habits, first time that I have one, so this is... weird to me. You guys who had or have, is it okay?

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Danni said...

I used to have goldfish all the time as a kid and it's pretty common for them to follow you back and forth when you walk through the room.

They're hoping you're going to feed them again, even if you only did it 5 minutes ago! :)

Enchanted Dawn said...

I don't know much about fish-- never could keep any alive for long!-- but I was thinking along the same lines-- they are hoping for food!

I love that they're named Arthur & Lancelot. (And it will be interesting to see if one of them turns out to be a Guinevere, instead! LOL)

windchild said...

When I was little Fish (and our yearly infestation of Box Elder Bugs) were the only pets I was allowed to have.
It's definitely that they want food, but don't let that spoil your imagination! My fish tank was in my bedroom, and whenever I came in there were little friends there to greet me! I had a huge imagination, so every move my fish made could be a whole new story!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yes, my fish follow me, rush to the top to see me. They are inadvertantly trained to do so, when the food pellets come dropping into the water, they associate it with my shadowy form.

About 30 years ago, I used to feed tilapia that were being raised in big tanks. I would stop up on a little stool, and as soon as the fish saw me, they would poke their mouths out of the water, waiting for their kibble. I could even pet them. I had to quit the job, though, when I realized the fish were not being grown just to study, but to EAT!

Cauan said...

i don't know if its common or not .. i never liked fishes, i think it's so boring .

lol, thanks ! i really like the bracelet (of course i wont wear) i choose the shaman's bracelet, which helps on spiritual jouneys, and i'll wear this for meditate .. very cool !!



Rue said...

Nice to meet Lancelot! Glad King Arthur has a friend to swim with now!

Bridgett said...

Aww...Lancelot is a cutie. :)

I'm not sure why they'd be following you...except that maybe they want fed? LOL

Our goldfish never did that...


Dragonstar said...

They look great together - aren't they lovely?! They probably are watching you as you pass. You're big (compared with them) and you're moving outside the water. They must be fascinated! Try singing to them.