Thursday, October 1, 2009

It starts today!!

After a long time anxiously waiting, here we finally are in October, for Mrs. B.'s awesome, insanely great Halloween month giveaway!
I could hard wait to be online this morning and see what this girl had in store for us on the very first day, and I'm so happy I did it! You HAVE to chec it out, people!

Let's party!!!

Today there are these awesome giveaways:

This cool Flying Oil from the Magical Muse's shop...

This cute Rabbit wall ornament from The Rabbit Room's shop...

This coolest freaky book from the Quirk Books' shop...

2 comentários:

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

It sounds very fun! I love Hallowe'en and autumn!

This will sound dumb, but is there Hallowe'en in Brazil?

Bridgett said...

I missed it! Arrrgghhh!

I spent the day writing a spooky story for my feature in the Halloween Walking Tour tomorrow...and I forgot to check her blog.


Oh well...we have 30 more days to go. :D

Be sure to stop by tomorrow. :)