Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the 15th day of Mrs. B.'s Halloween party...

Today Mrs. B.'s got 7 incredible giveaways, like...

An awesome kit of witchy potion labels from the Dead Spider's Shoppe!

A skull flower triple mobile from the humble witch here, the Carioca Witch!... :o)

A witch cat familiar pendant from the Ugly Art shop!

A cute Scaredy Cat soap from Gypsy Eye Studio!

A last chance to get a awesome print of your choice from Custom Zombie!

It's always so fun to read and participate this giveaways everyday! Can't wait fo rtomorrow! :o)

3 comentários:

Enchanted Dawn said...

Love your skull flowers, Nydia! what a neat contribution to the giveaways!

Cauan said...

awesome giveaways !! oh, i want your mobile ;


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Okay m'dear, guess which prize of all 15 days I love best??? GUESS!

Yours, of course! Ha ha am I a little biased? NO! Yours is just so adorable!!! Such talented little hands you have with needle and thread!!!