Monday, October 4, 2010

New witchycrafties - Part I

Your worst nightmare came true! I have a two part-post on my crafties, lol!!

I keep my fingers busy and happily embroidering these days.

One of my great customers and friends requested me two babies. Baba Yaga and a new Samhain for her ever growing collection (not complaining!).
Lucas, my loyal "assistant", immediately grabbed my Goddesses book, and started reading Baba Yaga's tale. He got more and more indignant with her story while reading about the poor Vasilisa, lol! It took me some time to explain about the untamed crone aspect, her power, etc, and for him to accept that his is not an evil deity... But he didn't like Her!
I had fun creating the embroidery for Baba Yaga. I wanted to make Her in her mortar, and the result really pleased me. I added sassafras leaves on her arms, hiding a cat and a mouse on them. A drop of sandalwood in the stuffing was enough to give a great scent (I love sandalwood!):

The Samhain Goddess was also fun and cute to make. What better than a black cat calmly sitting under a Full Moon, while bats fly around on the starry night? Filled Her with mugwort and cinnamon... I still plan to make another one in black felt with a different embroidery pattern, let's see!

A challenging request was to make some sugar skulls wearing witch hats. I sweated to make the hats fit! A little thing took me time to deal with! But they ended up sweet, I think I'll make more of these with varied felt colors:

My friend asked me to put a raven and oak leaves on the back part, since it's a gift for her coven, and I obeyed, ;)

Demeter was another of her requests, and I just love this Goddess! Persephone's mom, so strong, so full of hope and never ceasing to find Her daughter. We can see ourselves in her skin sometimes. I placed Her torch with wheat around, and a cornucopy of abundance and flowers on her arms, representing the rich harvest we always pray to get. It was funny to listen to Lucas explaining this lore to my mom (who was getting nuts with his grown-up vocabulary, lol!) - Persephone is the most difficult to embroider in his opinion, and he knows everything about Her mother:

I also made a Duo (a pattern I'm trying to keep for the deities, they look so cute together with their little babies!):

... And that's all for now! A good way to start the Monday, right? ;) Wishing all a great week!

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Maebius said...

wow, amazing skill and artistry! You are awesome!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I dig the new skulls!

windchild said...

He doesn't like Baba Yaga? Sad! She's one of my no small part due to my reading the children's book "Babushka Baba Yaga" when I was little. Still a crone, but instead portrayed as a wild forest spirit who the superstitious village folk feared and misunderstood.

I love Baba Yaga in all her forms now--fearsome crone to loving babushka.

Did you know Baba Yaga translates to 'Grandma Ugly'?

Sparkless said...

Oh wow I want them all!! They are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Wow Nydia !!
I love love the orange !
I was just listing books on our homeschool blog and aba yaga is one of our fall selections .I have the copy my gramma read to us as kids and it was always an autumn read ☺
Oh now I'm looking at those forest green set , looks so nice and earthy .
beautiful work , thanks for sharing

Amber said...

As soon as I have the money to order some of these I'm ordering your orange Samhain one, and Aphrodite, and maybe some of those really cute sugar skulls with witch hats! I love all of these that you make Nydia and I'll probably end up buying a million of them once we're all said and done lol.

Lyn said...

I love the new artwork - especially the skulls! Beautiful x

moonshinewitch said...

Quite honestly, these are amazing! i ADORE the orange Samhain ones :)


Tara said...

LOVE the sugar skulls! Will definitely have to get one of those!