Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ABC Wednesday - K & L

I'm a bit behind, so here's a gorgeous painting by Jason Morgan for my letters K & L, King Lion... Dosn't it look like a photo??

For more cool ABC ´photos, click here.

6 comentários:

Sylvia K said...

OMG! It does look like a photo! What a fabulous painting! Thanks so much for sharing this one. Stunning!

Have a great day!


Mara said...

Jason Morgan must be incredibly talented! That is a gorgeous looking lion!

Roger Owen Green said...

I thought it was a photo. BTW, my daughter is named Lydia.

Dragonstar said...

Nydia, that is incredible! A painting? How I wish I could do that.

Vixen said...

That is so amazing. It looks so real life, that painter has some serious talent.

Bridgett said...

Wait..that isn't a photo?