Saturday, October 24, 2009

A fun Saturday much appreciated and some thoughts.

We had a cool Saturday. In the morning, there was Lucas's school Environment Fair, where his class took fruits there and talked about their benefits, and also talked about how changes could be made to make life healthier and less polluting. Lucas' fruit was grape, one of his favorite ones! Here he is with his classmates (can you find him??):

After that, we went to a very good friends'house, to have a barbecue. The day was sunny, with a few clouds, so Lucas could enjoy the swimming pool and play with our friends' sweet grandson. We just loved being there, chatting, telling jokes and eating green salads, chicken and watching the kids' fun.

It's amazing how well Lucas adapted himself to his new life, and I don't cease to feel relieved with that. When I decided breaking up with my ex, my main concern and worry was Lucas' well-being, and for a moment I even hesitated, afraid of how the change would impact his little mind. But just for a little moment. Inside I knew he would be okay, as long as he would be away from verbal violence and daily stress towards me, and indirectly towards him.

But never in my best dreams I have thought he would be so well, so happy and mentally/emotionally healthy as he is. In three days he got totally adapted to the new school, even if the learning system was different in the beginning - and hand-writting was a challenge, he succeded and, according to his teacher (a great one, thank the gods!), he never gave it up, and now is easily following the class, and best of all, enjoying it. He even wanted to join the school's soccer team! And he always anxiously wait for Thursday, when classes are held. The fact that this is a catholic school never became an issue. Only once, in the very beginning, when he had his first Religion class (that actually is more like a class about moral attitudes and love for all human beings, etc.), he questioned the Religion teacher if he really needed to answer her questions. Th following day I talked to her and her general teacher about our beliefs, politely explaining why he wasn't going to pray with the class, but that he would respect the moment and be in good manners. Never we had any problems again.

And he loves living at my mother's, even sharing the bedroom with me - actually he loves it! My brother Evaldo is fun, loves him, and is always making him laugh with his childish jokes and silly faces. I watch him closely and I can see he's really okay. He may miss his dad, but he knows he's there for him, talks to him every week and knows he's loved. Seeing me okay helps a lot as well. If I was dpressed or unhappy, his reaction would be a disaster. But as I'm feeling light and well, he feels the same. It's simply wonderful to see my little son developing and taking a normal life without loud, harsh voices around, and really being this sweet, smart and lovely little boy he is. My heart just thanks.

Now I only have to find something to earn money and at the same time to be with him. I just can't go working 9 to 6 like before. Firstly, because he would need to stay with my mom, and she's 76, she already has her life, sometimes traveling with friends, and I can't take away her fredoom, no matter what she says. So as soon as the year is over (because it's too hard, if not impossible, to find something at this point of the year in Brazil), I'll look for a part-time job in the afternoon while he's at school - teaching private English classes is still my main goal. I put some of my handcrafts consigned at a local store, and I'll put some more at others, and hopefully they will sell. I'll start selling Suzie's cookies to cafes... I'll see if people here want dog-walkers - never seen any so far. Right now I keep making my witchycrafts to display at Etsy too.

What I know is that my life is taking its course, and sometimes my life in the rural seems like a weird dream, far away from my reality. And I feel good.

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Enchanted Dawn said...

Oh sweetie, I am so glad to hear things are going well for you and for Lucas after all the changes. What a blessing! I am so thankful that both of you are living in a much healthier and happier situation now. Hugs & Kisses to you both!

Tori said...

I'm so happy things are going well for you both! It looks like Lucas is having fun. You're such a good mom, always worrying if he is happy. He really adapts well it seems. Good luck with the job search! <3

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yes, well, I am just an interested bystander but I thought your rural move was not like a weird dream, but more like a long nightmare!!! I was so glad when you left!!! I know, not my business!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you and Lucas are adjusting to your new life really well. You made the best decision for the both of you. You are such a great mom! I am sending positive energy your way in your job search.


Birgit said...

All will be well. (((Nydia)))

-- Birgit

Bridgett said...

I'm so glad it's all working out for you guys.

You sound happy and it sounds as if your little witch is happy too.
That's what counts.