Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Children's Day and la migraine and a broom

Yesterday was Children's Day here in Brazil, a very traditional holiday (also Brazil patronesse day, Saint Maria Aparecida). Unfortunately, as I always complain, it's a incredibly commercial day as well, with TV announcing all the time the newest and most expensive - toys to hipnotize the kids. Oh well, that's the same every year...

Lucas got his King Arthur, and I had two pop-ups pirate books hidden in mom's wardrobe since whenwe moved, almost two months ago. I bought one at a second-hand book store owned by an old lady friend, and her husband was kind enough to ask me to choose another one as a gift for my little witch. As there were only a few titles available, I ended up with two about the same subject that Lucas loves, pirates! Arroy mates! LOL When he woke up he didn't mantion the holiday, thinking he wouldn't get anything else besides the fish, silly boy! :o) He spent the morning playing with the books (one of them has a huge galeon on the "sea") with my help.

Then we went to a toy store so he could choose something to buy with the money his father sent, and he wanted a small race track, and home we went with it in his hands. It was a good day for my little witch, but for me a bit stressing, because I had IT, la migraine... One month has alreay passed and it was back again! Arght! But after a couple of hours in bed in the dark was enough to make me feel better and finally play with him!

Oh, but I had a best part too: at the store I found a witch broom!! It was in the middle of a shelf where Halloween costumes were displayed (another wow from my mouth, the very first time I see it there as well). Beautiful, simple, good-sized, with a bamboo handle. I couldn't resist and bought it for me cleansing rituals. Now it is there, by my altar, waiting for the full moon to be charged.

I hope everybody had a great day! I know that Mrs. B.'s party winners had it! :o))

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

I don't know why other countries don't do this type of holiday! I don't think children get honored the way they always should. This is a nice reminder to take the time to spend with our kids and let them know how much we love them!

Thanks, Nydia!

Lilac Wolf (angie) said...

Nice holiday, but leave it to toy makers to take it over. But you live with the spirit of the holiday by playing with him. That just doesn't happen often enough.

Hope your migraine is all gone now.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yuck, another migraine! I am glad you were able to lay in the dark for a bit until it let up somewhat.

I am glad Rodrigo sent money so that he could participate in the holiday. No, it isn't the best situation but some fathers won't even participate at all...

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to have a little fun yesterday. Can you get on a medication for migraines?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like such a wonderful holiday! Mrs. B is right, other countries should do the same thing. After all, we celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day, there should be a Children's Day too!

Praying your migraine disappears for good!


Bridgett said...

Yay for a new broom!!! :)


Mama Kelly said...

Im glad that Lucas had a nice Children's Day but sorry that you got hit with another migraine.

As for the broom, I have to say it was meant for you the way it came across your path.